Thursday, August 26, 2021

Polling: Major Problems For Zhou Regime

Right. I know that subject line sounds pretty obvious. However, an interesting article in The Atlantic examines some of the recent polling more closely, and comes up with some interesting insights that go beyond the usual day to day issues in the news.

It’s the Pandemic, Stupid

What new polls reveal about American priorities

First of all, all the polls and aggregations skew liberal, so the numbers may well actually be worse than represented. The polls that The Atlantic looks at are: the RealClearPolitics average, the FiveThirtyEight trend line, a USA Today/Suffolk University poll, and an NBC News poll (which got the most media buzz).

All the polling data shows Zhou's numbers plunging--virtually in freefall. The author, Russell Berman, sets up the "easy explanation" for the terrible ratings: the debacle in Afghanistan. That's pretty obvious, after all, and it's reflected in the polls. However, Berman then goes on to point out that a closer examination reveals bigger trouble ahead--Afghanistan doesn't even make the list of important issues for poll respondents. That means something else is driving the plunge in the polls:

The easy explanation for these numbers is that the public is blaming Biden for the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. ...

A closer look at these surveys, however, suggests that the larger—and, for Biden, potentially more worrisome—factor in his declining support remains the pandemic. The NBC poll asked respondents what they considered the most important issue facing the country; the coronavirus was the top choice, while Afghanistan didn’t even make the list. ... Simon Jaworski, the president of the U.S. office of Leger, which regularly conducts polls for The Atlantic, told me that Biden’s approval rating in its surveys had fallen significantly in the month before the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan.

One data point has jumped out to pollsters more than any other. From April to August, the percentage of people in the NBC poll who said that the worst of the pandemic was behind us plummeted by 24 points (from 61 percent to 37 percent). “These days, we just don’t see shifts like that in a lot of political measurements,” Jeff Horwitt, the Democratic half of the bipartisan polling team that ran the survey, told me. Leger measured a similar sentiment and saw an even more dramatic dip, from 60 percent in early July to just 32 percent about five weeks later.

For many Americans, the surging Delta variant has snuffed out the optimism they had in the spring. Consumer confidence has dropped sharply during the summer, as has the public’s overall assessment of the economy. People are naturally taking out their frustration on the president. Approval of Biden’s handling of both the pandemic and the economy has declined in recent polls. “This is really much more about COVID and people’s feelings about how this has been handled—the trajectory of the virus,” Horwitt said.

I believe it's safe to say that any president--or occupant of the White House--will typically suffer in the polls when things in the country are going badly. No matter who really came up with the policies, when those policies backfire blame is assigned to the person at the top unless a clear scapegoat can be found. The Dems know this, and we can see them flailing about seeking to assign blame: It's a pandemic of the unvaccinated! Your unvaxxed neighbor is trying to kill you--he may as well be pointing a gun at you! We've all heard similar nonsense. It's politically motivated scapegoating and it appears that, increasingly, Americans are filtering out the propaganda. The problem is twofold:

1. The gene therapy injections were sold to the subject population on a false premise. People were led to believe that the injections were like familiar vaccines, and that submitting to the injection would allow them to return to a normal life. The flow of the revelations, however, runs distinctly against that narrative. Importantly, the attempt to sell the booster injections--to combat the Dread Delta--is falling distinctly flat as it reveals the ineffectiveness of the 'miracle' injections that were originally pushed on the populace.

2. As bad or worse, however, the Dems are revealing themselves as taking sadistic glee in making life painful for normal people--including school children who aren't even at risk. As Americans learn more and more about the real risks and the real threats to their freedoms and livelihoods, the reality of overbearing and distinctly unsympathetic Dem rulers takes center stage. 

All the other Dem induced and fully owned problems--CRT in the schools, runaway inflation for normals in an economy mishandled while the Wall St. casino remains in full swing, surging crime--play into this picture of unrepentant incompetence and even disdain for normals. The Afghan debacle is the cherry on top. And the overwhelming likelihood is that it will all just get worse in the coming months. Zhou, of course, is the face of all this. Even the media is fed up:

Here's some more bad news for Dems, which helps explain why Zhou and his keeper remain in at least part-time occupation of the White House. Kama Sutra's numbers are even worse than Zhou's. In fact, they're unprecedentedly bad:

Kamala Harris has ‘unprecedented’ negative rating

America just doesn’t have a good “feeling” about Vice President Kamala Harris.

Here's a tweet that explains it all--the headline is far from exaggerating the situation. Moreover, as with Zhou, each new day brings a new misstep:

There is no prospect for a  turnaround any time soon. America may be finally getting woke to the reality of what has been foisted on us.


  1. 86/46 because he ain’t

  2. I've been seeing several people claiming the American people just won't care about Afghanistan. Maybe, but today's events as they unfold will certainly have an impact now that there is a loss of American lives. I suspect we will hear countless reports of the "stranded" Americans after we have fully bugged out.

    But even if we assume Americans just do not care, it will highlight a characteristic of the Biden admin and impact people's perceptions of its competence. I think there will be a high level of transference perceptions of failure and incompetence in Afghanistan to, say, covid policy or the economy.

  3. The latest disastrous news and optics from Afghanistan will assuredly NOT help the Zhou regime.

    I can't imagine the mood in the WH right now.


  4. But at least he doesn’t send mean tweets!


  5. Ok let's all take a breath here and apply what we've all learned since 2016: the Propaganda Press including pollsters say only and always *exactly* what their Crime Syndicate partners tell them to. Do not fool yourself into thinking that these polls are anything except part of the information war.

    That said, what does it mean when the PP spread a message of gloom and doom re SPOTUS and Kneepads? Possibilites..
    1. The Syndicate has collectively decided that both Sock Puppet and Kneepads have to go, so the groundwork and pressure is building.
    2. Watch for the PP to start running stories on the new Democrat hottie, a Beto retread who oozes competence as well as charm, sophistication, and evry other quality opposite of current Pretenders. (Yes, i know there's no Democrat out there like that but facts have absolutely nothing to do with the narrative or fake imagery).
    3. Maybe this is only one part of the Syndicate pushing the Creep and Creepier out. Watch to see if any counter polling and narratives emerge that say, Hey a new poll shows that people are more angry at Fauzi or the Pentagon or intel failures etc..Demento has hit rock bottom but signs he's staging a comeback ("the New Comeback Kid" rahrahrah).
    4. The Syndicate may be using this as evidence to say, See! People are terrified of the Delta so we need Australian lockdowns and jackboot Jabbing NOW!!!!
    5. These numbers have nothing to do with 2022 and won't affect Democrat plans in any way, of that be assured. I promise you that Hellosi will triple down on every suicidal bill in Congress possible and any reluctant Dem reps will be thrashed until compliant.
    6. Or...the Syndicate is prepping the ground for something else entirely. More sinister. A mass casualty event perhaps that will demand "real" leadership and justify removing the Doofuses and installing a new admin because CRISIS SHUT UP YOU WANT US ALL TO DIEEEEEEE..


    1. Of your scenarios, the most likely seem to be
      "4. so we need Australian lockdowns and jackboot Jabbing NOW!!!!", or
      "6. A mass casualty event perhaps that will demand "real" leadership... and installing a new admin because CRISIS SHUT UP YOU WANT US ALL TO DIEEEEEEE.."

      GG tonite conceded to Tucker, that the history of the DS shows it to be easily capable, of ginning up all of the events of the past week+.