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Vaccines And Covid Origins

Many of you will be aware of reporting that has come out during the past week regarding a recently "discovered" book that was written by 18 prominent officials associated with the higher reaches of China's public health and military establishments. The book was actually published by a military university. The link that I'm providing here under the book's title is actually to an article in the South China Morning Post (SCMP): The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bio-Weapons. The article provides some useful background on the book.

Earlier today I watched an Ivor Cummins video that has, embedded within it, a news report from Sky News - Australia: Wow - Sky News AU just broadcast a fascinating piece on the Viral Origins! I'll embed the video below--it's only about 13 minutes long--but I've done a transcript of what I think are the most relevant portions for our purposes.

First, some background. The original "SARS crisis" occurred in 2003. SARS is a coronavirus that is endemic to the palm civet, much as the common cold coronaviruses are endemic to human beings and many other coronaviruses are endemic to other mammals. According to the official narrative--which you can find, for example, at Wikipedia, in 2003 SARS "jumped" from the palm civet to humans--it crossed the Great Divide, the xenographic barrier. This supposedly happened at a Chinese "wet market". If you're wondering why there have not been many, many examples of these sorts of "jumps"--given the prevalence of wet markets in China, full of exotic, coronavirus carrying animals in unsanitary close contact with humans--join the club. Common household pets in the Western world live cheek by jowl with humans, and yet we don't contract their coronaviruses, but something like that is what we're supposed to believe happened in China in 2003. And again in 2019 with Covid or SARS2, something like lightning striking twice in the same spot--except in the Covid case nobody except our MSM bought into that story.

Now, notice that the title of the Chinese book refers to "the unnatural origin of SARS." They're talking about that supposed "jump" that occurred in 2003, and the authors don't believe the jump was natural:

In [the book], the authors questioned whether the SARS virus could have been a biological weapon released by a terrorist group against China. 
The lead author of the book was Xu Dezhong, a retired professor of infectious disease with the Air Force Medical University in Xian. 
“Based on ample evidence in epidemiology, molecular biology and evolutionary biology, this book concludes that Sars-CoV may have an unnatural, or man-made origin,” the authors said.

As a result of the original SARS crisis in 2003, the Chinese have been fooling around with SARS--or researching it, depending on your perspective--ever since. Another way of looking at that would be that the Chinese had been fooling around with SARS even before 2003, and 2003 was an accidental release of the virus that had been enhanced in the lab so that it could infect humans. The book, which came out in 2015, approximately five years before Covid hit the world stage, discusses what they've learned about SARS in the meantime. And then there was another release of a SARS virus into a human population.

That much background should help you to understand what the news reader is talking about:

[5:55] First tonight--new details from a document produced by Chinese military scientists where they discuss weaponizing SARS coronaviruses *five years before the pandemic hit.* The book was written by People's Liberation Army (PLA) scientists and senior Chinese public health officials, back in 2015. It describes SARS coronaviruses as heralding, and I quote, "a new era of genetic weapons." It says they can be artificially manipulated into an emerging human disease virus, weaponized, and unleashed in a way never seen before.

One of the authors of this book is the former Deputy Director of China's Bureau of Epidemic Prevention, Li Feng, and the editor-in-chief of the paper, Xu Dezhong, was the leader of the SARS epidemic analysis expert group under the Chinese Ministry of Health. He reported to the top leadership of the Chinese Military Commission and the Health Ministry during the 2003 SARS crisis. He briefed them *24 times.* He also prepared three reports for the General Office of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council. He gave two big interviews on Chinese State TV and appeared in six news articles.  ... [7:14]

[7:30] There's no suggestion it was an intentional release [of Covid]. The significance of this paper is that it offers a rare insight into how senior scientists at one of the PLA's most prominent military universities, where high levels of defense research are conducted, were thinking about biological research. [7:48]

[7:50] This Chinese language paper is called "The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Weapons." That's its title.

[10:15] Now, among the most bizarre claims in this document is the theory of the authors--and there were 18 authors, most of them linked to this high risk military university--they claim, It's a conspiracy theory. That the first SARS from 2003 was a man-made bioweapon deliberately unleashed on China by terrorists. Of course, the scientific consensus holds that SARS was of natural origin and that it crossed the xenographic barrier from palm civets to humans, likely through the sale of wild animals in wet markets. So this is a very odd conspiracy theory for senior Chinese military scientists to be pushing, about the SARS pandemic of 2003 and it's very similar to China now claiming that the Covid 19 pandemic was brought into Wuhan in frozen food by the American military. [11:10] These are conspiracy theories that the World Health Organization (WHO) irresponsibly gave credence to in its recent *whitewash* of an investigation. [11:25]


See what I mean? You don't have to buy into a full blown terrorist bio-weapon attack on China to suspect--strongly--that the jump across the xenographic barrier was the result of human intervention with the coronaviruses naturally found in palm civets. That intervention could have been undertaken for a number of purposes--for health purposes as well as military purposes. The Chinese labs are well known to be "dual use" facilities--both military and civilian research is conducted at Wuhan, for example, as well as other locations--so there's nothing far fetched about this theory. Moreover, accidental releases of harmful viruses from Chinese labs is almost a certainty, given the low safety standards--multiple releases of SARS from Chinese research labs have been documented in the past.

Of course, the Chinese weren't the only ones fooling around with coronaviruses. Americans were doing that, too--had been doing that for years--and this is where the plot thickens. 

Coronaviruses are naturals for research that involves genetic modifications, because they're relatively simple viruses and because many of their actual functions are centralized in their distinctive spike proteins. That greatly simplifies matters. A lot of this research came under the heading of gain-of-function (GOF) research. GOF is one of those things that can be said to reside in the eye of the beholder. As normally described--a modification to a virus that enhances the virus' functioning--it sounds rather nefarious. And, of course, it can be. The virus can, theoretically, be modified to jump species, to be more deadly, to be more virulent. But, when you think about it, loss of function wouldn't make much sense--it would basically kill off the virus, much as most mutations do. As a result, GOF research embraces most research that involves almost any genetic modifications to a virus--in one way or another the virus is being made more efficient for one reason or another.

This consideration is important in considering Tony Fauci's flat denial that the US Government was funding GOF research at China's Wuhan lab--a denial made in spite of the characterization of that research as GOF by knowledgeable scientists. What gives?

One of the standard reasons given for engaging in this type of research--research that was recognized widely within scientific circles as very risky, and thus was highly controversial--was that this type of research and experimentation could lead to wonderful new vaccines. There was a lively scientific debate on this subject during the Obama administration, but that debate was settled by a ban on GOF research in the US. However, a loophole in that ban allowed Tony Fauci to fund such research for public health or national security reasons--and Fauci used that loophole to go ahead with funding of such research in Wuhan, beginning in 2017. I very much suspect that, if anyone ever gets the opportunity to push Fauci on this subject, he will maintain that the funding of research involving the genetic modification of coronaviruses, undertaken in Wuhan, was done for public health reasons--specifically, with a view to the development of wonderful new vaccines of wide application. As a result, the origin of Covid--a "novel" coronavirus--is intimately tied to the origin of the Covid vaccines--"novel" types of vaccines. 

The question--or conspiratorial suggestion, if you prefer--is: Just how closely are the two linked? Vaccines are being pushed--pushed very hard--as a panacea and, yes, as an instrument for social shaping of the human race and for social control in the Great Reset. We need to consider how closely all this is linked. I suspect that there's a lot that's not being revealed to the general public.

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