Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Art Of The Deal

President Trump has done a deal--that's the kind of thing we elected him to do. You can read all about here: Trump cuts a deal on COVID-19 drugs.

Basically what it comes down to is this: Trump is opening up our pharmaceutical market to India. In return, India will ensure that we get the HCQ we need--because confirmation that HCQ+ works against COVID19 keeps coming in. Doing this deal with India is a lot better than being dependent on the Chicoms, and there's nothing to say that the US can't still do things to encourage our domestic pharmaceutical and medical supply sectors.


  1. The problem is that our multinationals have not an ounce of incentive to produce at home.

    Any spec of national pride is run over by money and how to get more ... for the executives, especially when they retire or the company is about to go under.

    1. "...our multinationals...."

      The heart of the problem is that our neo-nobility do not view themselves as being 'home' in America. They consider themselves as citizens of the world, much as Roman Patricians distinguished themselves from the rubes of the Provence in the latter Republic. Virtually nothing in common with hicks.

      The one thing that the ComIntern minions of the academy were absolutely successful at over the last 75 years was the solidification of class distinction in American society. University pedigree became the new determinate in pecking order; as in who was seated where in relation to the head of the board and who is permitted to sit 'below the salt', and from whence titles derive. I am with Angelo Codevilla in that people relate to those they break bread with (ubiquitous as a very powerful social metaphor throughout all human cultures/history). The neo-nobility cannot share a meal, or conversation, with a 'clinger' with any more understanding than a Medieval noble could with his dogs, possibly less. Clear examples of this are Bloomberg and his desperately childish attempts at commonality on the campaign trail, Obama's clumsy 'beer summits', Tin-horn Lizzie's fabrications as 'I too know what its like to be oppressed just like the little people; I think I'll have a ummm beer, because that's what the peasantry imbibes when they (laugh) pretend to think'.

      As World Patricians they don't see what the fuss is with population replacement or out-sourcing, after all it's not like their moving the work off-planet or erasing elite culture. The neo-nobility fully believe it is their god-given (as in the consensus at last nights dinner party) right to control things. That the deplorables are just nasty bigots for not letting go of the fanciful notion that they have the capacity to manage their own lives, rather than giving themselves over to the credentialed Smartest-People-in-the-Room to manage.

      So it is not that avarice wins out over, "national pride"; it's that they cannot conceive of such a thing in any meaningful way. They have been taught, and completely accept, the premise that Nation = Racism, and they are too smart, and beautiful, to be bigots, just ask anyone they dine with.
      Tom S.

    2. Good stuff.
      Another factor in this class bigotry is (radical) feminist Professionals.
      See alt-Right blogger Whiskey in 2012, at :

      "Angelo Codevilla argues in the American Spectator, that the Ruling Class of America, Republican and Democrat, all go to the same national schools, share the same interests, intermarry, and form the same social class.... the entire Elite political system is dependent on sustained good times for everyone, to smooth over the massive TRANSFER of wealth and opportunities, from average WHITE people to non-Whites (and elites)…

      There is a word, for people who hold such views.
      The natural basis for the Super Zips. The Ruling Class. The New Elites.
      We call them ... women. Specifically, White professional women."