Monday, April 6, 2020

Boris Johnson To The ICU

56 years old. And Old Guy.

UK PM Boris Johnson Taken To ICU As COVID-19 Symptoms Worsen Dramatically


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    1. Tx, Mike. If I understand that, they're explaining also why early use is best and also how it could act as a prophylactic: "prevention and treatment."

    2. I am not a molecular biologist, so I do not understand the explanation in the linked abstract.

      However, I am happy that the treatment's mechanism seems to be understood. The decision whether to use this treatment is not being based merely on anecdotal success stories.

    3. And remember, this is not simply something that some guy in France dreamed up overnight. The antiviral properties of CQ have been studies ever since the 2003 SARS outbreak. The first study touting it came out in 2005. The fact that there have been no big studies with control groups tells us more about FDA than it does about the scientists who have researched it.

    4. The virus has to stick - dock - to the cell it intends to invade in order to invade it and do harm. Sounds to me as though chloroquinone prevents the virus from being able to dock to those cells.

    5. That's how I understood it, too. So it makes sense that a patient does best when they use it early on--before a critical mass of cells have been infected. At least that's what I'm guessing it going on. That seems to be a consensus.

  2. Prayers going up for Boris Johnson's recovery. And everybody's, too.

  3. I presume the favorable explanation would be, as the UK prime minister, he gets an ICU bed to monitor everything going on medically, physiologically. I wouldn't begrudge that approach.

    Unfortunately, it portends a worsening condition. Though I see numbers around the US showing more hospital discharges than admissions. Recovery and discharge is by far the predominant outcome.

    And frankly, we can't know the medical history and existing pathology unique to BJ, or anyone else who experiences this infection. We simply know the morbidity risk rises with age and existing pathologies.

  4. Boris has been taking some chances, even since his diagnosis. Working long hours in isolation (some say virtually around the clock). Then emerged to stand in the cold on the front step at Number 10 to clap for the caregivers. Those who saw him there were horrified. And as you say, Mark, we have no idea of what is baseline health condition was when he caught this nasty bug. We wish him well, He will be receiving excellent care.

    Off topic, but this is an interesting tracking site: