Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Chris Steele: Hillary Knew, Susan Rice And Victoria Nuland, Too

The Alfa Bank's defamation suit against Christopher Steele continues to bear fruit. John Solomon has an excellent round up of what's been learned from Steele's testimony in depositions:
Steele reveals he believes Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice knew about his anti-Trump research
Rice denies former British spy's account, which comes in a novel litigation by three Russian businessman suing over Britain's data laws.
Importantly, Steele testified that it was his clear impression--based on statements by Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS--that he was ultimately working for the Clinton Campaign, no matter what the technicalities of the money being laundered to Fusion GPS through the DNC and the Perkins Coie law firm.

But the bombshell--something I'm sure John Durham is also aware of--is that Steele passed that knowledge about the Clinton sponsorship of the dossier on to the FBI, and Steele kept notes to that effect.

Steele recently testified in a British court that he believed both then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and then-Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice were aware of his dossier research as it was going on in summer 2016. 
The testimony makes his most direct link yet between his Russia collusion research and the top of the Clinton campaign and Obama White House.

Steele told a British court he believed he had been hired by the Fusion GPS firm owned by Glenn Simpson through the Democratic National Committee-linked law firm Perkins Coie to assist the Clinton campaign during the election, according to a transcript of the testimony.
"I presumed it was the Clinton campaign, and Glenn Simpson had indicated that. But I was not aware of the technicality of it being the DNC that was actually the client of Perkins Coie,” Steele testified in March under questioning from lawyers for Russian bankers suing over his research. 
“You knew it was the leadership of the Clinton presidential campaign didn't you?” a lawyer for the businessmen asked. 
“I believed it was the campaign. Yes,” he answered. 
“The leadership of the Clinton campaign?” he was asked. 
“Fine, the leadership of the campaign,” Steele conceded. 
The lawyer persisted. 
“You also understood that Hillary Clinton herself was aware of what you were doing?” the lawyer asked. 
“I think Glenn had mentioned it, but I wasn't clear,” Steele answered. 
Then Steele was confronted with what lawyers said were notes he took at a meeting with the FBI in 2016 in which he purported to tell agents that Clinton was aware of his research. The lawyers read from those notes during the court proceedings. 
The notes, according to the transcript, read: “We explained that Glenn Simpson/GPS Fusion was our commissioner but the ultimate client were the leadership of the Clinton presidential campaign and that we understood the candidate herself was aware of the reporting at least, if not us.” 
The lawyers prodded: “It’s your note, so we assume it’s accurate?” 
“Yes,” Steele answered during the March 17 testimony. You can read that testimony here.

Another nugget has to do with the role of the State Department. Victoria Nuland has thus far successfully tried to distance herself from Steele. But Steele testified that his well known meeting at State Department with Kathleen Kavalec was actually instigated by Nuland and Jonathan Winer. It looks like a clear attempt to launder the dossier through the State Department to the FBI in the guise of "intelligence."

The former British MI6 agent turned private intelligence investigator said his meeting was set up by State officials Jonathan Winer and Victoria Nuland after longtime Clinton adviser and friend Strobe Talbott had reached out to him.
“The meeting was set up by a State Department official called John Winer,” Steele explained. 
“At your request?” the lawyers asked. 
“No, at his request, his suggestion. He invited us into meet, as I understood it, at her request, Assistant Secretary of State Nuland,” Steele answered. 
The lawyers asked whether Talbott opened the door in October. 
“I think Strobe Talbott had gotten in touch with us much earlier than that,” Steele answered. “I remember taking a phone call from him, your lordship, earlier in the summer in which he said that he was aware that I had — he spoke in fairly cryptic terms — but he was aware that we had material of relevance to the U.S. election. 
“A little bit of background, if I may, your lordship on that,” Steele added. “Both National Security Advisor at the time Susan Rice and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who were the key policymakers on Russia, had been colleagues of Mr. Talbott. And I had, although he didn't state it explicitly, one or either or both of them had briefed him on the work we had been doing.”




  1. Small World:

    Victoria Nuland’s husband is Robert Kagan, Neocon, they left the GOP over Trump being a fascist, and voted for Hillary. And claimed all gop foreign policy experts are anti Trump.

  2. The early contact by Strobe Talbott with Steele is very interesting. He's connected to Cody Shear, who was working on his own "Trump Dossier."

    The unasked question is why did Talbot reach out to Steele "much earlier"? WHat reason would he have for doing that?

    Was he an injection point for the hoax allegations into Steele's eventual work product?

  3. To my knowledge, no one has asked what Sid Blumenthal's role might have been in all of this.

    We all remember that even Obama found Blumenthal so odious that he refused to allow Hillary to hire him at State. We also know that Hillary ignored this prohibition and communed with Sid regularly, even though she had to pay him through the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund and Self-Dealing Society.

    Cody Shearer was a known confederate of Blumenthal, as was that looney ex-CIA-type (whose name escapes me and is now dead), that completed the triumvirate of sleaze Hillary used as her private intelligence firm.

    Perhaps, that's how Steele got the dossier gig. If Blumenthal was known to be the public face of an anti-Trump dossier, even the hostile press wouldn't have taken it seriously, due to Sid's reputation as a bottom feeder.

    1. Steele was the happy "credible" face that was bought and paid for to launder the fabricated garbage into the Dossier, and feed it back into FusionGPS, the FBI, Foggy Bottom, DOJ, and the MSM. He clearly didn't even read some of his memoes, such the one with multiple misspellings of "ALFA" Bank.

    2. Exactly. A mediocre ex-MI6 "Clouseau" they could pass off as a real live "James Bond".

    3. @Anne Sherman

      Dewey Clarridge. Had his dirty fingers in a lot of things. In Libya, Hillary's State Dept. hired "Blue Mountain" for Benghazi security, ostensibly a "Libyan-owned" local outfit as required by Libyan law. Except that it wasn't...

  4. The Temporary Disappearance of Dossier Report 97

    My new blog article.

    The thesis is that FBI official Michael Gaeta (aka "Handling Agent 1"), stationed in Rome, received Steele's reports but deliberately delayed them until they were approved by a cabal of very high US officials.

    The cabal told Gaeta to keep in Rome at least one Dossier report and possibly also also a second -- Reports 97 and 105. Those two reports were NOT included in the reports that were delivered belatedly to the Crossfire Hurricane team on September 19, 2016.

    I speculate that the cabal stopped the delivery of those two reports to the Crossfire Hurricane team because those two reports indicated that Steele had informants collecting info from inside Trump's campaign staff.

  5. Gowdy hinted at it:

  6. If memory serves, Blumenthal created a series of reports for Clinton regarding Libya when she was knee deep in creating that mess. It's almost a certainty that Blumenthal and Shearer contributed material for the dossier. In fact, it would not surprise me if the "dossier" was Blumenthal's idea. I'd wager that if you took out all of the material contributed by Blumenthal, Shearer, Simpson, Ohr and Baumgartner, all that would be left of Steele's reports would be the typos.

    1. Correctomundo re: the Libyan reports from Sid "Grassy Knoll" Blmenthal.

      Sid's partner in the Libyan intel was the former CIA guy (now deceased.) The really curious thing is that Guccifer (the original) hacked Sid's email and found the emails between him and Hillary and published them, which led to an IC IG investigation, which lead to the Hillary email scandal.

      What was really astounding was portions of Sid's email to Hillary contained material that was virtually word-for-word reportedly from a TS NSA COMINT report on phone intercepts only a day or two old. How he got his hands on that remains uninvestigated, so far as we know.