Monday, April 6, 2020

Covid19 Demographics In Chicago

Chicago continues to be a hotspot for Covid19, although among the states Illinois has slipped to #9--a fact that seems to rankle governor Pritzker, who continues to demand that Trump send him "thousands more ventilators." God only knows what he plans to do with them, since the stats don't warrant the demand. BTW, in addition to being perhaps the creepiest looking governor in the US, Pritzker comes from the famous family that gave us Obama. Really.

Anyway, the Covid19 demographics in Chicago are easily summarized (I'm lifting these from Steve Sailer's blog, supplemented by death stats from the City of Chicago):

Overall citywide rate per 100,000 (Deaths in paretheses)
Black 233  (81)
White 94.1  (16)
Asian 70.1  (3)
Hispanic 61.5  (11)

There should probably be an asterisk after the White category. The reason for that is that by far the most affected White neighborhood is West Ridge, which is heavily Hasidic.

So once again we see that the Wuhan virus came from China and found victims--disproportionately in Black neighborhoods, almost certainly because of the prevalence of underlying health issues, such as diabetes.

If you're looking for maps:

Chicago: Covid19 Case Rates By Zip Code

Chicago: Covid19 Case Counts By Zip Code

Here's an interesting article by, yes, Van Jones:

Black America must wake up to this viral threat

Myth #1: Covid-19 is a white disease.
The Americans who were initially diagnosed with the virus were mostly white. At the beginning of the epidemic, the media understandably focused on affluent white people who had traveled overseas, especially to Asia. The impact of this news coverage had African Americans joking among ourselves that perhaps we were somehow immune to the virus. As crazy as it sounds, a rumor took off that this was a disease that kills only white people.

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