Monday, April 27, 2020

Excess Mortality In NYC--Covid19 Deaths Bigly Underreported?

According to the NYT there's something going on in Gotham:

N.Y.C. Deaths Reach 6 Times the Normal Level, Far More Than Coronavirus Count Suggests
More than 27,000 New Yorkers have died since the start of the novel coronavirus outbreak in March — 20,900 more than would be expected over this period and thousands more than have been captured by official coronavirus death statistics.  
As of Sunday, the city had attributed 16,673 deaths to coronavirus, either because people had tested positive for the virus, or because the circumstances of their death meant that city health officials believed the virus to be the most likely cause of death.  
But there remains a large gap between this number and the total deaths above typical levels in the last six and a half weeks: more than 4,200 people whose deaths are not captured by the official coronavirus toll.


  1. Probably people who didn’t go for health care. I busted my knee and I called the triage nurse and was told I can come in if I want but I’ll probably get the virus. I still haven’t gone in. The was 4 weeks ago.

  2. Article is funky. More deaths, aside from the Chinese virus, than normal, but is probably undercounted?

    No attempt to ascertain why other than normal bureaucracy?

    I think the end of it is the point, it’s not normal, but why do it in this fashion?

    Call me dense, of which I am in many ways.

    - TexasDude

    1. Perhaps to avoid the appearance that this is a genocide of the elderly. In the stats I've seen the % below say 65 in NY is about 25%. I can tell you that it's probably way lower in lots of the country. If most of that undercount is elderly, it might fall more into line.

    2. A positive from the Dem viewpoint. Speed the decline of the Boomer Rube influence in elections.

      While that comment make seem unfair or excessively cynical to some I would say that we have seen enough uncharitable, cold-blooded and down right nasty remarks from the left, including from 'public servants', the powerful and influential, over the last three years to more than justify the sentiment.
      Tom S.

  3. Hmm...

    58% of deaths in ny in nursing homes.

    Majority of deaths minorities.

    I wonder if a lot of other deaths are in minority run hospitals, that have a high historical death rate. Probably because they are dysfunctional, but issues ignored due to racial politics. I hate to think this is a possibility.

    Plus infections caused by filthy subways and stations.

  4. More on the nursing home debacle:

    Agree on Nursing home deaths probably being under counted.