Sunday, August 22, 2021

UPDATED: Proof Of Crash And Burn?

 Think about this ...

The relative silence of the GOP probably means they're content to allow this to metastasize:

They know that this isn't going to go away. Not only will the fallout be with us in 2022 but likely for many years to come. This is crash and burn on steroids--or so it appears to me.

And this is like the definition of damned if you do, damned if you don't. So--what do you do? One can imagine that any problem-solving outreach by Dems to GOPers receives the not-my-problem-man response.

OTOH, there is another reason for general GOP silence:

UPDATE: Things aren't getting better--more crash and burn. Zhou has dementia, but what's Blinken's excuse? Oh, whatever, he was some foreign guy?


  1. I expect the unexpected to happen. Having said that I haven’t a clue what it will be. Any speculation?

    1. Pretty sure that the following are just as viable as any other right now:
      ---a hole in spacetime rips open and aliens emerge to tell us they will take care of things from now on
      ---scientists confirm we are in a matrix-like simulation

      then again, I also thought trump would win 40 states, so....



    2. If the true end goal is a central global governing body then the Biden blunders and the US no longer being a super power creates a vacuum to be filled by the UN or some new body. Perhaps up next - A crisis of global proposition that spans boundaries w the savior being UN and WEF.

  2. I agree with Cernovitch, the eGOP HEAVILY Backed Biden.

    And Trump is still out there, making the the eGOP look like fools. And the eGOP agreeing with Trump, would be even more embarrassing.

    Basically the eGOP is stuck between a rock and a hard place. They can't back Biden, since Biden owns the disasters with the economy, Inflation, Gas Price, Covid, and Foreign Policy.

    And the eGOP helped make him President, and knifed Trump in the back.

    And the eGOP can't agree with Trump, because Trump sees them as the aiding and abetting the Democrats, and wants them primaried.

  3. Did anyone see pictures from the Alabama rally Trump did? I missed it, but there were some funny lines. My point is the enormous support for someone who presumably lost. I imagine Ron Klain has PepcidAC on rapid auto-refill.

    Did a lot of R's vote for Biden, I'd put money on no other that the rapid Lincoln group and buffoons such as Bill Kristol.

    That said, I've given up on anyone spotting Sasquatch Durham, but curious to see if the audit from Godot will actually turn up something shocking enough to throw more gasoline on Xioe's bonfire. I guess we'll see what happens.

  4. You neglect a main culprit in the current catastrophe: The press. Quite simply, political parties have to put something out, even if there only are bad choices with worse alternatives. The public will forgive past incompetence when it has hope of future improvements. But it was the job of a free press to vet and test party offerings. Trump proved we just had a Fake News crew. That institution failed, and betrayed the Nation with it. The reckoning for the Fake News business and its corporate Masters is the space to watch.

  5. Dan McLaughlin does a scather at NR:

    Joe Biden Is Who We Said He Was


    Yet, longtime Biden-watchers knew better. Two sets of critiques of Biden have followed him over the course of his career, and Republicans and conservatives have hardly been the only ones to level them. First were the things people noticed about Biden before 2019. For all his time-serving in Washington, Biden was widely understood to be a lightweight, a fabulist, a plagiarist, an exaggerating braggart, a walking gaffe machine, a purveyor of malarkey who covered his inch-deep grasp of everything with his Irish charm and his ability to talk fast and at length until the listener had long since lost track of the topic. Biden rarely had ideas of his own, and when he did, they were usually the subject of mockery. His capacity for filling airtime at Senate hearings without actually saying anything was legendary. Yet, as Clarence Thomas and others warned, Biden could also be two-faced, reassuring people with promises in private and breaking them in public.

    1. Sorry, but nevertrump rats nests like NR can shove it with regard to lecturing us about Biden. Their "decorum" and "mean tweets" shiv helped cause this.

    2. Wait. What's NR again? Does anyone know or care?

    3. You could turn it on its head and think anyone at NR blasting Biden as hard as McLaughlin did - assuming that McL is just another typical NR type - is a pretty good thing. Like CNN blasting Biden. Or don’t we want the Liberals/Dems to blast Biden? Is that our private territory? I’m confused… I thought it was going to be cool when they turned on him and his Obama lackeys… Oh, well…

      Personally, as someone who has watched Biden for all of his miserable 47 years in the Senate and his dreadful 8 as VP, and loathed him, I thought McLaughlin did a workmanlike job of describing him and tearing him to smithereens...

  6. Meanwhile top talent Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney slamming President Trump and SoS Mike Pompeo for “getting rolled” by the Taliban. Kinzinger is well-remembered for traveling to Syria with John McCain and Evan McMuffin to meet with the leaders of the Syrian rebels, who later were revealed to be the leaders of ISIS …

  7. The Biden admin withdrawal execution from Afghanistan is a disaster.

    But here is where I am stuck on Trump's role in this.

    I supported Trump withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear deal, as making deals with the Mullah's is just nuts. But what about Trumps Doha "Peace Deal" with the Taliban. The Taliban are equally untrustworthy as the Mullah's of Iran.

    Trump can argue he would have executed the withdrawal more professionally, but did that "Peace Deal" did nor preordain the Taliban resurgent outcome?


    1. Wasn't that the point? To make a professional withdrawal? Or are you suggesting staying in Afghanistan forever?

    2. I guess I am irked by the "Peace Deal" as it lent credibility to the Taliban and it pretty much green lighted them to take over.


    3. According to Kash Patel, Trump's plan was to remove all ground forces but leave specops & air to kill Taliban as needed.
      Dems simply abandoned Afghanistan.

      "The overarching theme was a conditions-based withdrawal, whereby the U.S. military would leave Afghanistan in increments if the Taliban met clear conditions, according to Patel. Among other things, the Taliban were required to reject and repudiate Al Qaeda, and would have to negotiate in good faith. The U.S. would also maintain a special operations contingent in place, and would retain the capacity to launch air strikes under specific circumstances.

      The Trump plan included retaining control of Bagram Air Base until all Americans were withdrawn from Afghanistan. A large, sprawling site, Bagram has multiple airfields and other facilities that safely can handle significant amounts of traffic and also host a large population.

      “We would not have ever relinquished control of Bagram Airfield, because that is our command and control node for the entire region,” Patel said. “And that’s where we would fly in and out securely.”

    4. Sailor76, about that “Peace” deal. Here is President Trump’s NSA, retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, who was there. Well worth a watch as Mark Levin interviewed him last night:

      A world apart from the way you characterize it.

    5. Bebe, thanks for the link to Lt. Gen. Kellogg's youtube. I watched it and agree that the execution of the withdrawal under Trump probably would have been far different and better than the disaster that is unfolding under the Biden Admin (or should I say MisAdmin)

      My characterization of the Doha "Peace Deal" was basically that it is in my opinion nuts to think you can strike an honorable deal with suicide bomber fanatics (am I so wrong in this?) Just as I think it was nuts for Obama to do something similar with the Mullah's of Iran, which Trump rightfully pulled out of.

      The Doha agreement with the Taliban is here:
      I posted this also yesterday, but was censured (not published) why? It is a first hand source, I added no opinion or comment at the time. It allows people to read it for themselves, is that too dangerous?

      I do think this agreement is weak in the sense that it requires only that the Taliban refrain from giving outside groups like Al Queda a safe haven for attacking the West. In exchange we agree to a total pull out of all forces, no remaining special forces/trainers or holding onto Bagram. The Taliban never fulfilled any of their commitments. Trump still went ahead with downsizing regardless. So, the "Deal" was more of putting a good face on a bad situation, that is what I think.

      Biden is making it ten times worse!

    6. From today's Daily Mail article about the withdrawal by Biden:

      "American officials told the Taliban that the U.S. withdrawal by Biden's Aug. 31 deadline is contingent on the group's cooperation in facilitating evacuations, the official said."

      Is this called, negotiating from a position of strength? /sarc


  8. I still don’t see how things change over the next 3+ years. GOP is weak, Trump will be hounded during that time with more civil suits. Intelligence agencies aren’t going away. Maybe Durham? Maybe?

  9. Still saying not much of this matters in the bigger picture.

    I don't think any of the establishment is unhappy about their voting or even cares, they have different priorities and we don't share them.

    Look at it from a different point of view, How could they be mad, upset embarrassed? The establishment is pretty much getting it's way with everything it wants!!!

    Also im still saying we'll be right back in Afghanistan here shortly. They need more blood and horror on the TV first, it's coming. The 82nd was put on standby last week for second tier re-entry. Rumor mill says they will be the follow-up behind whatever they are cooking up for a lead in.

  10. Did you hear the news Mr. Perkins Coie (Elias) is leaving Perkins Coie? Taking 11+ partners with him too.

    1. The board at Perkins Coie likely told Elias and his gang to leave or be fired. Perkins Coie doesn't want the grief that will surely come if Elias stayed.

      Elias it up to his neck in the Crossfire Hurricane corruption.

  11. Doha was conditional on the Taliban abiding by the agreement. They didn't.

  12. It is amusing to see these twitterheads who think they are doing something worthwhile or relevant. And i generally like SWC when i can afford it. But like dm says above, the caravan has moved on. We ain't in Kansas anymore and all these pundits pretending that the old political calculus and handicapping still has anything to do with our current collapse is indulging in wishful thinking (or just not paying attention).

    It's bad, people. It's really really bad. We have suffered essentially a communist (or something akin) takeover. These evil people are openly and deliberately planning to force experimental gene therapies on all of us for one. They are holding political prisoners on charges even the FBI now admits are trespassing deluxe. They deliberately stranded *thousands* of citizens behind enemy lines w no plan to rescue them from torture and death. They are literally seeding hundreds of thousands of illegal invaders all over the US *every month* w a whole new firehose of high crime Afghan men on their way. They intentionally withheld life saving treatments from Americans resulting in needless deaths all for political and financial advantages (and they're not done yet). They stole a presidential election with connivance of the Chinese, Britain, and others.

    Given all this there is zero reason to believe that *any* of the old political rules apply. They have come too far to ever contemplate relinquishing power now unless it is pried from their hands. Do you know anyone who will do that? Me neither. The GOPe aren't quiet because of smart tactics. They're quiet because they are complicit. They are afraid of saying anything because they're as much in the stink as SPOTUS or Pelosi or anyone.

    We are going to have to start from scratch. These people have completely polluted every institution. There is no election that can solve it. Ukn

    1. “There is no election that can solve it.“

      Especially given that (apart from the problem of electoral fraud) half the population is infected with a mind virus. The very fabric of our society is being torn to shreds. More and more I’m hearing about marriages on the rocks, kids turning against parents, churches being split, etc. Meanwhile, lockdowns, social distancing and mask mandates have decimated our once celebrated “civil society.” Robust and meaningful associations are fragile. They depend on continuity of habit and memory. Once those are disrupted, they are very difficult to reconstruct.

      I’m afraid the damage is already done. As Mark has said on many occasions, nothing short of a spiritual rebirth is needed. Prayer and fasting.

    2. "half the population is infected with a mind virus."...

      I think Mark's post about his father and wholesale societal mental illness was pretty spot on the other day.

      I'll take an objective step back and say about 35-40%+ of either side of the political fence is so snowed over in cognitive dissonance that they can't see past their own noses.

      I don't think a revival is possible in our current state, that usually happens after the big kaboom or massive fall out once disparity takes over. I'll be delighted to be very wrong in that.

      In the meantime, fhis choo-choo's got no brakes!

    3. Indeed. By spiritual rebirth, I had in the back of my mind the AA concept of needing to hit rock bottom for recovery to begin. So, yes, short of a miracle (the possibility of which I do not deny, hence prayer and fasting) I expect things will get much worse before they get better.

    4. "half the population is infected with a mind virus."...
      Quite so, but there's some movement, among those who may've seemed hopeless.
      Eli Lake, no friend of DJT, has written a sound critique of Woke etc. epistemology, teeing off on Brookings' Jonathan Rauch, incl. on Comey/ RussiaGate, or Sil. Valley vs. the lab-leak hypothesis and
      Hunter B’s laptop, etc., at :

      ... a defense of objective truth must account for the mounting *failures* of its institutional *gatekeepers*. That task is difficult, when epistemic sociopaths on both sides seek to discredit actual expertise and objective fact-seeking, whether in the name of conspiracy theories and fear-mongering, or claims to some higher-order *purchase* on truth....
      ... for the *biggest* stories of the Trump era, the reality-based community mainly amplified the judgments of these institutions, and sought to silence and marginalize their critics.
      When the critics were *proven right*, Rauch’s reality-based peers consigned their long and embarrassing record of mistaken judgments and public promulgation of falsehoods to a *memory hole*....
      humility Rauch, and his fellow *self-proclaimed* members of the reality-based community, might do well to embrace...."

  13. I think I forgot the link to the transcript I referred to ...