Monday, May 17, 2021

We May Be Shut Down Tomorrow

At Zerohedge:  Incoming Geomagnetic Storm Expected To Hit Earth Tuesday.

Sunspots are mostly harmless, but the resulting solar flares that bombard Earth's magnetosphere could produce a stunning light show in the sky as the atmosphere deflects the solar particles. If a geomagnetic disturbance is strong enough, it could disrupt satellite communication, GPS signal, land-based communication equipment, and power grids.

No mention of the internet, per se.


  1. This reminded me of something Father Malachi Martin disclosed in an interview about Our Lady of Fatima and the controversial Secrets yet to be released by the Vatican.

    “When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions against the Church and against the Holy Father.”

    Here is the link to an article that expands on this subject well worth the read:

  2. OT... here's an article by Michael Anton, basically a summary of where we are, ends with this:

    "[i]n the 1860s, three major Western countries—Germany, Italy, and the United States—each fought similar wars of national unification, in which the more dynamic part of the country subjugated the more bucolic (or backward) part. In our time, Democrats are the party of relatively greater technological and demographic dynamism, Republicans the party of relatively less."

    Subjugation, certainly, is the aim—with the events of January 6 to be used to justify whatever means are necessary. I wonder, though, whether the effort can turn out as successfully as the examples Caldwell cites. Does the Blue coalition really have the chops—that is, not merely the will but also the wherewithal—to cow and dominate at least 75 million independent-minded, self-sufficient, and (in many cases) ornery Americans?

    The ruling class has backed Middle America into a corner. Keeping them there will require a level of cleverness and competence that, to say the least, our would-be masters have yet to demonstrate they possess. If they can manage, it will likely be because of new tools—above all Big Tech—no prior ruling class even dreamed of. Since we’re in uncharted waters here, the possibility cannot be ruled out. But even if technology does turn out to enable present arrangements to trundle on for a while, how long might that be? Five years? Ten? Twenty?

    At any rate, there are reasons to believe that a resurgence of American spiritedness is possible—foremost among them the second-highest vote total in history, for a presidential candidate whom the entire socio-intellectual-media complex ordered the people to reject with prejudice. But there are also reasons—e.g., the opioid crisis—to fear widespread resignation and apathy. The longer present conditions can be made to continue, the more reasonable it is to assume that the latter will spread. Should half of America surrender to defeatism and its consolations—booze, drugs, porn, junk food, video games, streaming services, and sportsball—we shall test Blue America’s very high opinion of itself. For at that point we will find out whether the coasts are capable not merely of surviving without the heartland, but of rising to even greater heights without all that dead weight."


  3. Progressivism us a narcissistic bubble writ large, perhaps the entirety of liberalism is but it is up to non-progressives, those if us who are it for what it is, to find a way to pop that bubble. President Trump was not a bad try, and I gave a suspicion we can do better next time. Just think if how much clearer the battlefield us becoming, the more we sort ourselves out along the lines Anton posits, the weaker the ruling elites become. The consolations are their weapons. Mark A

  4. Speaking of today... Antrim county Michigan auditing case starts at 1:30 pm EST. I would have posted this sooner but it took for forever to find the link to it.

    1. Ugh... Dismissed as moot, probably headed to appeals but if the history holds, it will be ignored.

      I can't say this wasn't expected, the discovery in the case did at least go much further than expected.

  5. The Arizona / Maricopa County Senate public hearing will be live today at 1pm MST / 4pm EST here.

  6. The Arizona hearing was only attended by the auditors and the Senate, the Maricopa county board was a no show.

    Them win points were mostly confirming the current issues are issues.

    Missing chain of custody documents between Nov and delivery of the ballots in April.

    The router that's being withheld is still being withheld.

    The adminstration user / pass is still being withheld.

    The deleted files aka missing databases were already recovered by the forensic guys. (I suspected this)

    The Senate is being MUCH more professional about this than the Marocopia board is. They SEEM persistent in pushing forward but I think the big test will be holding someone(a) in contempt for non production.

    Otherwise, there was only a few brief mentions of process violations by the county and no hints on findings. They did confirm that this will be going until the end of June. One big takeaway, the Senate president informed the world that the issue of using "certified forensic auditors" for an election audit is a dead subject. There simply are none beyond one team in the US that exclusively works for Homeland Security.

    I've been VERY critical of the audit process it's self, I'm not warm and fuzzy because I do feel we should have a set list of criteria (aka goals). But it also seems to some genuine extent that they are so far into the unknown here they will need to make it up as they go along. Additionally the time line they originally had that I thought was completely unreasonable proved to be correct. But I'm happy to see they are going to keep extending it untill completion.