Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Total Narrative Fail: Herd Immunity Not A Possbility

To get the full flavor of what follows, please refer to our earlier post this morning: Tony In 'A Sea Of Lies'. Fauci has been flopping around in public. Liberals still seem to believe him, thinking that his statements have something to do with public health. It's not about public health. He's still talking in terms of "herd immunity" and eradication of the virus: Zero Covid. This is just fantasy masquerading as science for the masses. I'm not sure where Dr. Malone comes down on this. Does he really think that Fauci's lies have a "noble" purpose, something to do with public health? It's hard to believe that he really thinks that any more, even if he may have initially thought so. Malone's recent and more open forays into politic discourse suggest that he's caught on to the big picture.

So, check this out. We're talking about a guy here who really knows something about vaccines. He's openly stating that herd immunity isn't a possibility. That's something that most people always knew--in the strict sense. We all pretty much understood that this Covid thing would come down to endemicity--to coin a noun. The disease would become endemic and manageable, in the way that other respiratory viruses are endemic and manageable. All the rest of the hype is about social control with a Great Reset in mind. 

Malone's view is that the emerging facts will force Fauci's hand and he'll have to give in to public health reality. However, I'm not totally convinced of that. So far the Covid Regime is continuing to push its phony narrative, because they see that as the only way to accomplish the Great Reset. Can they really back away from that? Will their Globalist masters allow them to? That I think is the real question. Meanwhile, the truth will make you free:


  1. That covid cannot be eradicated through vaccination has been clear to me for much of this year now. Why are our "experts" the last to acknowledge this?

    And really, if the US actually did get 100% vaxed, what friggen difference would that make? We are not isolated from the world we live in--and in fact, our border is more open right now for new variants to pour in from Mexico. The Lambda variant will be the Biden variant for that reason.

    Delta came from India which is mostly unvaccinated. Lambda is coming from South America where they use the entirely ineffective Chi-com vaccines. It appears that the real reason to stop naming mutations after their region of origin is that it might remind us that these mutations are coming from parts of the world that have no chance of quickly vaccinating their entire population. So if the US actually does reach 100% vax rates with an effective vaccine, it will achieve nothing.

    And then there are the natural reservoirs for this virus that will make vaccine immunity impossible. Have you notice that stories of other species being infected have stopped getting prominent coverage in the press? Whether it is mink, the lion at the zoo, or fido at home, cross species infectivity was a reality from day one. This means we will NEVER get rid of this. Humanity has never, not once, eradicated a disease with a natural reservoir outside human populations. What makes our experts think this time will be different?

    1. @anon, care to put a name to your post? Asking for friends. While there's some small chance you are a commenter in good faith, methinks I smell a rat. You a vax pusher? I'm unvaccinated and happen to view it as a crime against humanity that anyone is in any way pressured , coerced or deceived into getting the jab. I happen to think the nation of India is in a far cry better position vis a vis this endemic respiratory virus than we who have a vast supply of supposedly effective vaccines. Mark A

    2. I would add that the one and only way to get to herd immunity is through natural immunity. No one is being allowed to claim NI these days (You have to be vaxxed - no exceptions. This was a story yesterday of a Canadian trying to get home from France. She had documented NI with an antibody test as well as a negative Covid test. NOT good enough. They wouldn't let her into her home country!

      We already know from the Cleveland Clinic study of over 50k employees that adding one the mRNA vaccines to your existing robust immunity that you have after recovering from Covid provides no additional benefit, but does carry some amount of unknown risk. There is also a small study done at St. Judes that shows NI+vax alters your T-Cell immunity. We just don't what that means long term.

      The study is limited in the number of subjects as well as time, but has some interesting data gathered already. Although our bodies make antibodies post infection, they will eventually "fade out" or die over time. However, it's been shown that we have the T-Cells that are there to help make more antibodies if needed most diseases we've encountered or been vaxxed before. There are now studies show that natural immunity to Covid19 is also long lasting as well. That's why you are seeing places like Sweden no longer having deaths as they decided to go herd immunity to "old" way.

      What's fascinating about this study is they look at the 2 types of T-cells you make post infection (in addition to the 2 shorter lived antibodies) which are a Nucleocapsid (N) T-cell and a Spike T-cell and compare post infection to post vaccination. If you look at figure 2 chart G above line 636 (which is also patient R6 of figure S7). There is a graph that shows both Spike and non-Spike (nucleocapsid) T-Cells. Notice the trending from post infection to post vaccination of fewer "N" T-Cells (non-spike) and more Spike (t-cells). This looks like only snapshots in time, but it's interesting that this patient had a larger N T-cell value compared to Spike at the post infection and then the N Cells seem to be dropping and the patient has more Spike T-cells post vaccination. What does this mean? The answer is actually we don't know. It certainly looks like the patient is losing their N T-cell immunity which they got post infection and from what we know, this is the key to antibodies that help the body "kill" the virus. Does this mean the patient will have lots of Spike T-cell in the future? Looks like it, but again, we don't know. Maybe the body recovers over time, but the ended the study right there.

      more in part 2

    3. part 2

      Now take a look at figure S7 below line 727. 7 of the 10 patients are trending down post vaccination in both N and Spike T-Cell response and 2 are increasing (R4,R5). These two that are increasing seem to be showing with those 2 favoring more Spike T-Cell over N T-cell. Again, interesting snapshot in time, but what are the long term trends. We don't know, but it sure looks like they are loosing N T-cells as time progresses???

      Lastly, patient R9 is interesting in that not only is the patient showing a steep decline over a 54 day period, It looks a lot like they are losing all their immunity (N+Spike) over time. Is it going to zero, meaning no more of either T-cells that would instruct the immune system to crank our antibodies upon exposure to the virus or one of the variants? Discussing this with someone with experience in this field leads to the same answer. We don't know.

      The only concrete conclusions we can make here with this limited data is the T-cell mix to respond to Covid seems to have changed from post infection recovery to post vaccination. It could mean that a number of these patients no longer have Nucleocapsid T-Cells and more spike T-cells which basically gets us into the non-sterilizing vaccine boat with all the rest of the virus naive vaxxed group. Again, it looks like tptb are flying into a storm without radar and no visibility.

      I'm going way out on the branch here and speculate that with all the prevarications from Tody Fauxi, could it be on purpose to force the vax on even those with NI so as to wreck those their robust natural immunity? Hard to say right now, but it doesn't make any in doing what they are doing. That would sure make a good conspiracy theory, but really I hope doesn't come true.

      signed - not chicken little

  2. Sweden seems to have gotten to herd immunity,

    India through treatment with Ivermectin stopped there latest surge.

    Switzerland is using Hcq.

    And Iceland is questioning the current assumptions:

    And getting Covid after getting vaccinated and / or vaccination side effects are massive red pilling life events.

    1. Here the establishment still clings to the narrative. It's a cult.

  3. Part 3
    So after I sent the first 2 parts and of course uttering a doh after I noticed a typo or two, I wanted to just add one more thought being as I wish to ensure my credentials as master of the obvious.
    What I wanted to add to the know and unknowns is one other thing that we do know which I stated at the beginning un part 1 was covid recovery does in fact create robust immunity and based on the Cleveland Clinic study, there is no benefit to adding a vax to it based on their results. We also know from the 10 subject who were in this study did in fact have T-cell (both Nucleocapsid and spike) immunity. Although we don’t have a control group of NI recovered with no vax to compare with this group of 10 having NI + vax to see if changes are similar over time, I think it’s reasonable to at least say that changes are happening in the NI/vaxxed group and of course we don’t know if that’s normal or not, but again, these folks already are naturally immune, so why do something unscientific like vaxxing recovered folks any without any testing. Seems like they again were incredibly incompetent since we know they don’t do stuff like that on purpose. Right?

    1. "Seems like they again were incredibly incompetent since we know they don’t do stuff like that on purpose. Right?"

      That's the really concerning part, because I don't believe they're that incompetent. Yes, incompetent, but not THAT incompetent.

  4. I don't believe they're that incompetent.

    Combine incompetence with hubris / arrogance and zealotry / herd behavior and it makes sense.

    The zealous behavior / culture of the far left that has been brainwashed into our elites is a huge factor.

    It’s a culture war, and one side uses by any means necessary. And the other side, for the most part does not see it, yet.

    1. It isn't an either or proposition, it's all of the above. There are the relatively few at the top-- the Lenins if you will-- who know exactly what they're doing and where they want to end up. They have below them people who also know the fraud and lies but are benefitting from it and so go along. Fauci is likely one of these. Below them are masses of people who aren't in on the con but go along with it because it's a job or social pressures etc... Finally there are the people who are the true believers, the useful idiots who gulp down whatever kool aid is dispensed from on high. In all of this there is ample room for mendacity, incompetence, and plain error. Trig