Monday, May 17, 2021

UPDATED: The Atlantic Doesn't Seem To Think Much Of Harris

Not to be outdone by the NYT's recent skewering of the current occupant of the White House, another very liberal outlet, The Atlantic, offers a frank view of the vice-occupant. They don't sound overly impressed, which places them well with the rest of America. If you're a Dem, do you want Zhou to hang on or to be replaced? Quite the dilemma, as you watch things go to sh*t.


 The vice president and her team tend to dismiss reporters. Trying to get her to take a few questions after events is treated as an act of impish aggression. And Harris herself tracks political players and reporters whom she thinks don’t fully understand her or appreciate her life experience. (She often mentions an episode in which a Washington Post reporter mistook the cheer of the historic Black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha for “screeches,” I was told.) She particularly doesn’t like the word cautious, and aides look out for synonyms too. Careful, guarded, and hesitant don’t go over well. But she continues to retreat behind talking points and platitudes in public, and declines many interview requests and opportunities to speak for herself (including for this article). At times, she comes off as so uninteresting that television producers have started to wonder whether spending thousands of dollars to send people on trips with her is worthwhile, given how little usable material they get out of it. ...

Harris has been an elected official for 18 years straight, but she has only a few senior aides on staff who have worked for her for more than a few months. Turf battles have been a recurring feature of Harris offices over the years, but her newest circle believes it is finally getting her on track after years of past staffers not serving her well. Some have been surprised at how much work there is to be done, whether that’s briefing her on certain policy issues or helping her improve her sparring-with-journalists skills.


UPDATE: The latest YouGov poll quantifies the poor impression that Kama Sutra makes, everywhere she goes. She's underwater: +41 versus -48. Extremely unimpressive, even for a vice-occupant. It seems that the problem isn't that people don't know that much about her. It's that the things they do know lead them to dislike her with an unusual degree of intensity, considering her lack of profile.


  1. I struggled with this article. Harris appears churlish (doesn't mingle with reports on flights; locks herself away on AF2), unapproachable (views questions as impish aggression), narcissistic (talks about herself and her accomplishments, off camera) leading to what sounds like a sort of hate(hit) lists for those who don't fully understand her or appreciate her life experiences.

    But, they make plenty of excuses for her lack of any progress on any issue to date. So many excuses riddled throughout the article that I won't repeat them here.

    She stays behind the scenes, imho, because she is in way over her head. As far as I am concerned, and I am not an unbiased observer, so many in this administration are charlatans, poseurs, imposters...and they know it. They blame everyone except themselves for their incompetence.
    She represents this group to a T.

  2. Harris aside, the hubris and unbounded whininess of the "progressive" "reporters" is an unending source of amazement and entertainment. That Harris would disdain them is actually to her credit (even given that she seems to hate absolutely everybody and the favor is returned in kind).

    I am enjoying my popcorn immensely as I watch the MSM outlets align with either Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee in the escalating contest for the Presidency Residency. With a little bit of luck they might all self-immolate in the process.

    It is quite amazing to watch the Dem party implosion so quickly in the formal absence of Trump. All of their incompetence, corruption, and internal divisions came to the surface so quickly! Trump predicted this would happen in his absence. Is there anything the man cannot do?

  3. --her newest circle believes it is finally getting her on track after years of past staffers not serving her well--

    Yeah, that was the problem. The old ones kept quitting because they just weren't serving this modern Joan of Arc well.
    Take it from a CA native and FFL who watched this vacuum tube keep failing up. She is the prototypical narcissist who leads a parasitical life and career and is utterly incapable of existing without ventriloquists, scapegoats, fall guys and yes men.
    IOW she was born to be someone's pitcher of warm VEEP.
    If the ossified fossil should falter further and this numbskull succeed him, it's just about the only thing that could make that imbecile Biden look good in comparison. Maybe he's not as dumb as he looks...speaks, acts, thinks and exists.

  4. Has anyone else noticed that this top-notch blog has top-notch commenters?

  5. Remember that Harris was so unlikable and unpopular anong Dems, she was the first to drop out of the race on 2019. She blamed it on "bot being a billionaire", or lack of funding...but that cements the level of disdain for her as well: nobody would back her.

    ...yet 'somehow' here she sits, just one more Biden aneurism away from having the keys to The Big Red Button.

    Sleep tight! ;)