Friday, May 21, 2021

Judge Orders Fulton County Absentee Ballots Unsealed

There's really not much more to the story for right now--except that the petitioners will be allowed to scan the ballots. Uh oh! Yeah, that's the real story. If you want more, go to Zerohedge:

Georgia Judge Decides To Unseal 2020 Absentee Ballots In Fulton County For Review

I assume this means that we'll learn that there was fraud--and lots of it. Of course we'll have to wait and see, and maybe there'll be more rulings, and etc. All these legal maneuverings, however, simply confirm what we all know happened. It doesn't really matter whether there are definitive findings of fact because nobody would be fighting so hard against electoral transparency if there weren't something to hide. Everyone knows that. Rasmussen's polling shows that--this hasn't been missed.

The way this worked is that the defendants--Fulton County and some other GA officials--were told to allow the petitioners to scan images of the ballots. They fobbed them off with crummy 200 dpi images, but the petitioners demanded images of no less than 600 dpi--and access to the ballots themselves. As of today the judge thinks that's reasonable and will issue an order next week establishing procedures for this process.


  1. this case has been bouncing around for awhile, and the judge has given the gov't every opportunity to avoid this unsealing, but has kept threatening it if they don't comply with his directions. It sure does look like something's going on when they've pushed it this far and got this kind of order from a judge who originally seemed sympathetic to the gov't officials!

  2. Is the Arizona SoS complaining that Repubs had the voting machines behind closed doors, and maybe hacked them, and now they need to be replaced?

    I thought these machines were impervious to hacking, especially since they're not connected to the internet?

    Or maybe only Repubs would be able to hack computers?

    All very confusing...


  3. Although we all know what the media brothels will do with yet another fraud investigation story... I sure hope there is some coordination behind this, and an undeniable bombshell from one of them is forthcoming soon.

    In the absence of a political neutron bomb, IMO it may very well rebound in the left's favor if we drag out one barely dripping faucet of innuendo after another in every state between now and '22.


  4. The important part of this discussion is that we are trying to avoid problems in future elections. We need to keep in mind that there is no way to overturn a certified presidential election. The only way is via resignation / impeachment and then the current congress is controlled by Democrats so they would need to agree to put a Republican in place and that probability is zero.
    But we absolutely have to get to the bottom of this so that we can avoid the same problems in the future. I do like the changes to the Pennsylvania constitution about emergency powers.
    Steve M

  5. Something being left out of the story on this is the recently passed Georgia Election integrity bill... Because of that bill banning physical ballot inspection this audit was shoved backwards into limited inspection by digitalimages only.

    So they are now fighting over resolution in order to go fight later for a full blown physical audit.

    This whole thing is a deceiving mess of both parties tossing up road blocks to make getting into an actual audit as painful as possible.

  6. local reaction in ATL from the County Commissioners, local pols, etc. is off the chart upset! Makes the whole thing worth it just for that alone. They're sure acting like there's something to hide.

    1. "They're sure acting like there's something to hide."

      And that's what the whole country is seeing and why Rasmussen's polling shows the country knows it was the Big Steal. In the big picture, that's what matters. Proof is, in a sense, gravy.

  7. Devilman - thanks for info. Not surprised at eGOP duplicity.

    1. I keep chasing the little back stories and non reported info. It may not give you any real answers to anything but wow does it show how. A hard they are trying to keep these audits down. And B the who's who that's actually doing it.

      The popular Dems may be supporting the fight but the Repubs are neck deep in all of this!!

    2. This has been clear for a long time.