Thursday, May 13, 2021

Yay! Two Year Anniversary!

OK, excitement's over till next year. Go back to sleep.



  1. I don’t think we believe in Durham anymore....

  2. My new blog article:

    Michael Gaeta and FBI Counterintelligence -- Part 11

    On April 29, 2016, an unidentified FBI official organized a conference call with 1)the DNC IT manager and 2) Michael Sussman, a cyber-issues lawyer of the Perkins Coie law firm. In that discussion, the FBI official told the other two that the FBI suspected that Russian Intelligence was hacking the DNC computers.

    In the following days, Sussman hired CrowdStrike to investigate that suspicion. CrowdStrike subsequently found computer viruses, that were said to be developed by Russian Intelligence. This finding subsequently served as the basis for FBI and CIA assessments that Russian Intelligence was meddling in the USA's 2016 election.

    In my blog articles, I have been developing my speculation that the computer viruses -- although indeed developed by Russian Intelligence -- actually were planted on the DNC computers by an employee of NGP VAN, a company that maintained some databases on DNC computers. I speculate that his motive was that he supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary elections and wanted to collect information that the DNC was providing unfair advantages to Hillary Clinton.

    After CrowdStrike found the virus, this NGP VAN employee pretended to be a Romanian hacker, called Guccifer 2.0. In that role, he provided a plausible explanation about how the virus could have been planted on the DNC computer from abroad.

    In his statements, Guccifer 2.0 mentioned that CrowdStrike had rebooted the DNC computers on June 12, 2016 -- presumably after removing the viruses from those computers. I think that particular statement reveals that the actual culprit was an NGP VAN employee -- not a Romanian hacker and not Russian Intelligence.

    Since Russian Intelligence did not have anything at all to do with planting the viruses the DNC computers, the FBI suspicions must have been based on FBI Counterintelligence's receipt of reports from Christopher Steele.

  3. I offer the following possible explanation about the long wait for Durham's report.

    The FBI wanted the FISA warrant in order to collect communications of Carter Page -- and on a large range of other people who could be linked to Donald Trump's associates, relatives and supporters. So far, the public knows nothing at all about that subsequent collection and exploitation of communications.

    Durham might be investigating that part of this history.

    * How many people's communications were collected?

    * Who were those people?

    * Who studied those communications, and what did they find there?

    * Based on that collection of communications, what subsequent actions were done?

    Anyway, I hope Durham has been investigating that angle. If so, then this investigation might intrude into Robert Mueller's gang.

    1. If Durham is investigating that angle, it's probably for the purpose of prosecuting Trump associates.

  4. FWIW, every time someone challenges Adam Housley about Durham's non-existent "report", he basically says something like "it ain't over".


  5. This ship has sailed. I could think of very, very few scenarios where this sort of twiddling of thumbs, even within the context of this awful criminal rot, is justifiable.

    They did it, they got away with it. Even the dishonorable shouldn't be dragged through years long investigations on a hunt for something to package without going after the whole thing or actually punishing the guilty institutions.


    Wish I could imbed this photo, but you'll just have to click on it.

    Makes you wonder what's so funny...

    I guess the joke's on us.

  7. I'm still convinced Durham's primary focus has been to gather all evidence and put it in front of grand jury for the purposes of locking it away forever.

    First and foremost (and as always) protect the insututions no matter the cost. That is the federal moto!

  8. Now, after reaching this site earlier today, I get
    "Firefox blocked this page because it may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing personal information like passwords or credit cards.
    Advisory provided by Google Safe Browsing."

    Anyone else have this result?