Thursday, April 30, 2020

Jim Jordan Goes After Chris Wray

Congressman Jim Jordan appeared on Fox and Friends this morning. Probably the most notable aspect of the exchanges was the ferocity with which Jordan attacked waste of space FBI Director Chris Wray. He ridiculed Wray repeatedly, focusing on Wray's pathetic attempts to soft peddle FISA abuse, but also on the Flynn case. Here are some excerpts--mostly out of context--that TGP ran that will give a flavor:

Rep. Jim Jordan: “And now we learn that they set up the General Mike Flynn just days into the administration! What I want to know is why didn’t Bob Mueller tell us this? Remember we were told… this is the greatest guy who ever came to Washington. This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He’s the most honest guy since George Washington. Why didn’t he tell us this and more importantly, where’s Christopher Wray? Why didn’t we learn any of this from him? Thank goodness for Sidney Powell or Bill Barr or we would have never got this information… Again why didn’t we hear this from Chris Wray? ... Again if they can do this to a three star general, if they can do this to the President of the United States, imagine what they can do to you and me?

Here are a few more excerpts that I liked. Steve set up the context for the Flynn case admirably:

Steve: It now looks ... somebody at the FBI, somebody at the Department of Justice, was out to get Flynn, essentially entrap him, ... so that they could get rid of him, embarrass the Trump administration--a *gut punch* just at the time of the inauguration.

Exactly. The Flynn setup wasn't just about Flynn. It was intended at a minimum to cripple the Trump administration, but the more likely maximum intent was to create a public firestorm to force Trump to resign or be impeached right at the start.

Jordan returns to the main point:

Jordan: Christopher Wray needs to tell us what he's been up to these last two and a half years he's been Director of the FBI.
Jordan: But the people at the top [of the FBI], remember what Bill Barr said a year ago? He said there was 'a failure of leadership at the upper echelon of the FBI'. That may be the greatest understatement ever. Comey, McCabe, Baker, Strzok, Page ... 
Steve: Explain how this [the Durham investigation, the Jensen review, etc., all put in place by Bill Barr] could be part of a bigger picture ... 
Jordan: Well said. ... The big question: What 'they' did before him [Barr].
Jordan: All these things happening ... The only thing we had wrong is, it was worse than we thought.

I think Jordan gets the scope of the Durham investigation: Everything that happened before Barr took over as AG. That means the Mueller Witchhunt, and the Mueller Witchhunt was no more than the prelude to impeachment. While it fizzled in that regard, for the most part, some of the same important players were involved in the impeachment hoax as were involved in the Russia hoax and the Flynn setup--notably Mary McCord.

I think this is why Durham's investigation keeps extending. He's making real progress and increasingly believes he can get to the end of that road: Mueller and fake impeachment.

A mark of disgrace in all this goes to sundance at CTH, who chose to run a lengthy screed attacking Bill Barr. Sundance makes the moronic claim that the Jensen review of the Flynn case occurred only because the FISC demanded that a review be done of all cases connected to the Carter Page FISA. The Jensen review was totally unconnected to the Carter Page FISA. The US routinely conducts electronic surveillance of Russian establishments. The Flynn case had no need to rely on the Carter Page FISA--the intercept of Flynn's conversation with Kislyak was pure routine.


  1. Mark, I too read SD's take on this. It was a jaw-dropper. He's usually pretty solid with his info and analysis. But lately he's been ragging on Barr for some reason, and his logic for doing so doesn't hold water with me. Maybe he's generating clicks.

    1. It was completely idiotic, like all his stuff re Barr. I'd like to know who his keepers really are.

    2. Keepers? I'm just a 70 yo non-tech retiree living in the middle of Chicago. What does "keepers" mean?

    3. "Handlers." It's been completely obvious for a long time that sundance is anything but a one man operation and that DC insiders of some faction are feeding him what to say. Totally obvious. I can't tell you for sure why they hate Barr, but making up nonsense like today is unacceptable.

    4. I agree. CTH was a valuable site for a long time. Even those who commented there were largely stronger than the average who post on internet forums. No more. Although SD was very good at backing up his investigative material and theories in the past, something has caused him to stumble when it comes to Barr. And the conspiracy theorists have a field day mocking Barr. They are the clickers. Many past posters have left that site. One in particular, who admitted to being a lawyer, posted seldom but very solidly. It’s easy to tire of moronic ranting.

    5. CTH has been off the rails ever since their "Nellie Ohr and her ham radio communicating with Steele" theory.


    6. Many questioned Nellie Ohr’s interest in becoming a licensed ham radio operator at about the same time as she was hired by Fusion GPS to do oppo research on Donald J. Trump. Along with all of her other attributes, Nellie was known to be well-versed in cybersecurity.

      From an article at The Federalist.

      So, was Nellie Ohr’s late-in-life foray into ham radio an effort to evade the Rogers-led NSA detecting her participation in compiling the Russian-sourced Steele dossier? Just as her husband’s omissions on his DOJ ethics forms raise an inference of improper motive, any competent prosecutor could use the circumstantial evidence of her taking up ham radio while digging for dirt on Trump to prove her consciousness of guilt and intention to conceal illegal activities.

      Unless someone has definitively ruled out her having used it for communication with her Fusion GPS associates (including their affiliate Steele), I wouldn’t rule it out. We may find that out in due course...

    7. In my review of Nellie's testimony to the House I pointed out that she lied regarding when--and, no doubt, why--she got the ham license. Whoever she communicated with, it was local DC area.

    8. Agreed; if it was for nefarious purposes, she used it locally, not internationally -- which was obvious to anyone who knows anything about the ham license she obtained. Her license restricted operators to Morse only on HF bands, with the exception of voice on 10 meters, which rarely ever offers transatlantic openings. Much more likely she used voice or digital modes on some VHF ham band, which would work only in a local area.