Thursday, May 13, 2021

Fighting Extremism In Local Police Forces

An interesting article appeared in the NYT a few days ago (h/t Jim) that bears on our post yesterday (Fighting Extremism In The Ranks: Progress Or Backfire?):

Oregon, California, Minnesota, Tennessee and Washington, D.C., are seeking to give law enforcement agencies more power to exclude officers with ties to extremist groups.

"Hate groups", "extremist groups", "racist gangs", "white supremacist and other extremist organizations"--these, says the NYT, are some of the groups seeking to infiltrate local police departments.

Notably absent from the list? Gangs--plain and simple. Is it really the fact that legislators, law enforcement professionals, the FBI, reporters, and everyone else cited in the article are unaware that criminal gangs with no true ideologies have been seeking--often successfully--to infiltrate local police departments? Or, for that matter, federal LE?

We saw yesterday that gangs have infiltrated the military and are supplying weapons to criminal gangs in Chicago--and presumably other major cities with mind boggling crime and murder problems that are only getting worse. The gangs in question are overwhelmingly responsible for most of our country's homicide problem--which is also heavily a black on black problem. The revelation yesterday that US soldiers were contributing directly to the arming of criminal gangs wasn't exactly news, by a long shot, but the incident--three perps arrested--was definitely newsworthy.

To answer my own question: No, it is NOT the case that all those people who are concerned about "extremists" are unaware of this problem, nor are they unaware that non-ideological but definitely seriously criminal gangs are responsible for much of the violence around the country. For their own reasons, however, they don't regard murderous street gangs to be "extremists."

Go figure. Public trust in government and in our LE agencies is rapidly going to be going down the tubes.


  1. wait. I though we determined yesterday's news was the mennonites..?

  2. The militarization of LEOs wrote me off of law enforcement the better part of two decades ago.

    There is a very long list if symptoms to pick on in the subject but like everything the primary mission of the enforcement of law has been largely destroyed by agendas creeping in of a hundred different flavors.

    Unionization, associations, groupings, in every Government professional from LEO to teachers unions have just blanketed the civil servant problem. Technology and progressive processes have added to the uniformity.

    It's another argument for decentralization and the removal of federal influence over both private local government entities.

  3. “ Public trust in government and in our LE agencies is rapidly going to be going down the tubes.”

    And deservedly so. The corruption in all sectors of LE - especially @ the Fed level - as well as our political class, media, edu establishment is rampant & suffocating.

    Cancerous tendrils have weaved their way through everything it seems. Where to run to?


    1. I think Hannity needs to revise his claim the 99% of all FBI agents are honest and hard-working.

  4. Law enforcement officers need to be tested for performance enhancing drugs twice per year.

    Not only are too many cops knuckle-draggers, but the number of them who shave their heads and have physiques that can hardly be attributable to muscle mass through even regular lifting is disturbing.

    I even had an encounter with a Deputy U.S. Marshall outside the Federal Court House in Houston. Told him he was a jackass.

    His response was, "That's Deputy Marsall Jackass."

    Me: "OK, Deputy Marshall Jackass." The other Marshall's couldn't help but laugh.

    When I was done with my business, I told him to "Have a nice day, Deputy Jackass."

    1. Who listens to Hannity anyway. He brags constantly about reserving judgement until he has all the facts yet pronounced Chauvin a murder the day the video came out. Because he's a kung fu fighter and could tell that Chauvin's knee killed that poor Mr. Floyd.

  5. Here is another area where the politicians lag far behind their base of voters. It also exemplifies how much more clever/devious the criminals are than patriots. The gangsters attack the police and demand their disbanding but only so gangsters can replace them with suitable People's militia or make policing such a risky and onerous job that no, patriotic American wants it. Meanwhile our pols reflexively beat the drum to Back the Blue even where police won't lift a finger to arrest BLMTIFA who attack people attending BTB rallies (witness Michelle Malkin in Denver).

    What the gangsters have figured out is that it doesn't take many people to subvert Constitutional order. A corrupt mayor, corrupt Sheriff, and corrupt prosecutor can completely turn ordered society into bedlam.