Saturday, May 15, 2021

Things Are Getting Sticky For Fauci

I want to briefly present some out takes from Fauci's recent Senate--and the fallout out from Rand Paul's grilling of Fauci and the subsequent regime flip flops on Covid policy generally. Masks are on the way out, schools are going to open after endless dithering and caving to the government teachers. In all this we see the effects of polling. But the revelations--old news, really--that continue to be dredged up that tie Fauci closely and personally to US funding of People's Liberation Army (PLA) bio-weapons research are likely to have an effect.

To show where things stand, and the direction they're heading, I'll simply present material that came out yesterday.

Scott Hounsell, in an article at Red State, focused particularly on statements by Ralph Baric, in which Baric openly admits that he cannot rule out a "lab escape" (from Wuhan's WIV lab) as the origin of Covid. You're response might well be, Duh! Not news! But the significance of this, for those who don't recall the name Baric, is that Baric was doing Fauci-funded gain-of-function (GOF) coronavirus research at UNC (as well as at WIV) in conjunction with top Chinese virologist Shi Zhengli. For Baric to make that admission is, in a roundabout way, to point a finger at Fauci, who funded the Wuhan research in question.

So, with that background, here are two key quotes from the article. In the first, Hounsell is quoting from Rand Paul's buildup to put Fauci on the spot. Rand Paul emphasizes that Fauci is well known as an avid defender of GOF research--something Fauci has tried to downplay but is clearly on the record. Ask yourself--could there be any possible use for the technologies that Baric developed, except in a bio-weapons program? Technologies Baric called "the No-see-em" technique, that "force" or induce desired mutations while causing those mutations to appear "natural"? What's the point of that, except to afford plausible deniability for a bio-weapon attack? Fauci funded that research. What would be the use of the "No-see-em" technique if the research was truly directed at developing vaccines? Keep that in mind for a bit later:

Sen. Paul also asked Dr. Fauci if it was possible that COVID-19 escaped from a laboratory. He led up to the question itself with some interesting quotes from Dr. Ralph Baric, the UNC-Chapel Hill scientist who worked closely with Dr. Shi at WIV on gain-of-function research on coronaviruses:

Government defenders of gain of function, such as yourself, say that COVID-19 mutations were random and not designed by man. But interestingly, the technique that Dr. Baric developed forces mutations by serial passage through cell culture that the mutations appear to be natural. In fact, Dr. Baric named the technique the “No See ’em” technique, because the mutations appear naturally. Nicholas Baker in the New York Magazine said, “Nobody would know if the virus had been fabricated in a laboratory or grown in nature.” Government authorities in the US, including yourself, unequivocally deny that COVID-19 could have escaped a lab, but even Dr. Shi in Wuhan wasn’t so sure. According to Nicholas Baker, Dr. Shi wondered could this new virus have come from her own laboratory.

Hounsell follows up with this:

Dr. Baric, an advocate of gain-of-function research admits the main problem that the Institute of Virology has is the outbreak occurred in close proximity. What are the odds? Baric responded, “Could you rule out a laboratory escape? The answer, in this case, is probably not.”

and then closes with this damning passage:

As Steve Hilton said Thursday night:

He [Fauci] wrote an opinion piece in 2011 just as this [Gain Of Function] research was emerging in the scientific community. He defended it. The language that Dr. Fauci used, he said that “engineering a dangerous virus in the laboratory is a risk worth taking.” He said that.

[Fauci has] been the leading world champion of gain-of-function research. He has personally supervised it in the NIAID. He runs that organization…. The money trail is there. The results of the research have been published in scientific papers. And, indeed, the closest known relative to the pandemic virus was in that lab, and that’s where the outbreak started. The evidence is so overwhelming.

Fauci can quibble about words but the evidence really is overwhelming. And all the Dem devotees of Fauci as "America's doctor"? Can you say 2022? They're on record saying Fauci can do no wrong.

Now, Steve Bannon, around the same time, did a fifteen minute interview on Rumble with Dr. Lawrence Sellin. I can't embed Rumble, but you can find the video linked at TGP, and the Sellin segment runs basically from 31:00 to 46:00. What I'll provide below is mostly a close summary of the high points, but will include some direct quotes (""):

Sellin: "Let me first just say that there’s no question COVID-19 comes from the laboratory. I think the only thing we need to determine now is, how it was released, whether it was an accident or intentional."

An August, 2020, article shows collaboration between Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and UT Medical in Galveston. All the hallmarks of classical GOF research. The study took pre-epidemic, harmless Zika virus and genetically manipulated it to be dangerous. The study was funded by 5 grants, 4 of which came from Fauci's institute and the 5th from CDC. The authors thank a high level PLA officer for his advice. So Fauci seems to be still involved in GOF funding and this research is being done in collaboration with the PLA.

Bannon: How do we know this Covid didn't come from a bat cave near the Laotian border, skip over a thousand miles without touching anyone, and show up in a wet market in Wuhan near the lab? (In other words, how do we know it didn't occur naturally?)

Sellin: No one has produced any evidence of where it comes from.

There are clear anomalies in the structure of Covid. It looks like it was pre-adapted for human infection. The smoking gun is the Furin cleavage site. This was inserted into a bat coronavirus. We know Chinese scientists know how to do this. The big thing is there's no evolutionary path for that cleavage site to get into Covid. [Sellin is basically quoting Nobel laureate David Baltimore, who also calls this feature a "smoking gun."]

Bannon: How did the US get in the business of funding such potentially dangerous research and doing so in cooperation with the PLA?

Sellin: NIH has no national security accountability. Scientists want to be on the cutting edge, so they get into GOF. Our virus research is massively infiltrated by China, including PLA scientists. Chinese professors in the US continue also doing research at WIV, including for the PLA. Ralph Baric's program at UNC was only the tip of the iceberg.

Bannon: NIH may have no NS accountability but it's funding research in weaponization--GOF is just a fancy term for that. Obama NSC shut Baric down after seeing his research that was published.

Sellin: The Obama NSC probably didn't understand the full extent of what was going on, and the ban was never enforced. It's not just coronaviruses. The article re Zika viruses is a point--Zika, Japanese Encephalitis, Dengue fever, Yellow fever, West Nile, these are viruses that affect the central nervous system. This kind of research could be extremely dangerous if GOF is being done with those viruses as well.

PLA scientists first came to Fauci's NIH then moved on to other universities and institutes. They've developed a huge network here. They send their knowledge and research  back to China and the PLA.

Many of these scientists came here under the auspices of working on Fauci's futile but very expensive efforts to develop an HIV vaccine.


Bannon: Why hasn't someone held Fauci's feet to the fire and required answers--especially Congress?

"Because nobody wants to ask the questions. Some of the scientists are culpable and you can say that Fauci may be culpable, but in general people in Congress and intelligence agencies, they basically work for the oligarchy. The oligarchy is making a lot of money with China, so nobody wants to investigate this, because the investigation of this massive infiltration, for example, would upset the profits that the people in power are making with China. So nobody wants to ask those questions.

Bannon: "It's not a conspiracy, it's just the way the system works."

Be very concerned.


  1. My hope is that Fauci gets fully exposed and strung up by his you know what.

    1. Fauci is another Mengele. Our only hope is to trust and pray imprecations that in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Divine Justice is about to be served, across the board.

  2. Rand Paul was merciless and right on the mark. Fauci tried to talk down to him. Didn’t work. Paul exposed Fauci the Arrogant. It was a joy to behold.

    Dr. Paul’s nutty father used to send his wacko band of very ugly and intrusive protesters to mess up our Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year’s Day. He earned no friends. It has taken me a while to warm up to Dr. Paul the younger. His taking no guff from Fauci helped a lot.


    Excerpt from the TGP story below...

    Today (February 26, 2021), Dr. Lawrence Sellin, who contributed much to this effort to uncover the truth about COVID, reported that a December 12, 2019 agreement was signed by Dr. Ralph Baric that he would receive the “mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates developed and jointly-owned by NIAID and Moderna”

    The Moderna mRNA vaccine is now being given to people around the world. Pfizer also has an mRNA vaccine. Ralph Baric is a long-time coronavirus researcher with close ties with the batwoman and the Wuhan Institute of Virology as noted above in our post from April 2020. December 12, 2019, is very early in the COVID-19 outbreak before it was reported in the West. Baric would be a logical person to test the efficacy of an mRNA vaccine.

    What this tells us is that Doctors Baric and Fauci may have been aware of what was happening in China and Fauci and Moderna were likely working on coronavirus vaccines before COVID-19 was announced in the West. The Moderna vaccine was ready for human testing very quickly.

    It seems to be hardly a coincidence that Baric, who does not appear anywhere else in the confidential agreements should appear at such a consequential moment.

    We can’t say this is a smoking gun of any type, but it is something not widely known and it certainly generates additional questions.

    End excerpt.

    Why was Dr. Fauci having the Moderna mRNA shot reviewed by Dr. Baric in DECEMBER 2019 is a must. What did Dr. Fauci know and when did he know it? Why did he downplay the risk for the first three months of 2020 before driving the lockdown?

  4. The word you’re looking for in the Sellin interview is “furin”. It’s a human enzyme that processes/cuts proteins into their final form.

    1. Thanks. I'd seen it before but got lazy and didn't look it up.