Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Briefly Noted: Covid Considerations And Systemic Failures

American Thinker has two items today that address different considerations in the Covid universe we live in these days.

The first addresses vaccine hesitancy: At what point do adverse reactions matter?

What makes this short piece particularly worthwhile is that the author focuses on the almost total lack of transparency that still obtains with regard to key statistics regarding all things Covid: deaths, vax injuries, etc.

For example, it's clear that Covid deaths in the US were deliberately inflated--quite possibly by several times the real number. At the same time, we also know--and have known for many years--that the voluntary vaccine side effect reporting system (overseen by the FDA) is fundamentally flawed and greatly under reports actual injuries--including deaths. That consideration is especially important with regard to the Covid vaccines, which have reported deaths and injuries that far exceed all other vaccines combined over the past 15 years. Obviously, very different standards are being applied to Covid deaths as opposed to much stricter standards with regard to vaccine deaths and injuries.

Repeat this to yourself--Covid deaths are greatly over reported, Covid vaccines deaths and injuries are likely greatly under reported--then read this:

Tucker Carlson pointed out recently that some 3,700 people in the US who have received the COVID vaccine died shortly after receiving it. He gets his data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). He also pointed out that about an average of 100 people dies each year from the flu vaccine. He added that, after receiving the COVID vaccine, there were “…nearly 900 non-fatal heart attacks in people who just received the shot. 2,700 people reported unexplained chest pain. In all, the vaccine, according to the government reporting system, appears to have contributed to at least 8,000 hospitalizations.” 

Just looking at deaths, this means that about 35 per million (.0037%) COVID vaccinated Americans will die, as opposed to less than 1 per million (.0001%) who die from the flu vaccine. Admittedly, these numbers are both very small, but they are significantly different from each other. They indicate that a person is 53 times more likely to die from the COVID vaccine than the flu vaccine.

Keep in mind that I am using the same “death” criteria as the US government and medical institutions are using to count COVID deaths (i.e., if you test positive for COVID and die, you presumptively died from COVID). Under that analytical framework, if you had the COVID vaccine and died soon after—for whatever reason—the vaccine killed you. Once again, we are at the mercy of questionable data, and this is because proper data analysis is hard, very expensive, time-consuming, and subject to bias depending upon who is doing it, why, and who is paying for it.

What all this points to is a systemic societal failure. Simultaneous failures in our political, scientific, media, and legal elites. And more. We need an accounting.

The second article addresses the reporting on the situation in India. I've previously linked an Ivor Cummins video (h/t Mike Sylwester) that points out that much of the reporting fails to address the facts that 1) India has a population of 1.4 billion people--multiples of our own population--and that 2) the death rate in India remains below that in the Western world, despite a health care system that is not as uniformly available to vast numbers of people. This article makes many of the same points.

The article--What is causing COVID-19 deaths to spike in India?--is highly informative and contains multiple graphs that illustrate the author's points in a useful way. Beyond that, however, the author points out another signal failure of our Covid response: the systemic failure to authorize a treatment regime for Covid. Indeed, we now know that the reason for this failure--this refusal--is closely linked to the push for vaxxing. Here is his conclusion:

This finding reinforces why an early treatment protocol is essential. However, my own doctor confirms there is no early treatment approved to treat COVID-19 in the U.S. (and probably most western countries) except quarantine with instructions to go to the hospital when symptoms worsen. This (perhaps criminal) omission is one more reason deaths got so high.  

A new anti-viral drug called Molupiravir is nearing completion of clinical trials.  It is intended as a five-day outpatient treatment similar to Tamiflu commonly prescribed to combat the effects of influenza. It would lack the unwarranted controversy surrounding the off-label use of HCQ making it ideal for an early treatment protocol.    

Until the CDC authorizes an early treatment protocol, we are on our own. However, there are several inexpensive, safe, common vitamins/drugs proven effective against COVID-19 that are available over the counter.  Examples include vitamin D3 ZincGlutathioneQuercetin, and even low-dose aspirin. There are others, and with some research you can be your own first responder. 


  1. Gangster government.

    Actually, worse than gangsters. With gangsters ypu can at least hope that their depradations will be limited somewhat by their avarice and self interest in not killing the golden egg layers. But we are subjects now of the worst of all catastrophes: an ideological oligarchy that will persecute all heretics even when it results in hurting the oligarchs. It is a remorseless and unceasing oppression akin to the worst of Pol Pot, the Red Guards, and Mean Girls all in one.

    Please US military. Step up and defend the Constitution.

  2. I obviously take exception to the article where you referenced “no early treatment” via NIH link above :
    Please note the updated date on this paper, April 2021, as opposed to Dr. McCullough’s video in 2020.


    is a very good summary by an actual clinician fighting the powers that be to be true to his Hippocratic oath. I personally know of docs here in New England who fought that same fight to try and treat early Covid against massive pushback from those who saw no benefit prior to hospitalization.

    Listen closely around 13.30 (ish) this is the media push as to why we need masks on healthy people. This whole failure, in total, is a huge issue for our Country, where those seeking power, keeping power, the hangers on in the media and sadly, even in the medical profession seem complicit in this debacle.

    I hope there is a reason for this significant turn of events beyond politics and subsequently money. That there is the reason we’re are here over a year into this, but, “Orange man bad” is as far as my thoughts have gone as to the reason for this duplicity.

    1. Availability of treatment varies from state to state.

  3. Mr. Wauck,

    The data coming from India is, most likely, fake. Take a look at the following article:
    One lakh = 100,000, which means that 1.8 to 2 million tests are conducted daily. Even rapid antigen tests take 30 min, whereas PCR tests take 6 hrs.

    To process and identify several million PCR tests in one day, and so on, day after day, bringing together data from a huge poor country and thousands, if not tens of thousands of laboratories (each of which processes tests ONE at a time, BY HAND) is an absolutely unrealistic task.


  4. Appears to me that FNC has given Tucker Carlson free rein to report whatever he wants.

    The FNC board may not like it, but Carlson's show is a huge cash cow; and, they are not in a position to tell Carlson what not to cover.

  5. I can attest to the unreported results of the Pfizer vaccine. My mother, 94, got it and a few days later broke out in a blistery rash on the vaccinated arm; flashing pain in her head and neck; loss of mobility in her arm. She went to her doctor who first thought it was shingles, then sent a photo to the infectious disease head here. He confirmed it was a vaccine reaction. Funny, he immediately knew; the rest of us didn't. After visits to neurologists, 3 MRIs, two orthopedic specialists, many therapy sessions, it is still not better and they don't know what to do. She has had to live with my husband and myself for six weeks now since she can't dress herself of take a bath. You don't hear about these things.