Thursday, April 30, 2020

Go Ahead, Sean Davis--Be Non-Controversial!

Last night on Laura Ingraham, Sean Davis took the tack of avoiding all controversy regarding the attempted coup against President Trump and, most particularly, the framing of Michael Flynn. It was led at the operational level by disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, of whom Sean says:

“It’s clear now that James Comey will go down in history as the most corrupt FBI director in American history. He has destroyed the FBI’s reputation through his actions, his arrogance, and his corruption.
“That will forever be James Comey’s legacy, this corrupt coup that he attempted to run against Donald Trump.”

Bill Priestap in his notes apparently saw this coming, kinda:

"Protect our institution [the FBI] by not playing games"

This entire brief segment is a good watch:

I like Sean Davis' totally non-controversial closing. Laura sets up the hanging curve question by playing a few clips of media shills making outrageously slanderous charges against Flynn--passing if off as fact. That he was "literally" a "Russian double agent," etc. Then she poses the question, which Sean knocks out of the park:

Laura: Will any of them come on television tomorrow and apologize or do a mea culpa, Sean? Will any of them have that decency? 
Sean: No. It'll never happen, despite the fact this Russia collusion hoax could never have been perpetrated without their willing work in it. No, they will never return their Pulitzer prizes that they got for reporting fake news. They will never apologize, they will never admit they were wrong--ever.

Non-controversial as that may be, it's important to keep pointing it out. Never forget. Never forget the utter lack of basic, lowest common denominator, human decency of the elites. Literally!


  1. The root problem at FBI (and the thing that Trump must fix sooner rather than later) is the enormous damage that has been done to the reputation of the FBI and concomitant impact on public attitudes toward the Federal law enforcement institutions of DOJ and FBI. Simply put, the FBI cannot be successful in it's law enforcement and counterintelligence missions if most of the public regard it as a potential enemy that that creates crime and preys on innocent people.

    And none of this can be fixed with Wray still at the helm. He has become the poster child of ongoing public corruption and his ambivalence and do-nothing demeanor will only exacerbate the negative. Trump must fire him the day after the election.

    1. Will Chamberlain was just saying, Wray should resign or be fired.