Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Briefly Noted: Tony In 'A Sea Of Lies'

Yesterday we discussed the concept of the "noble" lie. We also suggested that this concept, derived from Plato's template for totalitarian government, The Republic, doesn't truly describe the barrage of "ignoble", self serving, lies that We The People are being subjected to. The notion that these lies are being propagated for the greater good of society doesn't really pass muster--and that means that the lies serve no noble purpose. Rather, they serve a distinctly ignoble purpose.

Fortuitously enough, just last Friday Fauci provided yet another example of a distinctly ignoble lie, and that example is dissected today at American Thinker: Fauci's latest faux pas. Don't be put off by the author's use of the term faux pas--he's perfectly aware that Fauci's lie is a quite conscious lie. The 'sea of lies' Fauci refers to--with no apparent sense of irony--turns out to be a sea largely of his own making:

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently made a bold declaration against “the sea of lies we are living in” -- and then lied about the science of COVID-19 and vaccine protection.  Not just a little lie: a massive misstatement of well-established scientific fact.

The lie is actually twofold:

First, he makes the implicit claim--in the face of massive evidence to the contrary--that the mRNA gene therapy injections are somehow able to prevent the Covid-19 virus from replicating and, thus, from mutating. Notice that I say 'implicit'. The use and manipulation of slippery language is the mark of an accomplished liar--one able to fool most of the people most of the time. Yet his statement really is a direct lie, because his statement makes no sense at all unless that core falsehood is what he intends people to take away from it.

Second, Fauci makes a direct comparison between apples and oranges, between Covid and measles. He states that the mRNA gene therapy medications are capable of eradicating Covid in the same way and to the same degree that measles has been eradicated. In doing so he also suggests that the very real phenomenon of ADE--vaccine induced enhancement of the virus via directed mutation--is a factor of concern, whereas we know for a fact that it has always been a concern. The author does an excellent job explaining why this is another quite "brazen" and conscious lie. Coronaviruses mutate freely and rapidly, whereas the measles virus is basically incapable of mutating. That makes all the difference in the world for vaccines:

Fauci’s analogy to measles protection is doublespeak: “....there is a near-zero probability for the natural emergence of a new measles virus capable of evading vaccine-induced immunity.”  Measles is especially “rigid” in its evolutionary design, employing a complex mechanism of “...binding to specific cellular protein receptors as its doorway” past the natural human immune system.

Thus, it is impossible for America to ever be provided vaccine protection from COVID-19 equivalent to that achieved by measles vaccines. This doesn’t stop Fauci stating that Americans will be protected “just the same way” as the nation is for measles -- if only people will prevail “despite the sea of lies.” 

What could possibly be the noble purpose of such a brazen lie? Whatever the purpose of the lie might be we can be sure of one thing: the purpose of the lie has nothing whatsoever to do with public health. World statistics for countries that have vaxxed and those that basically haven't prove that. The fact, therefore, that a public health official is openly and brazenly presenting lies that result in repression of the subject population, when those lies are not rationally connected to public health, really should give any intelligent person pause to think.

BONUS LINKS: I can only write about our cultural and societal descent so often, but it's necessary to keep reminding yourself of what's happening around us. So ... three qorthwhile reads:

America's elites have seized the pandemic to expand their control over our political discourse, our freedom, and our social lives.

Two of the author's best points have to do with The Elite’s Expanded Ability to Curate Information and the acceptance of self monitoring by the subject population: America’s Newly Deputized Hall Monitors. When he says "Newly Deputized" he means "Self Deputized."

Herein lies a glimpse into just what kind of knuckle-draggers the left thinks we are. They think patriotism means we’ll do whatever they say whenever they say it.

The author cleverly illustrates the Left's attempt to persuade us knuckle-draggers that it's somehow unpatriotic and Un-American to be a knuckle-dragger--meaning, a dissenter from Left cultural dominance. Dissent from Left dominance is, as Barry Soetoro repeatedly said, is "not who we are as Americans." That's their wish. I've always believed that the repeated dive into anti-Russian chauvinism is a key part of the program. Knuckle-dragging patriots were all against the Soviet "Evil Empire", so by tarring the knuckle draggers' political leaders as Russian puppets ... You get the rest. And they're flummoxed that the strategy doesn't work, because they can't understand that even knuckle draggers can learn.

It's quite cleverly written.

CPS officials said Kelvyn Park High School is undergoing renovations, and the books were “weeded” out in the process.

So who got weeded out? In this day of CRT I guess these would mostly qualify as 'the usual suspects':

The mountain of discarded books included copies of “Hamlet,” “Crime And Punishment” and “The Metamorphosis,” among other classics.

“I was so upset because these are not any books — these are classics,” said nearby resident Ruth Torres, who wrote about the books on Facebook.

“They had Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, they had so many."

All part of our sea of lies.


  1. Well it seems either they really are trying to exterminate a large portion of the population and will continue to push vaccines no matter what information "comes out" whatever that means anymore, or they have plans to throw Fauci under the bus and make a pivot away from vaccine push, assuming they anymore feel the need to do things like pivot. Mark A. PS. Thank you mark as always for putting this in a historical and philosophical context. Very helpful for this commenter as he struggles to make sense of things.

  2. I'll bet that "the accept of self monitoring" is meant to be
    "the *acceptance*".

    I rather doubt, that they're flummoxed that the strategy doesn't work.
    Usually, when they purport to be flummoxed, it's feigned.
    In this case, they're just throwing turds onto the wall, hoping that some will stick enough.

  3. Lately I cant help but think about this current conversation and it's ties to a dozen other hot topics of the day. Things like the IC and DOJ's political persecutions, really just about any topic you wish.

    Big picture, we gave these dummies the means and abilities to accomplish their current plights via years and years of poor administrative law and legislation. It's not like there were not massive warnings along the way of where this would go sideways. Most of us were handed tinfoil hats for not blindly trusting US Government exceptionalisum.

    Truth is... we said this was ok to do and keep trying to fight everything from a reactionary standpoint rather than a direct confrontation because we lost or surrendered our power checks.

    We're not getting those back and our government is certainly not benevolent. So we live in the lies and complain about their abilities to exploit everything.

    Call me negative but there is no winning any of these subjects back.

    1. In the movie "Motherless Brooklyn," one of the characters notes that the US went sideways with the way we won WW2-- the mass power grab, explosion of government agencies, centralization, all in the name of war and victory. The point was that the government learned just hiw much they could get away with.

      I'd say the start was the New Deal but all the same, America has been on the proverbial road to serfdom ever since. As Michael Crichton wrote, they want us to live in a perpetual state of fear, manufactured crises that justify the oppression and controls.

      The only way out I can see is a temporary military government while we shore up the Constitution and more or less abolish the federal government. Let each state and its citizens have maximum say in their laws. No more concentration of power in DC. T²M

    2. Call me positive, but I see only two ways this can go. This has been going on for generations, at least since FDR who I remember, but never so blatantly as now. There is a possibility that as has been suggested President Trump is working clandestinely to restore faith in our government, elections and defensible borders, as he stated in his speech of December 5, or Biden/Harris will carry on and supposedly they will have won. Unfortunately, as Thomas Lipson who I assume is a liberal, pointed out in a recent article there is a crisis of confidence. That Biden has the Office of the Presidency for going on seven months after a stolen election speaks volumes. Having seen the steal in progress my reason for stating this categorically is based on a conspiracy on all levels to prevent any meaningful investigation. Al Gore has weeks to find his hanging chads. Jill Stein had total access in 2016. Trump paid a million dollars up front and was denied access by Wisconsin. The Supreme Court found he had no standing in his challenge. You, Mark, argued they had their reasons, but by in effect sanctioning the Biden presidency, the Court has lost standing in our eyes. Lipson's suggestion that Trump stop questioning the election doesn't hold water. I don't need President Trump to tell me there was a stolen election and a massive cover-up, and as a result I consider our government a sick joke. I will comply with the minimum necessary so as not to get into trouble. I will not engage in protests, non-violent as they are, so as not to get in trouble. My patriotism extends to the land and the good people of this country, not to our enemy, the government. I suspect the majority of responsible citizens will do likewise. In the coming depression we will manage, and even take care of each other. The others will starve while the top echelons of the ruling class will have razor blades and caviar. They may be able to keep the government forever, but they have lost the confidence of the people who make this country great.

  4. Dr. Stock is on Tucker now, on animals / viruses etc.

  5. Grass-roots support for some lies is crumbling, see Denninger today:

    "(CNN) — The CEOs of Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines say they are not requiring unvaccinated employees to receive the shot, *breaking* with United Airlines' mandate that workers get vaccinated by October 25, or face getting fired."

    KD is betting that UAL soon backs off, e.g. from pilots' backlash.