Friday, May 21, 2021

Will A Woke Military Make War On Red America?

Within the past week I answered this question with a simple, No. Later, I elaborated a bit. Basically, my argument was and is that the demographics are all wrong for such an eventuality. The military is overwhelmingly--as in up to 70%--white and broadly conservative in orientation. The Left--as long as it retains control--may be able to destroy the disciplinary structure and effectiveness of the military, but it will do this by driving out irreplaceable human resources. But they will find few if any replacements--certainly not sufficient replacements. Snowflakes and street theater warriors are not interested in full time military duty. Period. In the meantime, if Lloyd Austin really tries to purge the military of "extremists", he will simply have returned large numbers of trained conservative warriors to civilian America. That's self defeating from a Leftist perspective.

Today Brandon Smith addresses this concern, shared by many. But he adds some data to fill the argument out. Below is an excerpt from the longer article:

Within conservative and liberty movement circles there are rising concerns that globalists and leftists ... intend[] to use a revamped “woke military” to subjugate the American public. While this might be the overall intention, I’m not all that worried, and here are the reasons why.

The Numbers For A Woke Military Don’t Exist

Globalists are very mindful of statistical realities, and they know that the current military dynamic is against them; hence their growing thirst for the wokification of our branches of defense. I want to remind conservatives that this is a good thing. They are trying to force social justice politics into the military because the military is the exact opposite of what they want it to be.

For example, polling in 2016 showed that around 31% to 35% of the US military is Republican, while around 25% to 29% votes Democrat. But what about the remainder? The media often calls the remaining current serving voters “moderates” or “independents”. As it turns out, up to 40% of the military is actually libertarian or constitutionalist leaning according to polls.

The mainstream media tries to hide this fact by only talking about “Republican votes” and “Democrat votes”, but the reality is that the vast majority of the military is conservative oriented, with values based in personal freedom and constitutionalism. That 40% of libertarians and constitutionalists is what the elites are really worried about. This is who they are referring to when they talk about “extremists” in the military.

And what about the 25% to 29% of Democrats? That is the extent of the left’s hold within the general ranks of the military and it is improbable that most of these democrats are hard leftists. Further studies also show that the majority of veterans leaving the military identify overwhelmingly as Republican, conservative or “independent”, not as Democrat or leftist.


The fact is, the only place you will find a preponderance of woke lunatics in the military is among the brass and sometimes in the officer corps; the leadership within the pentagon has been carefully groomed to create a leftist/globalist consolidation, and this has been going on for decades. Generals are for the most part politicians, not warriors ...

While military leadership might go woke, this does not mean the rest of the military will, nor does it mean that troops will follow unconstitutional orders from such people.


The Establishment Is Unwittingly Creating A Counter-Military

One positive outcome from the long running wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is that hundreds of thousands of veterans with extensive combat experience have come back home over the past 20 years, and most of them are conservatives. They are also very wary of the political dynamics in Washington DC. They know exactly what is going on in this country. Beyond this, any attempt to force social justice propaganda on the current serving is going to alienate more than 60% of soldiers. ...



  1. "the only place you will find a preponderance of woke lunatics in the military is among the brass and sometimes in the officer corps;"

    I don;t understand why we go to such contortions to talk ourselves out of something so simple. THAT IS THE ISSUE. hierarchical orgs do as they are told by those above them, and they are very successfully propagandized to do so.

    Thus, if the brass and officers are "woke" - and the soldiers report to them, then the matter is closed.


    1. @Bee, respectfully, the peace time and stationed military members may "do as they're told" but war time and deployed military when ordered to attack US civilians with whom they share a common understanding of the political situation will disobey those orders. Long before it would come to that however, to Marks point above the warfighters will leave the military and will no longer join the military, and so they won't even be there to order around in the first place. I am a former Marine, and the Hierarchy is powerless if there is not respected leadership throughout the hierarchy. How much respect are political generals or ideological majors going to command? Not much. Mark A

    2. @ MarkA

      Agree, 100%. The NCO and enlisted ranks are not automatons.


    3. @ Anon

      I'll go you one better. The bad guys are creating a monster that will eventually devour them.

      By injecting politics and racism so hamhandedly into the ranks they are awakening a political sense in the servicemembers that generations of prior doctrine sought to neutralize. Many of these troops and marines are getting a first hand lesson in becoming a political anamal and developing a sense of rebellion and lurking animus toward superior officers that will make it much easier for these warriors to take what would have been a heretofore unthinkable step against authority and chain of command.


  2. Keep an eye on recruiting and military academy applications. That will provide a finite picture of what, if any, the new 'woke' military culture is doing to attract or repel recruits.

    The bane of military recruiters is a good economy. A combination of a good economic outlook and the new 'woke' military regime could result in some very deflated numbers entering the services. Additionally, look at those with 4-15 years of service and if they are staying in or calling it quits. These are the key metrics that military personnel bean counters look at.


  3. “Will a woke military...”

    In a word ... no.

    The flag staff are woke, that’s it.

    The same argument was used in the movie, “Dr Strangelove,” unrealistically.

  4. City police departments are experiencing high levels of retirement for those eligible to retire. Any indication this is happening in the military?

    1. I did only the briefest of searches, but I saw an item at ABC from a year ago saying the military is "struggling" with reenlistments--and reenlistment is key to preparedness, especially in a professional army. Another item mentioned that 71% of Gen Z are "ineligible" for the military--never mind whether they're inclined to enlist. I'll take a stab and say that eligibility is higher among more conservatively inclined young people.

  5. The Army are chicken - shutting down comments to "protect the soldiers"