Sunday, April 12, 2020

Full Disclosure

It turns out that a cousin of my father helped work on the clinical trials of chloroquine in the later years of World War II. The drug itself was discovered in 1934 by Bayer, but was ignored for a decade. The US was looking for an effective anti-malarial for the troops in the South Pacific theater and conducted the clinical trials. Small world, I guess. And no wonder I'm so qualified to comment on this pandemic. :-)


  1. My comment really should go under your "A Scott Gottlieb Resource" entry but the comments seem to have dried up so I'd rather post here and get maximum exposure from other commenters.

    There's been a spirited discussion about reopening the economy vs. social distancing and using an abundance of caution. I've tended to land on the cautious side.

    But I have to tell you that I most strongly object to governors and mayors telling citizens that they cannot attend drive through services; dictating the manner in which communion is to be packaged and distributed to the faithful; telling citizens that we are recording your license plates, etc. A Greenville, MS congregation was fined $500 per person for participation.

    Most churches are voluntarily cooperating and the state has no business putting it's jack-booted thugs on the citizens' necks.

    1. Barr says that beginning this week those local governments will be hearing from DoJ.

  2. Where are my manners?

    A Happy and blessed Easter to all of you.