Thursday, May 20, 2021

Ivor Cummins: Variants Or Political Scariants

H/T to commenter Mike Sylwester for the link to this brand new (and brief--only 3 minutes!) video by Ivor Cummins. The interesting thing about this video for me is this. 

Cummins points out how childishly simple it is to demonstrate the statistical falsity of the fake news being foisted on the public. I'm not one who thinks that most science and medical reporters are innately stupid--I assume they can do basic research (use a search function in a browser) and check this stuff out. Same goes for politicians. In other words, they know they're foisting fake news on the public.

And that, to me, tends very strongly to confirm what Cummins is saying: This 'scariant' stuff is political. Which leads to the interesting question: To what end?


  1. The link doesn't show for me on the mobile view. Shows up when I click "View web version" link below the Home button. Here is the link: