Thursday, August 5, 2021

MAJOR UPDATE: Briefly Noted: Covid Regime Developments?

Some of you may have noticed yesterday that Fauci did another about face--he now is saying we need treatments for Covid. Yes, I understand. This comes only after Big Pharma has been at work on such treatments, which will be big money makers for them. It also comes after countless lives were sacrificed by the decision to virtually ban largely effective--not perfect, but largely effective--repurposed or off label medications.

People like Karl Denninger and many others have been arguing all along: The only sensible epidemiological response to Covid is to forget vaccines and opt for infection and early treatment. You can read an excellent post by KD in which he repeats that position while succinctly comparing the situation with regard to smallpox (and its vaccine) to the Covid Panic here:

Until Now, Of Course

What he's referring to is the fact that the smallpox vaccine was "the most dangerous vaccine." The operative word there is "was", and the details should be eye opening.

As I said, KD concludes with his oft repeated position:

I choose infection (which as I've said all the way back to March of 2020 was inevitable for all of us) and immediate treatment; it is vastly superior, on the data, in protecting me and the odds of that approach failing -- and my being dead as a result -- are less than if I take the jab

Dr. Robert Malone has a brief thread this morning that includes a--perhaps--significant detail:

OK folks- looking forward, what do we need if we have accepted protocols for early outpatient treatment?

1) CDC has to get its act together;

2) We need very active surveillance, tracing, testing; 

3) We need the ability to test (ideally self-test) for SARS-CoV-2 infection; 

4) without the ability to test and verify SARS-CoV-2 infection, we will not be able to efficiently initiate early treatments; 

5) we need an easy test that can be used to monitor immune status. It will probably require ability to assess T cell as well as B (antibody) responses.

This thread is consequent to an hour long phone call this AM with a very senior DoD civilian leader. Please add in your thoughts and advice to this thinking?

See for example: Virtual Town Hall Series - COVID-19 Test Development and Validation.


Note that Malone's recommendations appear to have been solicited from "a very senior DoD civilian leader." Now, Malone's are very well known. As such, he should be receiving the leper treatment from such folk in the Zhou regime--unless someone is catching on to the real nature of the problem. I can't think of another reason why someone of that description would reach out to him.

Note, too, that this is coming a year and a half later than it should have.
UPDATE: I don't want to multiply Covid posts, so I'll update this briefer one.
It may be of some significance that, coming on top of developments that cast growing doubt on the entire Covid Regime--an aggressive Leaky Vax Campaign coupled with equally aggressive and unscientific social controls--an increasing number of studies are becoming available, along with data from other countries. All suggest that the Covid Regime as we know it was, at best, ill advised and that a change is urgently needed. For example ...
The Federalist is reporting on a new study that confirms what past studies at very mainstream academic institutions have previously confirmed--as well as what was to be expected from accepted principles of immunology:

Conducted by a research team at Rockefeller University in New York, ...

... researchers determined that not only do recovered COVID-19 patients possess neutralizing antibodies up to a year after infection, but that such infection simultaneously assists in offering protection against developing variants.


The analysis later goes on to conclude, “Memory antibodies selected over time by natural infection have greater potency and breadth than antibodies elicited by vaccination.”


The study’s findings add to further mounting evidence detailing the level of protection natural immunity offers previously infected COVID-19 patients. Last month, Emory University published an extensive investigation describing the efficiency of long-term immunity against the respiratory virus. Similar discoveries have also been identified in research released by the Cleveland Clinic and the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, respectively.

Follow the science, anyone? The science is out there, the question is: Who's paying attention? Besides Rand Paul and very few others in our government?
From other countries such as Israel the data is coming in to suggest that there could be major problems down the road--repeat: this warning is data driven, which is what science is supposed to be about. From Israel's Channel 13:

Ran Israeli
"95% of the severe patients are vaccinated".
"85-90% of the hospitalizations are in Fully vaccinated people."
"We are opening more and more COVID wards."
"The effectiveness of the vaccine is waning/fading out"
(Dr. Kobi Haviv, earlier today on Chanel 13 @newsisrael13 )

Dr. Robert Malone comments: "If this holds true and is verified, this is looking more and more like ADE."
Geert Vanden Bossche spells out the implications without mincing words:
(1/5) It’s good to see that other scientists are now increasingly repeating my warning against viral immune escape (@RWMaloneMD@McCulloughBHVH@BretWeinstein). Although I’ve already been alerting global health authorities about 6 months ago, 
(2/5) mass vaccination has continued to an extent that viral resistance has now become unavoidable anyway. I am not sure one can reasonably speculate on how viral infectiousness and viral virulence will evolve before we see the consequences of viral resistance to the vaccines. 
(3/5) There is no precedent, indeed, for the effect of fighting a pandemic with vaccinal antibodies that the virus is resistant to (and which will inevitably be recalled by ‘updated’ booster shots, due to ‘antigenic sin’). 
(4/5) Scientifically speaking, it remains difficult to understand how resistance could be accompanied by increased viral infectiousness, as I’ve tried to explain in my most recent Q&A posting. Whether Sars-CoV-2 will persist and evolve into endemicity will ultimately depend on 
(5/5) how viral infectious pressure will eventually compare to the density and immune status of the population. Given the lack of appetite to change the current strategy, it seems like time has come to scale up capacities for early treatment.

Reread that last sentence, in red. Could it be that Fauci's flip flop yesterday re medications and the phone call to Dr. Malone by "a very senior DoD civilian leader" reflect a panicked attempt to switch strategies without admitting the catastrophic mistakes of the initial strategy?


  1. Don Surber frequently mentions how smallpox devastated both the Americans and the British forces during the
    Revolutionary War when he discusses Covid, with a mortality rate of around thirty percent for those infected. Rick Atkinson mentions the smallpox epidemic as a major factor during the war in the first book of his Revolution Trilogy - The British Are Coming. American soldiers were known to intentionally infect themselves by dabbing some of the oozing liquid from the infected into small self-inflicted incisions in the hope a milder case would result.

    A plug for Atkinson: He also authored the Liberation Trilogy about the American entry into WWII in Africa and Europe. The first book of that set being An Army At Dawn.


  2. Re Big Pharma working on “new treatments”, the representative of Jarrow, an OTC supplements manufacturer, told me a while back that the shortage of one of their products - NAC Sustain - was due to its being considered for some sort of use by a pharma company re Covid. NAC is given by naturopaths for many reasons. One is to buffer the negative affects of Tylenol. NAC is also one of the OTC items in the present Covid treatment arsenal, along with HCQ and Ivermectin and the others with which we are familiar.

    A deadly illness is being micromanaged by those who are profiting from it.

    1. Agree except the part about deadly illness. You cannot call something with a 99.9x% survivability "deadly"

      In fact, as Denninger and others have pointed out, since we now know that the pcr tests are #%$@ and can't tellus flu or CCP virus, we have no idea what the real numbers are. For all we know, we had a bad flu season in 2020-21 amped up by lying hospitals who wanted to collect the extra medicaid bounty for every covid scalp they claimed.

      It is so hard to avoid getting caught up in the propaganda. Sigh.

  3. Nuremberg Code -- every one of these monsters involved in devising and implementing the worldwide vaccine rollout need to be tried in an international court set up for the express purpose of reckoning with the depraved indifference these perpetrators have shown toward human life. "Our bad" or "what were we thinking" ain't gonna cut it. Mark A

    1. "Depraved indifference?" That might be too kind if this hypothesis is correct:

      I am a person who is neither fond of horror movies nor of promoting speculation or conjecture. But a lot of stuff is "out there" these days. Last week's "right-wing conspiracy theory" is this week's confirmed front page news. Perhaps looking at a speculative "feature-not-a-flaw" big picture scenario has some value. You be the judge.

    2. People have been speculating on that from way back.

    3. Perhaps it is speculation. Yet it seems increasingly persuasive, IMO. What is one think since the election caper, abominable CCP-19 public health policy followed by a continuous stream of corrupt and politically weaponized decisions?

      I now filter "that's odd" news through the hypothesis that they are trying to kill us and the the grand scheme is depopulation. Doing this helps me deal with profound sadness and constant dissonance. It has helped me make sense of the seemingly surreal, yet real dystopia the world finds itself living in at present.

      We must not fall a sheep. May some greater spiritual power help us all - as we help each other try and make sense of the signal pattern amidst the noise. BTW, stellar work Mark, you are bookmarked and the first read each morning...second is Sundance.

  4. Arguably much of the core of KD's post today is in the following:
    "... we know that if you got Covid-19, you obtain durable and *broad* protection, that remains even *against mutational* pressure, as the virus itself, when it infects you, produces an immune response *against the "N" portion* of the virus, that remains *conserved even across mutations* and as such, your protection is still good.
    This is not true for the vaccines, all of which are *narrow* and spike-focused only."

  5. I especially enjoyed Alex Berenson's tongue in cheek comment on substack today.

    "Your Dept. Of Pandemia wishes to report that just because the vaccines for the thing no longer work does not mean they have failed.

    Failure is an ugly word, a loser’s word, and we don’t like it.

    Remember to get your bonus vaccine when it’s your turn!

    Attention citizens!"

  6. The pushback on the masks and the riots against lockdowns surprised the elites…

    As well as now a booster is needed, where before this was dismissed by the elites as a thought crime and bad think.

    1. My fondest hope is that this craziness will finally come home to roost:

  7. I’m confused. Questions I have:

    1. The death rate has fallen in the us. Not sure if due to vaccination or not.

    2. If the mRNA vaccination wears off, does the negative side effects also wear off?

    3. Does the vaccination make it so if you get Covid, you don’t get the immunity?

    4. Does the vaccination reduce the severity? Or it depends how fresh?

    5. Should you get a booster shot? Or wait fir the non mRNA vaccine? Or depends on your age?

    1. No need to understand, just do as you're told.