Thursday, August 26, 2021

Does The Sergeant Major Want Me In The Room With Him?

Because I'm pretty sure I don't think like Sergeant Major Grinston.

For example, I'm open to the idea that cohesiveness and thinking differently (diversity?) may actually militate against each other. How can a group of people who all think differently be cohesive? And lethal? I can't imagine how low morale must be if our soldiers have to put up with this sort of bafflegab from on high.

Jessie Jane Duff is a Marine vet. I get the impression she isn't interested in being in the room with Grinton, a guy who's willing to mouth whatever nonsense it takes to stay in charge. Maybe that's part of how this happened today:


  1. It looks more and more like the Perestroika period just before the collapse of the Soviets.

    Is the Great Reset, Perestroika of the US? Is senile Baiden Amerikan version of drunken Yeltsin, selling US to the globalist oligarchy?

  2. I've noticed a sudden and observably increased level of stupidity in the professional environment around me.

    Has anyone else?

    I don't want to sound like a nutjob and think its the vax. But I've considered that. I've also considered the mental stress the fear mongering over this virus has placed on people. I think a lot of people are mentally broken by it all.

    But I've noticed the ability of critical thinking, or understanding multi-faceted situations is missing from some people I've worked with for sometime.

    1. Totally agree. Blaming it on crisis fatigue. Guess it could be the ccp virus jab as well.

      I will likely lose my job because I am refusing to take the jab. That's okay, there are still plenty of positions out there without the jab requirement.

      What strikes me as odd, is that the company I work for wants everyone back in the office. At the first of the pandemic they culled about 1/3 of the work force. The number of projects didn't change, however. Recently, it was stated that our productive, even with only 2/3 of the original employees, has increased 3X. People are comfortable working from home and getting more done. Now, they are threatening bonuses, increases in health insurance premiums, and even termination if one fails to comply. It is insane. It is so stupid. And, to what ends?

      It just seems that they are more interested in stating they have the "authority" rather than thinking thru the impact to their employees and productivity.

      Stupid does really cover it!!!

  3. It should be noted that the collage of 'diversity' does not show the largest group of individuals that comprise the U.S. military. Young white males. By and large they comprise the combat arms units that are deployed to actually engage the enemy while a much higher percentage of the 'others' serve in support roles such as maintenance and logistics that rarely but occasionally are exposed to combat; think back to the Jessica Lynch episode in Iraq.

    Forgive me if I didn't study the collage in detail to determine if there were any mentally befuddled individuals confused as to their biological sex included by the sergeant major...


  4. Red Auerbach the great coach of the Boston Celtics once said, “ I had all white teams, I had all black teams, I had mixed teams. Never was everyone happy but all I was trying to do is always have the best team.”

  5. "Diversity is our strength" is one of those idiotic truisms that means nothing.
    The Balkans are pretty diverse. They pride themselves on it. And yet the name of their region is now a descriptor for the disasters of diversity.
    I served in a color blind Air Force and it worked pretty well. A "diverse" one that emphasizes that diversity and insists on seeing color will work about as well the Balkans do.

  6. The military has been the most colorblind merit focused segment of American society for 70 years. I guess that is over.

  7. Ahh, well, they just kill us all because they think they can ... (hmmm .... Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq)

    Judging from her uniform, not an officer. Noncom maybe?