Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Two Total Must Reads On COVID19

It's been a long day of blogging, reading, blogging, reading. Here are two articles that I highly recommend. Both of them are rather scary, although the second one is hopeful in that it shows that medical professionals are slowly coming to a better understanding of this virus and how it acts. That means that they can tailor their treatment, even short of HCQ+ therapy.

The first article is from Hotair, taking off from an article that first appeared at Gothamist: Staggering Surge Of NYers Dying In Their Homes Suggests City Is Undercounting Coronavirus Fatalities. What the articles show is the NYC healthcare system under real stress. Allahpundit goes beyond the Gothamist by drawing parallels between the situation in  NYC and that in Italy. Read it all, but I'll give you a flavor for what Allapundit is talking about:

There were reports last week that the official COVID-19 death toll in Italy and Spain didn’t fully account for the spike in deaths regionally in those countries between March 2019 and March 2020. There were “excess” deaths that were officially unexplained. The problem, it seemed, was that health authorities were too overwhelmed with caring for the living to take time to test all of the dead. If you came down with a fatal case of coronavirus and died at home, chances are your death wouldn’t count towards the disease’s death toll even though you’d be counted in the regional numbers for deaths by all causes during March.
It’s happening in New York too, says Gothamist in a new story this morning. If EMTs show up to an apartment where someone has passed away, the deceased will be classified as a “probable” case of COVID-19 if there’s evidence of a flu-like illness present — but probable cases don’t count towards the official coronavirus death toll. Unless the deceased was tested for the disease before expiring or is tested postmortem by the medical examiner, they’re left out. How many cases like that might there be in New York? A lot: ...

 Allahpundit ends by quoting a tweet:

Andy Biotech
#COVID19 New York state now has more confirmed cases than Italy
Even worse, NY has much higher #coronavirus testing positivity rate suggesting more severe under-testing than Italy:
NY: 138,836 positive out of 320,811 tested = 43%
Italy: 132,547 positive out 721,732 tested = 18%
10:38 AM - Apr 7, 2020

The second article is from WebMD: Doctors Puzzle Over COVID-19 Lung Problems. It's somewhat technical. On the one hand it confirms in its own way that this virus is NOT the flu. On the other hand it shows that medical people are, well, learning from their mistakes--mistakes made because this virus really is a new thing. There's a lot of talk about the proper use of ventilators. IMO, the future of treatment probably lies with medication, but this type of treatment will still have a place for critical cases.


  1. Allahpundit may be correct and rightous in this, but he is a die hard NeverTrumper, which makes anything coming from him credible.

    Sorry, but your credibility relies on your integrity to not be a partisan hack.

    1. I understand, but sometimes you have to take the broken clock approach.

  2. Correction ...

    "... NOT credible..."

  3. For example ..,

    "No harm done, I suppose. Just a public furor led by the president of the United States resulting in a drug shortage and possible side effects to untold numbers of Americans now taking the drug as a prophylaxis against COVID-19."

    That's classic Allahpundit. A friggin passive aggressive a-hole.

    It should be noted, Allahpundit used to moan and groan about how W would not fight back.

    Ya see, Allahpundit, with others like Little Green Footballs, was instrumental in exposing the fake Dan Rather W Air National Guard memo.

    Saved W's arse.

    Now comes Trump, who fights back, but trashes Saint W amd and the Almighty Father HW.

    To this day, with all that has occurred, Allahpundit almost always puts a dig in at Trump whether it is related or not,

    1. No argument from me, but he's using--and combining--material that Gothamite and Sailer have dug up. It's not his credibility at stake here.

  4. Not making this up .,,

    It included Powerlineblog.

    I am permanently banned from Powerline for continually taking on, very derisively, PM.

    I was banned from Lucianne for posting on several posts defending Cheney as VP second time around. The general consensus then was that W should get another VP for his second term. Granted, my username was 3M-TA3. Put that in a mirror. I was way more aggressive than now.

    I am no great debater, but I have engaged time to time since the flame wars on Usenet Newsgroups between Trekkies and
    Star Wars folks.


  5. Risking banning, I will apologize for highjacking the post.

    You do not have to post this unless you want.

    I am extremely angry at the GOP and those that make up the GOPe which includes Allahpundit. I am even more angry that Trump gives these folks what they demanded for decades, but refuse to support him and help the soft coup (yeah, I include Allahpundit on this).

    I just wanted you to understand me on this flurry of replies that have not a thing to do with the topic.

    1. I've had no problem with anything you've said. If I've disagreed I've said so or let it pass. Please understand that I regularly cite people I may not agree with generally, simply because they may on that occasion have said something that I either agreed with on that occasion or because I think it's important for some other reason.

  6. Many of us who spend a lot of time reading on the internet have come to know the biases of the various persons whose writings are posted there. When we read them, that prism is in place in our minds. That Allahpundit and others at HotAir and elsewhere are essentially #NeverTrumpers is no secret. But in this case they highlighted something from The Gothamist, a publication many of us do not even know about.

    I ignore the raving #NeverTrumpers when that is the only song they play. When it comes to those who are bringing interesting information or leading me to its source, I work around their biases. They will always be there. Getting exercised over these writers is bad for my bp, which I’d like to keep in a nice safe range...

  7. I should not have done that here. Places like this are not the forumn for such rants.

    For that, I apologize to the very gracious and understanding host, Mark, and to the rest who view this blog.

    1. It's fine. I just want everyone to know that I take good reporting from any source I can get it--that doesn't mean I endorse all reporting or opinion from every source I quote. That goes for Powerline, for NR--which I just quoted--and for CTH. I'm about to criticize CTH, but I always check the site because I alos find valuable reporting there.

    2. Guys, is there any site with a "map", showing which other *major* sites are like LGF, Powerline, and HotAir, in their never-Trump approach?
      Vs., say, which are pro-DJT, and which are anti-DJT (from the "alt-right")?

    3. For what it's worth, HotAir and Powelineblog have a mixture of folks that tend to be more favorable to Trump and MAGA. Powelineblog has links to many other sites of interest.

      I have no issues with the sites themselves, just a couple of folks that write on them.

      National Review, though, is a differrent thing. I used to subscribe to the print edition. When the entire org decided Trump was the anti-Christ, I refused to even give them internet clicks. To this day, I refuse to visit the website and shun any favorable article/opinion piece that originates from there.

    4. Regarding Charles Johnson, aka Little Green Footballs ...

      He was a right/libertarian, then Iraq under W happened.

      He fully defended W and Iraq and the War on Terror. When it crystallized that W's justification via Sec of State Powell was not on the up and up, nevermind W had his own resister NeverWs in the intel community and more than likely in the administration itself, Johnson flipped. He turned 180 the other way. Not exactly overnight, though, but noticable enough that he felt the need to ban lots of folks (not me, never engaged there) till now he is considered "moderate" aka left wing.

  8. Denninger today makes a point, which I've not seen addressed elsewhere:

    "... back when Diamond Princess occurred, I could come up with no other rational set of conditions, for why two persons in the same cabin could possibly have one person get seriously ill, and the other not at all. There were only two rational explanations: The virus is very *hard to transmit*, without some common factor (e.g. fecal/oral), or the other person was functionally immune.

    The latter of course meant, that the virus had to have been in the general population for far longer than believed. Now we are starting to see evidence of *this* -- specifically, in Germany."
    (A working link, to the paper he refers to, is at .
    My German is far to rusty, for me to tackle such a paper.)

    1. This is in English:

    2. Yeah, it refers to folks hugging, and sharing food and offering plates.
      It should be possible, for outfits to prohibit such very close contact, or even enforce a 6 foot rule, w/o having to be shut down altogether.

      These gov'ts are using sledgehammers, when claw hammers may well have sufficed.
      Esp. seeing how Fauci insists on covering for China's shill in the WHO, and how the latter keeps charging DJT with "politicizing" his right to withhold the pork from the WHO, I fear that DJT is being played by agenda-driven "experts".

  9. HCQ was recognized as a treatment for corona/ SARS 15 years ago, in Virology Journal, see :
    "We report, however, that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells.
    These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug, either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage."
    Being not technically qualified to assess this, I can just report it.

    1. I've been pointing this out for a long time now. Over and over.