Thursday, May 13, 2021

How To Tell Dems Are Feeling The Pressure?

Here's how. Just read the heading for this story at Fox:

Randi Weingarten, teachers union president, calls for full reopening of schools next academic year

With government teachers in the three biggest school districts in the country--NY, LA, and CG--still resisting, um, actual teaching, there's no possible way that Randi Weingarten made this statement except under extreme political duress. And there's only one possible source for political duress when you're talking about government teachers unions.

Revelations of government teachers pressuring the Zhou regime and the CDC to allow them to not teach while getting paid--while private school teachers teach without risk--obviously made a strongly negative impression on the public. Recent disastrous interviews and appearances by Randi Weingarten didn't help.

As of early May, Florida and Iowa are the only states in the country that have all of their schoolchildren back in classrooms, while every other state is still offering varying degrees of in-person and online instruction, the data shows. 


It remains to see whether the powerful locals will buckle. There is strong support from government teachers for not teaching.

There's a good overview of the CA situation this morning:

Science With the Union Label

Despite the reopening happy talk, more than half of all California’s K-12 students remain in distance learning.

Read the whole thing. Excerpts:

While schools in California have reopened, a study by EdSource reveals that 55 percent of all public school students in the Golden State have not returned to their physical classroom. And just 13 percent of all students in state have resumed school in a traditional way. All this despite the fact that every teacher has now had the ability to be vaccinated for COVID-19, and that children are anything but “super-spreaders.”

While some parents still harbor an irrational fear of COVID, much of the resistance to returning to government schools is a distrust/dislike of any form of distance learning. The situation is especially noxious in Los Angeles where a great number of children are subjected to the “Zoom in a Room” regimen. ...


It’s worth noting that while 13 percent of public school kids are back full time in California, 61 percent of private school students have resumed in-person learning. The difference is that that private school parents have a voice in their kids’ education. ... Parents’ wishes, you see, come a distant third after the government education bureaucracy and the teachers’ unions stake their ground.

At the same time, the teachers’ unions fight tooth-and-nail to minimize real education, a New York Post exposé reveals that the American Federation of Teachers lobbied the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on—and even proposed language for—the agency’s school-reopening guidance ...

AFT senior director for health issues Kelly Trautner went so far as to describe the union as the CDC’s “thought partner” in a February email. AFT president Randi “Follow the Science” Weingarten shrugged the story off, saying in a tweet, “Once again the @NYPost has a hit piece out on AFT—this time that is trying to make every day advocacy look nefarious.” ...

Randi Weingarten isn't shrugging it off now, presumably since Dem polling has shown what a disaster this is. Hopefully parents won't forget this any time soon.

The real question is, What use will the GOP make of this?


  1. "What use will the GOP make of this?"

    None. The GOP wouldn't know how to find a winning political message if it bit them in the arse. Think of the potential to unplug blacks from the Dems that school choice represents. When have they ever hammered that? When have they ever hammered the Dems for running America's largest cities (and home to a disproportionate number of POC) into the ground? Trump's big move to win over blacks was the cockamamie "decarceration" movement. When 40% of homicides go unsolved does anybody but Jared Kushner and Ivanka actually think we have an overincarceration problem in this country?

    "Morons. I've got morons on my team."
    Strother Martin, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    1. Come on now, Quig. Decarceration as you call it was hardly the centerpiece of Trump's pitch to minority voters. I don't know what convention you watched last Summer but the one i saw featured healthy doses of minorities giving very compelling stories of job and business successes, school choice programs, and rising wages for workers/lower taxes.

      We can debate the wisdom of reduced sentencing and early release and whether we have problems with unnecessarily high incarceration, but there is no denying that for the black community that sees upwards of 30% of their men doing time, largely on drug charges, it's a huge issue. And, frankly, after seeing what crap the DOJ and FBI pull on manipulating evidence and overcharging etc...I am in no mood to cut our so called justice system any slack. The idea that major reforms are not needed is just nonsense.


  2. I think stuff like this is another reason;

    And the teacher who could not in person teach, but could go to a 12 day trip for a wedding in Mexico.

    1. It appears that people are becoming very much aware of this stuff--and very upset.

  3. With the right messaging, Trump in a major key, this is a home run. It’s not only parents, but grandparents, maybe even some great grandparents. This stuff is so obviously toxic and insane that it will not stand a chance against an irate resistance. Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this horrible year was that parents saw what was going on in their children’s classrooms. Tucker led with this tonight.