Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Plan? What Plan?

Earlier today I asked whether The Plan is working. At the pandemic simulation games post you'll find some interesting information that points to high level coordination among both government and non-government entities across the entire spectrum of concerns--health, economics, finance, intelligence, etc.--working together to plan for "emergency" scenarios. The common factor--one might say the common assumption--in these simulation scenarios is the curtailment of civil liberties and the top down imposition of authoritarian controls. While one may suppose that planning for emergencies is a wise precaution, given that emergencies do occur, one might also be excused for wondering whether "emergencies" could be used as pretexts for putting such plans into operation. Given the lack of transparency in our supposed government by and for the people, one might be considered a fool for not considering that possibility.

At any rate, yesterday LifeSite published a piece by the premier anti-vaxxing outfit, Children's Health Defense (yes, that's full disclosure), that touches on similar issues but in an even wider context. What makes this piece valuable, in my view, is that it goes beyond drawing connections among influential state and non-state actors with well known agendas. It also presents a conceptual framework for those--at first glance, perhaps, rather disparate--agendas. Again, see what you think. Later today I'll be posting a summary of an interview with Sucharit Bhakdi, a quite eminent doctor, microbiologist and expert in the field of infectious diseases and immunology. What stands out in the interview, behind everything Bhakdi has to say from a technical standpoint about the "vaccines", is that Bhakdi is puzzled by the clear contravention of well known medical science in what's going on. The existence of an overriding "plan" for a "greater good" could help explain what is otherwise inexplicable to pure scientists--those not consumed with a transhumanist agenda. The overall framework is that of a "human operating system":

Why COVID vaccines are dream come true for central banks

Paired with the rollout of related surveillance technologies — digital tracking devices, vaccine passports, brain-machine interfaces and planet-wide 5G — COVID vaccines are a critical component of central bankers’ plan to establish a global control grid.


Faced with widespread recalcitrance, health officials like Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), have been upping their public relations offensive, including dangling the threat of COVID vaccine mandates.

This is unsurprising coming from a pharma-beholden and conflict-of-interest-riddled health agency like the NIH. But why are financial gurus like Jerome Powell, U.S. Federal Reserve chair — a wealthy lawyer and investment banker — also heavy-handedly making the COVID vaccines the centerpiece of their public prognostications?

In a recent 60 Minutes interview, Powell returned to the COVID jabs again and again, trying to make the case that economic recovery depends on everyone getting vaccinated.

Powell’s preoccupation with COVID vaccines makes little sense — unless one recognizes the growing convergence of the financial, tech, biopharmaceutical, and military-intelligence sectors, as well as the “global policy coordination” being engineered by private central banks.

Pilot programs that bundle biometric digital identity, vaccination and payment systems “into a single cohesive platform,” plus the aggressive worldwide push for “vaccine passports” that would make access to businesses and events contingent on proof of vaccination, provide a further hint of bankers’ ultimate vision: a surveillance-driven totalitarian system that uses new technologies to centralize economic flows — including controlling the ability to transact at the individual level.

Vaccines as operating systems

To understand central bankers’ aims, it is important to recognize that COVID has furnished a pretext for deploying waiting-in-the-wings vaccine biotechnologies that differ substantially from the already problematic lab techniques used to create earlier generations of vaccines.

This 21st-century vaccine paradigm draws on the exploding fields of biocomputing and synthetic biology, with the latter cheerfully defined as the redesign of an organism’s genetic code for “useful purposes.”

Dazzled by the endless vistas opened up by these technologies, proponents envision a rosy future filled with “programmable ‘smart vaccines’” — concoctions that would permit synthetic biologists to become the puppet masters of human biology.

Nowhere is this intention more apparent than in Moderna’s description of its messenger RNA (mRNA) technology platform. Moderna openly refers to its technology as an “operating system … designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs.” The company even suggests that the unique mRNA sequences it develops for vaccines be viewed as “apps.”

Mixed public reactions to this dispassionate language propelled Reuters, in February, to publish a fact check claiming that Moderna is referring to operating systems only “in a metaphorical sense, not a literal one.”

However, in a 2017 TEDx talk, Moderna chief medical officer Tal Zaqsearnest declaration that “we’re actually hacking the software of life” sounded anything but “metaphorical.” Stating that the genetic instructions transmitted by RNA are “critical information that determines what a cell will actually do,” Zaqs characterized his company’s mission as one of introducing or changing “lines of code” for the purposes of “information therapy.”

Other scientists engaged in “mRNA modifications” agree. However, while describing the approach as “powerful,” “dynamic” and “versatile,” they concede that “many aspects. . . remain elusive.”

In fact, despite the hubristic claims of Zaqs and other scientists that this genetic tinkering has no downside, the long-term risks are largely unknown.

Name of the game: centralization and control

Vaccine and drug manufacturers have interpreted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) decisions to grant Emergency Use Authorization to the Moderna and Pfizer COVID vaccines as a signal the FDA “is open to broader use of the previously unproven [mRNA] technology.”

As a result, mRNA-focused companies are attracting billions in new capital. Reuters reported at least 150 mRNA vaccines and therapeutics are currently in development globally.

As pleased as these medical-pharmaceutical players may be to accrue additional funding and prestige, they are far from the sole beneficiaries of the new technologies’ rollout. Circling back to the centralizing aims of the world’s central bankers, British writer David O’Hagan said, “The combination of biocomputing within the body and external silicone-based technology is foundational to the implementation of transhumanism, a new data-driven economic system and complete control.”

O’Hagan quotes former investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts, who has warned from the beginning of the pandemic that COVID vaccines are the equivalent of “human ‘operating systems.’”

Paired with the promotion and rollout of related surveillance technologies — including digital tracking devicesvaccine passportsbrain-machine interfaces and planet-wide 5G — Fitts views the vaccines as one component of central bankers’ plan to establish a global control grid.

Addressing the topic of vaccine passports, author and tech company CEO Naomi Wolf cautioned their implementation would mean “literally the end of human liberty in the West.”

In the operating system framework, it is also clear the vaccines are not a matter of “one [or two] and done.” Pfizer’s CEO has already said not only will a third COVID injection “likely” be needed within 12 months of the two initial injections, but that annual coronavirus vaccines are a distinct possibility.


  1. The magic bullet for COVID (and other respiratory viral infections) is at hand. Check-out Dr. Levy's new e-book on nebulized hydrogen peroxide

    1. Apparently this may be a well known anti-viral for many years.

    2. Will read Levy’s ebook. When no one else could even talk intelligently to me about a serious adverse reaction to ciprofloxacin a few years ago (fluoroquines turned out to be a heavy-duty antibiotic that was overused for minor infections and caused permanent harm to many including me), i consulted a naturopath who was very big on antioxidants. Glutathione, NAC (a precursor to glutathione, which is in Dr. Merritt’s “Covid Kit” along with several vitamins), and others. Levy sounds as though he is on the same page.

  2. Do far the only person who made an impression on me was Lee Merritt, MD, in her excellent video on her opinion of Covid shots, which I first saw presented by Mark here.

    Her opinions and approach made more sense than anything else, in plain English, from a heavy-duty medical background, and with heaps of common sense.

  3. My Lady took the Moderna vax; almost killed her. She wound up in UCLA Med Center for 8 days.

    We’re surrounded by dangerous quacks posing as “health professionals” pushing a genetic concoction they don’t know the repercussions of. There was “no study” of these vaxes done. The whole thing was rushed into production aided & abetted by someone- on record - as wanting to “depopulate the world” (see “Gates, Bill”).

    Take the vax & shove it. It’s not going in me.


    1. I just finished a summary of an interview with Sucharit Bhakdi that addresses these types of things. I hope to have it up later today, but I have some chores to take care of.

  4. So the playbook is pretty clear. Claim a new virus is a pandemic and it is extremely contagious, don't treat it with conventional solutions and just send people home to sit and wait and when they worsen then die the government will step in and unleash the "medical-pharmaceutical" players to do their voodoo. To me it is similar to the efforts and cost of going to Mars because of what "global warming" is allegedly doing to our current home. Wait, we are spending a fortune to go to a place that is far more uninhabitable than earth is or ever will be for a long time in order to escape the results of global warming.

    I just wish these medical savants would just focus on solving and developing a cure for one thing. Maybe diabetes or Alzheimers. Or better treatment for dementia so that many of us can avoid succumbing to the adverse effects of a UTI.

  5. I'm not sure how much weight to give Bhaktl's words on Powell and the jab, esp. seeing as Fed wheel Bullard has said, that “when you start to get to 75% vaccinated, 80% vaccinated... then I think the whole economy will gain confidence from that."
    From .
    Reading between lines on Tyler Durden's drift, it may be that these sorts of words may relate more, to the Fed seeking excuses for going this or that way on tapering of interest rates etc., than any push for vaccinations as such.

    1. Bhakdi has said nothing about Powell.

      Why would the Fed have anything to say about an experimental treatment of this sort? What constructive input could a central banker possibly have on a scientific-medical question? Using such matters as an excuse for fiscal policy seems ... weird? But our whole world seems weird these days.

    2. Sorry for brain cramp, I should've specified Children’s Health Defense, not Bhakdl.
      Using vaccine etc. matters as an excuse for fiscal policy would indeed seem weird, in "normal" times, but these times are anything but normal.

      Once the Patriot Act was overwhelmingly passed, and then constantly renewed, the abnormal became normal.
      They don't call the WaPo "Pravda on the Potomac" for nothing.

    3. Indeed, things at the Fed started to get weird, *no* later than when Woodward came out with the book "Maestro".