Saturday, August 7, 2021

Covid And Politics--Where Do We Stand?

I've been sifting through a lot of material today regarding Covid and politics. It appears that we may be reaching an inflection point of sorts, at which the conflict between Covid the disease--knowledge of which is science and data driven--and the Covid regime we're suffering under--which is strictly politically driven--is coming out in the open. 

It seems to me that this open conflict cannot continue indefinitely. On the one hand, the science is forcing Rochelle Walensky to openly admit, in effect, that the gene therapy vaccines haven't really worked--and will not have any effect on the Dread Delta. On the other hand, the Covid regime continues it's anti-science push to blame the unvaxed and to impose mandates and domestic passports.

For a summary of where the public discourse is at this point, I offer an excerpt from Joe Rogan. I do this knowing, of course, that he has no particular expertise, but because he has a huge megaphone. He's a voice that will be heard and which even the NYT acknowledges cannot be canceled. And he has some trenchant observations to share with his many listeners: 

Joe Rogan Passionately Argues Against Vaccine Passports And Talks About Breakthrough Cases

"'Imperfect [i.e., leaky] vaccination can enhance the transmission of highly virulent pathogens'--this is a scientific paper from 2015. Vaccines that keep the host alive but still allow transmission can thus allow virulent strains to circulate in a population. ... Breakthrough cases. People who are vaccinated can still get Covid and they can still transmit Covid. ... So these people who are saying, Oh, it's these unvaccinated people that are responsible for the variants--Well, there's actually scientific papers that point to the very sort of environment that we're creating by having so many people vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn't kill off the virus. ... I'm getting PhDs sending me these things. People who are physicians, even epidemiologist, even people that deal with diseases and viruses are concerned and they don't want to talk about it publicly because people call them anti-vaxxers. It's really crazy out there."


"You are moving one step closer to dictatorship, that's what is happening. That's what is happening with a vaccine passport, that's what is happening if they close borders. You can't enter New York city unless you have your papers. You can't go to here unless you have that. You can't get on a plane unless you do what I say. And people say, well it's all about protecting people from the ... No, it's not! Because we've shown, this is a fact! Just a couple of months ago the idea of a breakthrough case was unheard of, nobody heard of anybody catching COVID that had a vaccine. That was the whole idea, you get a vaccine, you don't have to worry about it. Now, we know not only do you get it, but you can spread it, and some people have died."

Despite the strenuous efforts to censor the public square, the truth is getting out. Moreover, cracks are appearing in the Dem coalition. We've already noted that a number of major unions have refused to climb aboard the Dem mandate bandwagon--the Postal Workers are one. The death of Richard Trumka couldn't have come at a worse time in terms of holding labor together with the Dems. Just yesterday the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police came out against mandates.

My point here is that there appears to be movement. My next item is drawn from an interview of Dr. Robert Malone with Steve Bannon. It's fairly wide ranging, but pay particular attention to the political elements. The other day I mentioned that the conversation Malone references--with a senior DoD official--could be significant. Malone gets into that, and he takes it as a signal, as well. Note, too, that he sees disarray in the regime. Bannon pushes him on that point a bit, and Malone acknowledges all is not rosy. But there's movement.

In what follows, due to time constraints I've done a free flowing hybrid summary/transcript. The links are included. The entire interview is here, but there are also segments on separate videos.

This first segment is focused on a medical strategy:

Bannon asks Malone what he would say if he were face to face with Baidan and Fauci:

1. It's OK to continue to vax the high risk people--but that means they'll need regular boosters, because the vaxxes are leaky and non-durable. [Seems risky, due to the increased risk of side effects the more often a gene therapy injection is received, which Malone has acknowledged.]

2. We need to rapidly allow and deploy repurposed drug combinations. They're largely anti-inflammatory. The Ivermectin data is coming in stronger and stronger and there's no downside. Big Pharma can't make money on these drugs, but that shouldn't stop us from saving lives.

3. CDC needs to enable accurate testing that can reliably distinguish Covid from other respiratory viruses, to facilitate identification of the disease and serve to trigger treatment.


Then Malone explains the profile of the disease that drives the treatment recommendations:


The virus is necessary but not sufficient to develop the disease. The disease is your response to the virus. Anti-inflammatories allow physicians to regulate the inflammatory response of the body to the virus. We also have anti-coagulants, which is important because much of the disease is driven by clotting problems. We have the tools, we need to stop going back to the past. We don't need anti-virals like with HIV--that's a very different disease. With Covid we need to treat your hyper-inflammatory response to the virus. That's what does the harm--not the primary viral infection.

Next we get into the politics, and it's interesting to me that Malone is no longer shying away from political involvement. In his discussion with Peter Navarro last weekend Malone referenced signs that, due to the now obvious failure of the gene therapy strategy, Fauci would attempt a "Great Pivot" from vaccines to treatment. In what follows, Malone is referencing to the clown Fauci's claim that there are now prospects for a single pill treatment. Malone is unimpressed. His view is basically that this is way late, but also that Fauci is wrong headedly sticking to a strategy that was a failure with HIV:

The ‘Great Pivot’ Prediction Coming To Fruition

We predicted a great pivot, and there was Fauci at an 'impromptu' think tank meeting--and was reading off notes all the way through. If you listen to what he said, it sounds an awful lot like Ivermectin--except that Fauci continues to be dug in on the idea that we have to have an anti-viral approach, which has always been his position. Further, he emphasizes only drugs that are in development by Big Pharma. He continues to talk about a single pill--he seems to be recapitulating the mistakes he made with HIV: a single drug therapy. That's back to his AIDS playbook, which was a failure. We need a multi-drug strategy. 

Recall that after Fauci's failed single-drug strategy, a multi-drug "cocktail" approach was adopted, with success. Yet here is Fauci blathering about a single pill.


Malone was surprised by the Israeli strategy that showed that Ivermectin--in addition to its well known anti-inflammatory action--appears to also have anti-viral action. We can treat the inflammatory response with Ivermectin and many other agents.

Bottom line: Fauci is attempting a great pivot as predicted--except that he's doubling down on single pill anti-virals produced by Big Pharma. He's dug in on supporting Big Pharma, when there are available drugs that aren't under patent.

Bannon asks: Are there voices of reason in the system?

Malone got a call from a former colleague, a civilian GS-15 in DoD, equivalent to a Brigadier General. They discussed the Warroom presentation with Navarro. His colleague's impression is that right now Fauci has no strategy--everything is in freefall. Regime decision makers don't know what to do because their core assumptions have turned on them, and so they're winging it.

Here are those four failed "core assumptions" that Malone enumerated in his Washington Times article:

Four flawed assumptions drive the Biden strategy. The first is that universal vaccination can eradicate the virus and secure economic recovery by achieving herd immunity throughout the country (and the world). ...

The second assumption is that the vaccines are (near) perfectly effective. However, our currently available vaccines are quite “leaky.” ...

The third assumption is that the vaccines are safe. Yet scientists, physicians, and public health officials now recognize risks that are ... by no means trivial. ...


The failure of the fourth “durability” assumption is the most alarming and perplexing.  It now appears our current vaccines are likely to offer a mere 180-day window of protection

Back to the interview:


Bannon brings up the disconnect: At the same time that regime decision making is in freefall without a strategy, they appear to be doubling down on the authoritarian tactics of mandates and passports.

Malone responds that the psychology of these people is being revealed--how they react when they're frustrated. They go straight to authoritarianism. In this case of course they're frustrated because reality isn't conforming to their dictates. They're making demands that aren't grounded in the data. It's clearly NOT the unvaxed who are driving Delta. We need to keep forcing this. We may have an opportunity to shift the dialog. The fact that I [Malone] got that call and had that discussion shows that there are senior people, at least within DoD, who are open to listening to alternative strategies--in the absence of what they see as any currently effective and rational strategy.

That said, Malone agrees that it looks like we're headed toward mandatory, forced vaccinations. Certainly in the government, but he's also hearing from people in medical academia--wherever the federal government has financial hooks they're trying to force implementation of mandates. There are large groups of outside lawyers working at this, and the sources of their funding is unclear. Legal 'strike teams' are being deployed against high profile individuals who are speaking science rather than the 'shared narrative.'

I will say, I'm not sure I agree entirely with Malone's analysis. I don't see that the regime is, in a sense, pivoting toward authoritarianism out of frustration at the failure of the medical strategy. Rather, I think authoritarianism was always the end game, and that now--facing medical failure--they're desperate to hang on to that goal. And this is a goal that has some support from some on the Republican side. We're definitely nowhere near out of the woods.

Finally, I append a summary of a presentation given by Dr. Ryan Cole. The title is self explanatory. However, some of what he says is very important, because he's saying explicitly what others (Malone, for one) have implied. In particular, his remarks about the dysregulation of the immune system is crucially important:


We see the headlines about serious side effects, but where are the autopsies? 11K deaths and only one autopsy? Are you kidding me? Is this science anymore? No--medical technocracy. Fear, suffering, shot. That's all you're supposed to have. How can we do science if we're not looking? You can't find what you don't look for. How will we know the effects, if we don't do autopsies?

The scientific approach is that if an adverse effect or death follows a vaccination, the vaccine is responsible unless proven otherwise. But we're looking the other way!

What about the spike protein? We're injecting a gene sequence into the human body. It doesn't stay in your deltoid--it lands in multiple organs. In studies in lab animals the spike protein--not the virus, just the spike--induced the same diseases that the virus induced. Lung, vascular, heart, brain. The spike is the toxin. Why are we injecting something into the human body that IS the toxin? It causes the disease!

Shows slides that illustrate damage that the spike alone does to the body organs, the inflammatory response to the spike being injected and circulating throughout the body.

The vaccine is an experiment on humanity. The spike crosses the blood/brain barrier. The "brain fog" you hear about from Covid patients? You hear about it from vaxxed individuals as well. The heart? Once the heart is damaged it's damaged forever. It doesn't replace itself with another heart cell, it replaces it with a scar. And you want to give this shot to kids? This is no longer science. It's a poisonous attack on our population.

In the Pfizer study from Japan, lab rats suffered a 16% decline in fertility. We don't know what the effect on humanity will be--yet--because human reproductive cycle is much slower than in rats. And we don't have any long term safety data. Humanity is the phase three trial.

What's the risk for cancer after the shot? We don't know--no studies. Auto-immune disease? We don't know. Impaired fertility? We don't know. Why are we pushing forward without knowing these things? Complete anti-science!

What we're seeing in the lab is that the shots "dysregulate" your immune response:

* Post vaccine innate immunity dysregulation.

* Increase of other latent viruses.

* Decrease of immune markers that keep cancer in check.

Cites study from the Netherlands. We don't know if the decrease in immune response and immune markers is temporary or permanent--or for what amount of time. However, we're seeing an uptick in all sorts of viruses reactivating. He has seen a ten to twenty fold [does he mean 10-20%] increase in uterine cancers in the last six months.

The reference to dysregulation of the immune system and the reactivation of viruses is an issue that Malone has also mentioned several times, clearly finding it to be highly significant and disturbing. The link of this "dysregulation" to the immune markers is scary, to say the least.


  1. This seems to sum up the CDC's current actions:
    I am pretty sure the reasons have to do with politics, not science.
    The CDC’s Voodoo Epidemiology

    They seem to have dug themselves a hole, and they believe their only option is keep digging deeper.

    1. I read that post by Hinderaker earlier. I would quibble with the conclusion. I think the Covid Regime is the product of an unholy alliance of ideologically motivated fanatics within both the scientific and government elites. In particular I agree with whoever it was who said "We're in the hands of eugenicists." These are groups of people, each from their positions of power, who are intent on transforming not only human governance but human nature itself.

    2. Mark - I hope you are wrong.

      My guess is incompetence, never let a crisis go to waste, ideologically enforced herd behavior, and hubris are driving the politics within the scientific and government elites.

      And a bit of a push from China to kneecap the rest of the world, especially the US.

      Mark - We're in the hands of eugenicists."

    3. Ah yes homo sovieticus.

    4. I read the article and generally agree with the exception of the report he cites regarding the Natural Immunity + vaxed getting re-infected at 3.5x of just the NI folks. That would be pretty damning evidence, but I just didn't see it in the study. It's very information dense, but they don't state that anywhere.

      PDF as referenced:

      Maybe they "teased" it out of the data, but it's not part of their claim. Maybe it was the wrong study cited???

      Would also be curious as to Mark's "quibble" on Hinderaker and if it was the above or something else I may have missed?

      By the way, glad to see your post on the Dr. Bhakdi paper. Everyone consenting to the jab needs to read that before proceeding. Did you read any of the other papers on their site? I did check and Ghoulgle is definitely censoring them. But not DDG.

  2. Regarding the authoritarian aspect of the government's approach to this "pandemic," the worse they make things, the more emergencies they can declare, the more power they can grab, and the more freedom they can limit. If indeed their primary motivation is increasing government power, there is no incentive for them to make effective decisions that actually solve the problem - quite the opposite. That said, they do need to control the narrative and that is what they are struggling with now. It cannot be forgotten how huge of a role money plays in the govt response, as well as politics (but then I repeat myself).

    It reminds me of how the technocratic state has grown as a whole. New agencies and programs are ostensibly formed to address problems. If the problems are solved there is no longer any need for the agencies and programs, so the problems are never solved - the agencies and programs go on forever. These agencies and programs end up being just new silos into which money can be appropriated at the behest of an ever larger group of self-interested political donors.

    Thank you Mark for transcribing these interviews and adding your own perspective. Much appreciated!

    1. "It cannot be forgotten how huge of a role money plays in the govt response, as well as politics (but then I repeat myself)."

      Indeed, i posit that much if not most of the trillions being (mis)appropriated in these covid bills and infrastructure bills is actually simply the necessary bribe money to keep the millions of government bureaucrats and regime lackeys quiet and in line. They can't suicide everyone afterall, yet.

  3. Voxday had a a report from a Dr. that mentioned people who got vaxed that got Covid are very upset.

    And 50% of those are demanding ivermectin.

    And those getting it recover in 2.3 days vs those without.

    1. From the pic it looks like his tabs are 3mg

      "Robert W Malone, MD
      Have completed a 3 day course of Ivermectin now. Woke up today without coughing for the first time in months. Had good exercise tolerance when walking all over Carmel and Point Lobos yesterday. Based on that experience, I have to conclude good initial clinical response.

      "Quote Tweet

      · Aug 5
      Got my Ivermectin from Wallmart today. Going to see if it can help with my long COVID symptoms. Edenbridge is the supplier. Cost = 78$/20 tabs, my insurance covered (indication COVID treatment and prevention) so I only had the $20 co-pay. Good to know."