Friday, May 7, 2021

I'm Not An Economist, But ...

I thought the Red State analysis of the No Good, Horrible, Jobs Report was pretty good.

I doubt any readers missed it, but the bottom line of the jobs report was that the April report was a huge miss from predictions--perhaps the biggest miss on record. Moreover, the March report was revised downward--hugely. That's a pattern from the Obama years--decent seeming numbers subsequently revised downward on the sly.

But the really big story, which you can follow at the link, is that Zhou and his keeper Klain think that the fact that people aren't going back to work means ... that the government should pay them more to stay home. Or something very like that. One wonders what they're thinking--if anything. More socialist mind over matter?


  1. Zhou and the Zhou-keeper. I like it.

  2. I read this earlier today. The more I think about this guy Ron Klain the more concerned I get based on his "dark money" connections. Who is he, how can he be uncloaked and when?