Monday, May 17, 2021

Bill Gates Seems To Be In Someone's Crosshairs. Whose Are They?

Three tweets sum it up:


  1. I'm with Will Chamberlain on this, I was thinking the exact same thing about her PR team.

    Also, I may or may not have said it here before but... I'm betting that we hear the SDNY has been poking around Gates in relation to Epstein and Maxwell.

    Trouble with the SDNY is, you never can tell if their helping or hurting in hiding a crime.

  2. IC's crosshairs. Or, should I say, the same crosshairs CJ Roberts is in.

    Mark A (The fiery car crash I died in was not an accident).

  3. It has been reported that Melinda consulted several divorce attorneys before filing for divorce.

    Good move on her part. She probably consulted with the best divorce attorneys, who are now conflicted out from representing Bill.

    That family vacation on a private island that excluded Bill was likely a strategy session for legal actions without the possibility of being spied upon. My guess is that there were also attorneys and public relations experts in attendance.

  4. That 'rumor' of Gates being pals with Epstein has been around almost as long as the one with John Roberts and Epstein... think the pucker factor has increased with a few high-profile people tied to this story? You can practically hear the wagons circling, but somehow I dont see Gates as a guy who would take a beating to protect anyone else in that group. #bet-he-sings-like-a-bird.

    1. He will not be allowed to sing. It is hard to sing with a cloth cord around your neck. There is a cell with broken cameras waiting for him.


  5. A recent article titled "Jeffrey Epstein & the Hideous Strength of Transhumanism helps better understand why he and Gates forged a friendship.

    Additionally, here is a very well written and researched article titled "I Called Everyone In Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book" that may also shed light on why the election coup succeeded.

    Incidentally, Gates is also affiliated with fashion designer Peter Nygard, aka the Canadian Jeffrey Epstein.

    1. Yes, thanks for the link. People don't realize that the Great Reset is all about Transhumanism. As you say, it's no wonder that Trummp had to go. Or that Epstein had to go.

    2. Not to let this opportunity be wasted, all addressed here in your post is the nucleus of what is unfolding around us. It will be I teresti g to watch how this I folds as our judicial system is put to the test.

      To follow the tragectory, Gates (as do all others) has wielded his tremendous financial power to advance the hideous Transhumanism agenda which was largely advanced by eugenecist Margaret Sanger.

      Nancy Pelosi is the proud recipient of the Margaret Sanger Award, considered Planned Parenthood's "highest honor."

      On that note, for the sake of time here are several links of peripheral research relevant to the Pelosi, Fauci, Gates alliance and how they have advanced their industry usurping their positions of power.

      Here are some of Pelosi's remarks honoring Bill Gates at a "global friends fight aids breakfast" several years ago:

      “There’s so much to say, so many leaders in this room on this really important issue, so many leaders in the fight who fight against HIV/AIDS. It’s an honor to be here with Bill Gates, who is bringing entrepreneurial thinking, evidence-based effectiveness to all of this. Thank you to Bill and Melinda for your extraordinary leadership and your commitment of up to $500 million that you announced – stunning. Your generosity challenges the conscience of the Congress, and again all of the decision makers from across the world, to do more – and to do more and in a very smart way.

      “Bill talked about clinics. And I want to mention that in my travels with my colleagues on this subject, when we visited India on the subject, and Jim McDermott – I don’t know if he’s still here, but he has been going in India over and over again on the subject of AIDS – I know that he would agree with me that when you go to India now and talk to people about HIV/AIDS – I’ve said this before he may blush at it: they consider Bill Gates a saint.""

    3. The last 2 grafs from the Mom Jones article re Epstein:

      The truth is that the elite world that Epstein ascended into, the one I tapped into by way of the black book, is populated with hordes of loathsome, boring, untalented people living their bumbling, idiotic lives while just so happening to wield some share of the preposterous global bounty that he and the rest were after. For all the mystery surrounding Epstein’s fortune, its existence is hardly more inscrutable than the wealth of any of his other billionaire peers. He earned it the same way they all did, which is to say precisely not at all.

      This wasn’t some masterful hack into the global aristocracy. It’s what everyone does. It’s what the whole thing is. There is no scam here. It’s grifters grifting grifters all the way down.