Friday, May 21, 2021

Similar Events Are Happening More Often

For details go to CTH:

New Hampshire Police Arrest Maskless Parents Attempting to Confront School Board – Following Arrests Board Cancels Meeting To Avoid Parents

The post is written in a mostly satirical style. Key sample:

A maskless rogue citizen could put a compliant society at risk of infection. They may not carry biologics they could carry a more alarming virus of wrong-thought against the interests of the state. Rogue citizen assembly at this critical juncture would be subversive to our new society.

Accompanying the article is a photo of police arresting and cuffing an elderly woman for attending a school board meeting maskless, i.e., disturbing the peace of mind of the variously authoritarian and anti-science inclined officials as well as neurotics in the community.

This is the kind of action by the police that will lose them the public support they rely upon. This is called foolishly picking the wrong side, because concerned parents will win the day against would be authoritarian school boards. But the actions of the police won't be forgotten. 

Liberals own this mess. America--certainly not Middle America--isn't ready for this type of police state.

ADDENDUM: It's a really bad look--and just when police need support, and from the type of people they're arresting. Do police think they're going to get the support they need from the politicians--and that very much includes school boards? Not very smart. Telling law abiding family people that "We serve and protect" is about politicians, not about them? That won't end well.


  1. Metropolitan police forces are highly suspect since they will bend the knee to whoever signs their paychecks/pensions. Sheriffs are a safer bet since it’s an elected office & they seem - for the most part - to be more independent.


  2. Couldn't agree with you more on this issue. Police officers siding with people who despise them is not, as you point out, a good look. And they seem to be doing it with alacrity. No resistance whatsoever, as far as I can determine. The same pertains to the FBI. We're told it was and is a few bad apples at the top. Yet look at how the FBI is breaking its neck going after the Jan. 6th "rioters." A few bad apples, my foot.

    1. It's the kind of situation where the police chief should be telling the local officials, Hold on a minute, you need to work something out. Very short sighted to arrest people like this. Elected officials mostly come and go--and when they start calling the police out on people because they disagree with them, then they mostly go. Nothing radicalizes people faster or more thoroughly than seeing their mom or grandma or sister or wife being cuffed and taken away because she's standing up for school kids. Hard to walk that one back.

  3. It's time to elect the Police Chief. While not a guarantee of working for the people, at least it gets us closer. This is another reason I stopped supporting Back The Blue rallies. The Thin Blue Line is ok if it is used only to show respect for the fallen, but it has unfortunately morphed into a gang symbol.

  4. These issues with police enforcement of questionable situations has continued to grow over the decades. The explosion of growth in the Obama years of the constitutional sheriff's movement and organizations like the Oath Keepers was born out of these type of things. Once trump was elected we threw the baby out with the bath water and made those movements into terrorist organizations while at the same time spouting "back the blue".

    The full circle *big picture* in these political narratives is interesting to watch over time. People are too easily influenced by the political talking points. Today's truths are wiped from memory as tomorrows new slogans and narratives are born.

    The effectiveness of the two party political flip flops on these subjects is just astounding. We literally can't make up own minds as to which is the actual enemy with any conviction.

    We are our own worse enemy!!

  5. people lose sight of the whole "American way" of the People being the source of power and the government serving the People...existing for the good of the People. And the First Amendment giving the right to expression and the right to assemble. If you can't assemble and express yourself to elected officials at their places of business and meetings- assuming non-violent, etc., what good is it? When police and FBI et al. serve the officials only, they are violating their oath of office and become hired enforcers.

  6. Increasingly, I find that people I agree with are coming under some form of attack -- whether from these kinds of police state activities to the growing violence like we are seeing between the Palestinians and the Jews, or POCs and Asians, in American cities. And, now, in central Montana of all places, it appears that Antifa has begun to rear its ugly head.

    I am not calling for violence, but I am worried for myself and my family that violence will find us. I have nothing in common with the people inciting this violence, and increasingly I don't feel that our differences are reconcilable. I also feel increasingly alienated and disenfranchised from my own government. Where to from here? When does "increasingly" become sufficient enough to cross the line to action? Every morning I ask myself these same questions. I don't like the answers the person in the mirror has started to return.

  7. Another red flag moment for patriots. By that i mean, an alarm bell sounding to what the bad guys are doung. Most of the time we see and hear nothing. We assume, naively perhaps, that police are on our side and should be supported, especially we do this in reflexive response to Blmtifa and radical left attacks. This kind of incident, however, is the flag that tells us the bad guys are well on the way to subverting honest police forces.

    Their overall plan is naturally to corrupt police where they can to do their bidding and, where that doesn't work, to replace the police with a force they can use like a tool. Hence defund police, reimagine police.

    I am beginning to question whether democracy is now fatally tainted in America. The bad guys have a fiendishly clever plan underway. You say you want elections? Fine they say. We will pour ungodly amounts of money to make sure that our tool is elected as sheriff, as district attorney, as mayor, as school board member, as coumcil member. And where money doesn't suffice, some rigging of votes will. 2020 was a death blow maybe.

    Several commenters here have noted that the American system was designed for a virtuous people. As we have fallen below virtue we may have to accept that another system must be fashioned until virtue is restored.

  8. One of my greatest pet peeves with my right-leaning friends and family is this fetishization/icon worship of LEO and military.

    History is SHOCKINGLY consistent in this regard: hierarchical orgs with weapons will not come to the rescue of "the people" or the law - they will do what they are told.