Thursday, May 13, 2021

Update From Maricopa

Here's the thing about election fraud investigations--it's all so obvious that an update can be done in a single tweet. Or two, if you want to get really expansive:

However, with the Establishment pretty much totally invested in thwarting the voice of the people, how will things change--unless people vote and then follow up on their vote?


  1. Think how strong the graft incentives must be for rank and file House Republicans that McCarthy is the GOP leader? First, it takes a seismic movement for him to wake up to the base's extremely distaste for Cheney, then decides that leftwing Stenfanik will be a good replacement. And the rank and file allow McCarthy to remain as leader, so we have to assume that they're (nearly?) all just as bad as him. What an absolute mess this country is in. The left is all in for cultural Marxism and willing to push it despite the slimmest of margins, while the right is an effing clown car of dissolute, irresolute, corrupticrats.

  2. I think the reality is that it would be unlikely Biden would be removed from office and Trump sworn in. That might be the righteous thing to do, but how does the law and constitution say to handle this? If Biden and Harris were part of a conspiracy to steal the election, they could be impeached...and replaced by whoever the Dems want since they control the House and Senate.

    The right thing to do would be for Biden and Harris to resign, and then the House/Senate confirm Trump/Pence as their replacements. Honestly, though, it might be better for all if Trump runs again and wins a brand new term after this one with a new VP of his choice.

    1. Pretty sure we’re in uncharted waters with this scenario. Never read anything concrete in the Constitution about it. Manchin(WV) is on record now as blocking HR1, God Bless him. If the Biden regime can be nullified by lock-armed Republicans (I know - tall order) + a few Dems that wander off the reservation (Manchin & Sinema) we might be able to squeak thru until Republicans take the House next year.

      As more and more evidence comes out about the election theft, Biden/Harris will be viewed even as even more illegitimately than they are now. Not counting on the media to help, they’ll do whatever they can to cover it up & so will the Federal bureaucracy. But the info will get out.

      Sad, isn’t it? This nation’s greatest threat & enemy is it’s own ruling class.


    2. "they’ll do &whatever* they can", incl. Black Ops, to "justify" mass liquidations?

    3. There is no chance in hell that Joebama resigns or is "removed" short of the unthinkable. Assuming we still think there is a peaceful way to get our republic back, the exposure of the fraud to sunlight is to ensure that policy changes so it cannot be repeated. The objective is NOT to change management at this stage.


    4. "but how does the law and constitution say to handle this?"

      It's not uncharted waters, there's a history on this where a cheating party has won an election, the loosing party proves it and wins in court.

      The courts have held a "no cure" beyond costs, better luck next time position. The cheater can resign, be removed (impeached). A replacement is appointed according to the tradition of the office.

      The internet is full of alternative magic bullet theories on this. All of them ignore the case history.

      Personally, I'd love to see Ziden Inc on the hook for the full cost of a presidential election.

  3. McCarthy should be paying more attention to the polls.

  4. It's too bad that DOJ/FBI decided not to investigate any of the election fraud.

    1. My presumption is that the decision was made before the election.

    2. I've been thinking Barr probably stayed as long as he did to make sure no investigations happened.

    3. It wasn't Barr alone. According to reports, include some of what Patrick Byrne espouses (though he is not reliable), Trump wanted to put in an acting AG that would investigate, and the entire DOJ brass said they'd resign en masse.

      Fact is, in that environment, Trump would have lost the PR battle in that case. So he chose not to do it, and is playing the long game, Sun Tzu style.

      Ultimately it's on Trump - I for one expected him to have a strategy to defy lawfare. Whether because of loyalty to Rudy, or whatever, he failed, and even though it was understandable due to the overarching number of foes, he still failed to win this battle.

      Charles Z

    4. I completely disagree its "on Trump", Charles.

      Its on US, exactly where it belongs. It was not Trump's remit to start the revolution - his job was to show us how bad its gotten. and we have chosen to stand down so far.

    5. Barr was given to Trump by careerists like Chuck Grassley, who said the Senate Repukes would confirm him. I almost threw up when those PJMedia tools gargled Grassley's balls while hoping that derp state fossil would run for reelection again. That's exactly what the country doesn't need.

    6. You have to admit: Barr played his hand masterfully.

      He didn't need Grassley; I think Trump would have taken to him on the basis of his open letter to Rosenstein. And Barr played Trump...gave him just enough in the form of document releases to lead him and us to believe that rule of law might make a comeback, or at least have its day in court.

      I wonder if Trump has even figured out yet that he got played.

    7. I don't think anyone expected it to be this bad on the Fraud, including Trump.

      Trump's strategy was to win by greater than the normal amount of fraud. And if they had not "stopped" the vote count, I believe he would have. Because of Trump's huge vote totals, they had to take emergency measures, not as planned and hidden, that are now being uncovered.

      My expectations is there will be a lot more uncovered.

      Could Trump have fought this? I doubt it. My gut feeling is the Senate would have impeached him.

      I am astonished at the supine nature of 98% of the GOP Senators and House Members on the election fraud, not to mention the Jan. 6 "Insurrection". Along with how many eGOP at the state level aided and abetted the fraud. Plus what the DOJ and FBI did.

      Because the Left believes that history is inevitable on its march to a progressive future, they are not prepared for what happens if the fraud becomes more public. They are trusting the Media and Internet Giants to hide it, just like the Hunter Biden Scandal.

      The only reason there is any investigation, is because the GOP Voters are very angry. The majority of the GOP elected officials would prefer to pretend nothing happened, and ignore the fraud.

    8. That sounds about right. Probably something like this happened: Dems told GOPe--We'll just do the steal this one time, to get rid of Trump. GOPe--Yup, yup, yup, Orange Man bad! But we know how these deals work.

  5. Stability via the peaceful transfer of power in our presidential elections incumbent upon the election itself being honest enough to at least have the appearance of legitimacy.

    This last election has none of it.

    Sadly, I fear far too many people prefer the appearance of legitimacy than the alternative, especially when it results in the election of someone they prefer.

  6. Trump, A Retrospective

    A fairly good description of Trump's 4 years by zman

    He ends with:

    "This is the inevitable crisis of liberal democracy. Those “liberal principles” that are supposed to constrain the excesses of democracy end up becoming obstacles to democratic reform. On the other hand, a genuine effort to reform the system from outside is framed as a threat to liberal principles. Trump immediately became Hitler, the great bogeyman of liberalism, solely on the grounds that he was a creature that existed outside the liberal democratic system.

    That is the real lesson of the Trump years. There is no way to reform liberal democracy from the inside, as it has evolved to prevent reform. It is impossible to reform from the outside as liberal democracy is defined by opposition to outside pressure. That means the only reform possible is replacement, which requires a rejection of both liberalism and democracy as anything more than expedients. Real reform begins with the rejection of the system and its moral framework."


    1. It's a compelling argument in theory, but the scale of things is so enormous that the scale of human suffering would be correspondingly enormous. "Liberal democracy" comprises the entire society, and to replace you need a critical mass. Difficult to impossible absent catastrophic outside events.

    2. Which dovetails into Mark’s critique of classical liberalism of which I supported, but having 2nd thoughts about.

    3. I keep thinking of different schemas for improving the separation of powers, and I keep ending in force.

      It always comes back to Adams: our constitution was fit for a moral and religious people. That was both feature and bug.

    4. "The tree of liberty.....". Just one of the more brilliant observances contained in Jefferson's letter to William Smith. Smith was the son-in-law of John Adams and Jefferson was commenting on the new Constitution. The entirety of the short letter is well worth the read.,leave%20through%20you%20to%20place%20them%20where%20due.

    5. Trump is but a messenger. We sent him, they rejected him. We will send another messenger with same exact message (tea party, MAGA, ??????) , and the elites will again have to decide how to respond. But the unavoidable fact is that we have rejected them already, they have list their legitimacy with many of us and our numbers are only growing. There's a sorting out that's been going on for a long time and will continue. When the sorting's done, then I think you will see a tremendous clash out in the open. I don't profess to know the nature and aspect of that clash but I do believe it's inevitable. Mark A.

  7. Some of the trickles of evidence coming out in this I have experience with. The Senate letter to Maricopa includes screen shots from an app called RStudio.

    The "extra files found" list are deleted but recoverable files. Meaning the auditors have already recovered the files and know what's in them.

    The interesting part is... knowing that, looking at the deleted file list, noting the dates but also the file sizes. They are / also trying to make the 2020 primary data go away. Why?

    I believe the Senate has Maricopa in a catch 22 situation. They cant deny the files were deleted, they already know what's in the files, they are asking for backups to force Maricopa to hand over the incriminating evidence themselves.

    That's obstruction, non compliance which the Senate can act on criminally.

    The bigger story though may be within the primary and general election data shown. Sundance hit on this yesterday noting that the file sizes are identical. That's impossible.

    I think it's become obvious that whoever the admin on their system is, is in serious trouble. Either they left a fake set of breadcrumbs or didn't take notes from Hillary's IT people.

    Where my brain is currently at...

    Who do you have handle the criminal investigation of the actual fraud beyond the Senate non-compliance? Certainly not the FBI, the State Attorney, SDNY😒 it's a serious rock and a hard place!!

    1. Thanks for that explanation. There was obviously no innocent explanation for the deletions nor, for that matter, any of the stonewalling. The senate is perfectly within its rights. It sounds like the senate has good legal advice.

      This should be strictly a matter for the state to prosecute, at least with regard to the election procedures. There could of course be federal civil rights crim violations, but no one should hold their breath. OTOH, federal civil rights civil cases brought by private parties?

    2. Sundance I think has advanced the theory in the past, that fraud was used in some primaries, to defeat the non establishment Republican candidates.

    3. @ Ray

      Sundance is currently adding that the file sizes mean the same thing, they simply carried over the primary data for manipulation into the general.

      It could also however be they created and renamed the databases to skew anyone looking... These guys don't seem that smart though.

  8. It seems clear to me that the stonewalling and lawfare, as in all the other traveshamockeries of justice perpetrated in the name of getting rid of Orange Man, have to do with keeping certain inalienable facts out of any court record. Now why, if the bad guys are so advanced in their plot to take over the world and they have the Supremes in their back pocket and the DOJ and all that, are they so concerned about keeping whatever facts out of whatever court record? I can only say their plan and their grip on power is not so firm as they want to make us think it is...or said another way, THEY see an imperative need in keeping up pretenses (of the rule of law), even though to us, it seems like a lot of effort of little use for the would-be tyrants... Mark A

  9. "THEY see an *imperative* need in keeping up pretenses... even though to us, it seems like *a lot of effort* of little use for the would-be tyrants..."

    How much effort is "a lot"?
    Why shouldn't they try a bit, to make catching them a bit harder?

  10. Yeah, the US election of 2020 mirrored the election of Mexico in 1988. And Netflix immortalized it recently in the 2nd season of Narcos Mexico.

    Friggin everything, counting stopped, numbers changed, everything.

    Except the losing party was more forceful and vocal.

    Yeah, ya thought we are falling towards a massive corrupt nation like say ... Mexico?

    We are Mexico.

  11. And we have been Mexico for a long while, but pretending to be the United States of America ...