Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Boost Stage At Six, Not Eight--And More

Remember when boosting at eight months was a thing? That always seemed weird, given that the Israelis are boosting at five, I think. But now it seems the US is catching up. Eight is old hat:

How do you keep up with this? Anyway, it seems checking for antibodies is still cheating--otherwise you might find out that you need your boost at two months, like that pathologist who did his own test.

Speaking of keeping up with things, remember the vax immunity v. natural immunity debate? Here's some news from the gene therapy petri dish that is Israel that may put that one to rest, too:

Berenson also has an interesting thread on the state of Twitter censorship. Twitter "fact checking" is having trouble keeping up with developments, too. And that suggests that the Grand Narrative is close to collapse. Berenson claims he's considering a defamation action against Twitter--more power to him if he does:

2/ Twitter did not specifically identify a tweet in its July 27 email to me (my third warning and second lockout), but I believe that it was responding to a tweet that day suggesting that natural infection and recovery would be superior to vaccine-generated immunity...

3/ That's it. No conspiracy theories about depopulation efforts or warnings that the vaccines would cause mass infertility. Links to published studies and data, with my analysis. That's what I do. It's what reporters do. And when Twitter says I am providing "misinformation..."

4/ Without providing evidence, and when it bans me from posting on the theory that my information is so inaccurate I cannot be allowed to use its service to offer it, it is SEVERELY damaging my reputation as a reporter.

5/ And I'm frankly sick of it.


  1. It is becoming impossible to hide the fact that the vaccines are nearly worthless for more than 3-4 months, and even that won't matter much longer as the virus mutates further away from the initial vaccine target.

    I fortunately am immune to any attempts at mandating these vaccines, being retired and just plain ornery. I zig when told to zag as a matter of principle. These vaccine passports are going to have 3-6 months expiration dates on all of them, so more and more people will be out of compliance, not in compliance. There is no way people are going to show up for boosters more than one time, and maybe not even that given how the vaccines were misrepresented by the "experts".

    1. The tempo of discoveries seems to be picking up, and the narrative seems to be falling apart.

    2. Yeah, my work is about to mandate. I'm hoping enough comes out that they pull back on that. They'll probably lose half the talent when they do and we'll be taking customers with us as we are the ones who actually produce a product. DOD will be losing people too.
      Seems those with TDS are also those who believe in mandates. TDS switched from Trump to the vax hesitant as if they believe the can bully their way to force compliance.
      This isn't going to end well if they don't back of these threats.

  2. For your consideration:


    1. The UK government just reported the following data, tucked away in their report on variants of concern:

      Less than a third of delta variant deaths are in the unvaccinated.

      Let me say that another way - two-thirds of Delta deaths in the UK are in the jabbed.


    Tokyo's Medical Assoc. Chairman holds press conference recommending Ivermectin to all COVID patients

    Those withholding treatment to push the vax should be punished for those they have murdered.

  4. I think we are going to have to get ready for the the enormity of this to hit public consciousness. The vax is the virus, or again if you listen to Dr. Martin there isn't ANYTHING novel in the Covid, just parts and pieces of SARS with a spike protein delivery technology strapped on upon which there have been 73 patents over the last 20 years. However evil you want to imagine this, Tony has some splaining to do. Mark A.

    1. My view--which seems confirmed by M. Yan and Palmer--is that Cov2 is actually an engineered version (nor naturally mutated) of SARS Classic, and that SARS Classic was, itself, a lab creation.


    Washington County inmates offered Ivermectin for COVID-19

    1. Wow on sars classic being a lab creation. That’s mind blowing.

    2. If you think about it, it shouldn't be surprising. They've tried to bill it as an inter-species jump, but the evidence for that is basically non-existent.

  6. From Denninger today, in "******nit, Stop The FRAUD":

    < ... evolutionary selection is a complex process, in that the virus only gets one crack at a host; if you get infected and develop an effective response, that response is typically durable and protective, for years if not decades, and is conserved across future mutations.
    Were this not to be the case, humans, say much less other animals, would have all become extinct millions of years ago.

    This exact mechanism of mutational dynamics, incidentally, is what has *derailed all* other coronavirus (and RSV, for that matter) vaccine attempts over the previous decades.
    It is not a function of Covid-19 being "unique" in some fashion (even though we know it is, and it was almost-certainly engineered complements of Dr. Fauci, EcoHealth and of course the CCP) but rather, is a function of how *beta coronaviruses* are structured, *what parts* of their protein structure perform the various functions, and the *mutational affinity* -- that is, what can mutate and still have a virus that infects humans -- of those structures...
    There is no way to know whether these risks will converge, either naturally or by forced action of a malevolent party, but that they exist and are *independently present*, is now known with scientific certainty, as all of those mutations have now *been found*, in the gene banks from sampled patients.
    If that "next mutation" winds up being of benefit to "being first" in an uninfected, non-recovered host, and worse, if being vaccinated makes the person who gets it *more-infectious*, then being jabbed is not only personally dangerous, it is dangerous to public health, and will cause a wave of serious illness and death to tear through the vaccinated population, and if that happens, there is *nothing that can be done* to stop it.

    The FDA *knows* all of this, as they have the same access to the published scientific work I do.
    They didn't hold a hearing or take public comment, as they are supposed to, because then people like myself could *submit into the formal*, government record papers like the one I cited above.

    In addition the FDA cut *off the data* far enough back, to deliberately ignore the most-recent few weeks, which show crazy deterioration, in the percentage of people who die of Covid-19 and are vaccinated.
    In some counties (e.g. Clark, NV) the vaccinated are now the majority of the deaths.
    Does this prove vaccine-induced enhancement is here and raging? No; the data is too thin.
    But what it does prove is, that being jabbed doesn't stop you from getting sick, nor does it stop you from *giving the virus* to others, and that by itself reduces the decision to be vaccinated, to one of *personal choice* at best.

    And finally, even Pfizer admits that they *can't get ahead* of such a mutational event, whether it occurs naturally, or is forced and released by a malevolent actor.
    They say they can turn around a new version of the jab within 95 days, but then you have to get it into the hundreds of millions of Americans, and that can't happen any faster the second time than the first.
    Assuming you immediately can ramp up production and distribution, expecting that you can get effective coverage within less than another *three to six months*, is fantasy-level bull****, as we didn't manage that the first time, and the virus mutates faster than you can accomplish it, making the attempt a game of whack-a-mole, which you will inevitably lose.
    Never mind the risk, that the reformulated version may produce immediate and extremely dangerous adverse events, at a wildly-elevated rate: Without trials, which again will add *months or years* to the time required to deploy, there is no way to know!
    It is sheer arrogance to presume none of this will happen, when we now have hard proof, that least *some* of it did, with the first go-around.... >

    1. Re vaccines for coronaviruses being a public health hazard, the same point was made in the symposium I watched this morning. Respiratory viruses are simply different than others. Hammers are fine for nails, but not for screws.

      Interestingly, Malone yesterday linked to an article at NIH from 2015 that maintained that the push for universal flu shots was misguided and counterproductive. For the same reasons.