Wednesday, April 22, 2020


This morning I wrote about Schiff skullduggery and DNI Grenell's pushback--Schiff V. Grenell. Having exposed Schiff's bad behavior--no doubt with the assistance of Grenell or intermediaries of Grenell--John Solomon is taking action. He has filed a FOIA lawsuit asking ODNI to release those transcripts--43 in number--that have been declassified. Please note that: Solomon is suing ODNI, not asking HPSCI and Schiff. I suspect a quid pro quo of sorts:

Grenell: John, how'd you like to know how Schiff blocked release of transcripts about the Russia Hoax?

Solomon: Yes!

Grenell: There's one condition--you have to promise to sue me to release the actual transcripts.

Solomon: Haha! Sign me up!

John Solomon
One role journalists play is to pry public interest information from a reluctant government. I have now filed a FOIA asking ODNI to release the declassified transcripts. If you want to #FreeTheTranscripts please retweet.

How Adam Schiff secretly thwarted efforts to bring transparency in Russia probeDemocrat demanded DNI keep evidence from Trump, holds transcripts that were supposed to be made public 2:56 PM · Apr 22, 2020


  1. Seems mister schiffhed was being too clever by half. It’s good to see a another Trump appointee playing hardball. There seems to be far too few.

  2. The ODNI works for the president, the sole executive officer of the government from which all authorities flow--such as classification/declassification.

    How does the House dictate to ODNI to not share what is ostensibly public information, one the de-classification occurs?

    Who did Dan Coates think he worked for, owing loyalty to that duty, or resign if he couldn't?

    1. I think he thought he worked for the Deep State, which very much includes Congressional committees. Presidents come and go, the committees and the bureaucracy remain. The deck is very much stacked against a president who bucks the establishment.

    2. That's especially true, historically, in the wake of Watergate with the vast expansion of Congressional power and the expansion of rules and guidelines. That's very much a concern for Barr.

    3. And one more reason to shrink the bureaucracy as the administrative state is corrupted by its size and scale.

      It also explains how a 77-year old relic like Biden can plausibly run for president--a figure head for the Deep State that the permanent party of government, Democrats, would put forward.

  3. Related ... Steele states he has no source material do his "dossier".

    Call me unsurprised.

    1. "They no longer exist." Uh, wrong, I think--re his emails. NSA and/or GCHQ have 'em. Or most likely both. Tx.