Tuesday, April 28, 2020

What's The True Chinese Covid19 Death Toll?

As has been remarked previously, there's simply no way that the Chicoms decided to trash their economy unless they were totally up against the wall. The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) has come out with a paper that attempts to quantify the real death total in China from the Covid19 pandemic (see below). As opposed to the obviously bogus official numbers.

The official Chicom version is that there were 80,000 cases and 4,000 deaths--round numbers. US intelligence officials, per Fox News, are saying:

the true scale of China’s coronavirus outbreak is at least FIFTY times worse than the communist state is admitting to, and that 60,000 dead bodies per month could have been processed by the funeral homes in Wuhan.

In other words, AT LEAST 200,000 dead. Also around 2.9 million cases. There's a caution in this for the US. The "human geography" of the US is very different from that of China, but this isn't the flu and we do need to be very careful. Furthermore, if public health officials in the US are confident that there will be another wave in the fall, what about China? What will transpire in the southern hemisphere which is approaching their winter months?

We probably haven't heard the last of this.


  1. A thought ...

    I think it may be more to dose as you suggest, Mark. They got it full on ... there. 8 hours away from Wuhan is Jiangsu. Nothing close to Wuhan and Hubei. Hubei was just 2 hours away from Wuhan. Now, think about how little Beijing and Shanghai got hit.

    Doesn’t account for Italy except maybe because Italy is under China’s Belt and Road and a boatload, to put it nicely, zoomed there mainly when China was doing nothing.

    - TexasDude

  2. 100,000 to 200,000 sounds right. At least 50,000 in Wuhan.

    The Chinese Reaction for 4,000 dead just does not make sense.

    The question is why so many deaths in Wuhan, compared to other areas of China, and the World.