Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Covid19 Demographics In New York City

The statistical breakdown comes via the NYPost (Racial breakdown of NYC coronavirus deaths reveals ‘disparities,’ de Blasio says) and concentrates only on ethnic/racial data. What strikes me is that the disparities are far less glaring than in other major cities:

Hispanics 34% deaths (29% of NYC population) 
African A 28% deaths (22% of NYC population) 
Whites 27% deaths (32% of NYC population) 
Asians 7% deaths (14% of NYC population)

And, if I may be permitted a self-congratulatory self-administered pat on the back, these numbers confirm what I earlier claimed. Contrary to the claims of some that the Asian population was a center of the outbreak, these numbers show (as I maintained) that it was relatively less affected than other demographic groups.

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  1. From my limited visual experience, Asians are/were the first to wear masks in public. Even before 2020, it wasn't unusual to see Asians wear masks--their cultural practice is to do so to prevent spread of their own 'common cold.=' germs. I first noticed this in Japan in 1971. It's a common courtesy in their culture, which also means they'd have a ready supply of masks at-hand.