Thursday, April 2, 2020

It Begins

Impeachment 2.0:

Pelosi creates new House committee with subpoena power for coronavirus oversight
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday she's creating a new House committee to oversee the coronavirus response that will have subpoena power to seek information from the Trump administration. 
"It would have subpoena power that’s for sure. It's no use having a committee unless you have subpoena power," Pelosi, D-Calif., said Thursday during a teleconference call with reporters. "And we would hope that there would be cooperation because this is not a kind of an investigation of the administration it's about the whole [response]." 
Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., will chair the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis. ... 
..., Pelosi said this committee is designed to address the "here and now" -- specifically concerning the allocation of the historic amount of federal funds directed to economic recovery. 
Pelosi compared the new committee to the Senate bipartisan committee chaired by then-Sen. Harry Truman in 1941 to investigate waste, fraud and abuse in defense spending in the early days of World War II. 
"With over $2 trillion in emergency relief, we need to ensure those dollars are spent carefully and effectively," Pelosi said of the massive stimulus bill Congress already passed to address the coronavirus pandemic. 
"The committee will be empowered to examine all aspects of the federal response to coronavirus, and to assure that the taxpayers' dollars are being wisely and efficiently spent to save lives, deliver relief and benefit our economy," she said.

You don't think Pelosi and the Dems want to help Trump's management of the crisis do you? Me neither. They'll be aiming for another impeachment, unless polling convinces them--one hundred percent--that Trump will lose in November.

Clyburn will be the face of this effort because a key goal will be to convince Black Americans that the vast improvements we all experienced under the Trump economy--in which they participated greatly--were never meant for them. The disproportionate deaths of Black Americans from Covid19, which we're already seeing, they will be told, is not the result of diet related health issues--obesity, diabetes, hypertension, etc. No, it will be the result of a racist healthcare system that cares only about preserving white privilege. The Dems are desperate to get ALL Black Americans back on the Liberal plantation.

This is it. The masters of the Globalist Power Elite are desperate to stop Trump. Money will be no object in this effort.


  1. Nation is on lock down and they are trying to impeach again. It's just like in Jan when Trump was getting criticized by Pelosi and crew for shutting down travel from/from
    China and they were still doing impeachment 1.0.

  2. Pelosi must really wants the house to flip in November.

    Trump will not allow himself to be Katrina'd. The major Democratic Governors seem to have figured out it is radioactive to fight Trump, because Orange Man Bad.

    Trump is being very smart and he is counter punching, but only when provoked, and he is pulling his punches. Trump is more in touch with the electorate right now, and Pelosi I think is an echo chamber of Orange Man Bad.

    Pelosi seems to be doing one misstep after another fighting Trump during this Coronavirus. Coronavirus psychological impact, right or wrong, is like 9-11. Pelosi does not seem to have picked up on that.

    Top of my head:

    1. Impeachment Fiasco, especially multi pen signing
    2. Tearing up SOTU
    3. Ignoring Coronavirus, while Trump was taking action
    4. Saying people should go to SF Chinatown for the New Year Parade
    5. Delaying Relief Bill
    6. Not projecting an image of we are all working together, but doing politics as usual to destroy Trump as any cost.

    1. I agree, but Trump needs results soon. Fortunately, so do the governors. The way for results is Chloroquine+.

    2. Here is what I see Trump doing:

      1. Acting like a CEO and removing obstacles to get things done. Compare this to "Shovel Ready Jobs"

      2. Act as the public face for the administration with daily briefings. This is to prevent him being Katrina'd.

      3. Wheel and Deal. Get the US private industry to fix the SNAFU medical supply situation. NYC has nurses wearing garbage bags for decontamination! He is using the Defense Production Act as a threat, and most companies go for the carrot of Trump praising them in public. A few like 3M and GM were slow learners. 3M surprises me - what were they thinking? One of the first things Taiwan did was stop export of Masks. US, we finally got to it 2 months later, sigh.

      4. Get States to do their job, and get them what they need. Working with Governors is going surprisingly well. Governors are the ones who can get things done faster than the Feds.

      5. Push Chloroquine+ and other treatments through the red tape in the CDC and FDA.

      6. Make it so the US economy does not collapse.

      7. Make fixes to the Medical Industry, that is very inefficient. An emergency is a terrible thing to waste... I expect a lot of stuff done now, will become permanent.

      Areas I want to Go Faster:

      1. Testing
      2. Wearing of Masks
      3. Fix the Sales Tax Issue, make it so companies pay one flat rate, or exempt Interstate commerce. This is a huge job killer for small businesses. Quill was a bad decision.
      4. Get the FDA out of the hand lotion business.
      5. Make mask certification faster.

    3. Yes, totally agree. And btw, when you say "acting like a CEO," that translates in our federal government system under the constitution to: Acting like a real president.

  3. Maybe it is time for DoJ to formally investigate the Awan affair.

    1. I'd give a lot to know the truth of that. Whatever it is, it's a world class scandal. The tell is that the GOP kept their mouths shut.

  4. She and her acolyte Schiff are turning themselves purple with TDS. She is 80 or nearly so. I believe she is messing up her karma. Maybe hope would be more truthful. I noticed that she may be the only woman in the US who has had salon work done on her hair - cut, color, styling. “Peasants!!!! Fie on them!!!"

    1. Ha! My wife, the Silver Fox, pointed that out to me this morning when she saw the picture at the excellent Federalist article:

      Nancy Pelosi’s Wuhan Virus Priority Is To Give Money To Her Rich Donors

  5. Nancy wears wigs. Nobody of 80 has a head of hair like that. The wigs are trimmed with lace around her face, and you can often see that lace esp on her forehead. Just sayin'...!