Saturday, August 14, 2021

Briefly Noted: Updating The Largest Propaganda Op In History

In writing Largest Propaganda Op In History I knew that that title, borrowed from Dr. Robert Malone, was a pretty major claim. Well, there's not much point in debating the point--we can all come up with other world historical hoaxes to vie for 'honors' in our ranking. However, I want to draw attention to a new book that's reviewed at American Thinker today:

Obama Lies, Cashill Corrects

In November 2020, Barack Obama released his newest memoir, A Promised Land.  Now, hot on his heels, comes Jack Cashill's Barack Obama's Promised Land: Deplorables Need Not Apply, a savvy and ever-diligent effort to prevent fake news from becoming fake history.

The major point about Obama is summarized succinctly in the review:

I first noticed Obama, as did much of the country, when he spoke at the televised 2004 Democrat National Convention in Boston. I thought he was attractive and well spoken. Unlike Joe Biden, I wasn't stunned that a black male could be both, having many such males as classmates, friends, and colleagues.  But I also heard rumors, from friends who were active in the Democrat party in Massachusetts, about an "unusual" array of bodyguards at the convention who surrounded Obama to whisk him away from reporters.  


So I realized, very early on, that Obama was a fraud.  A faker. A Famous Amos, but without the free cookie samples.  At least Amos worked hard to build his brand, an entrepreneur who arguably merited his success. Yet Obama, being "broke" and "nearly 40," rode someone else's recipe for him into the Oval Office only eight years later.  

How? Who provided the seed capital that created a Barack Hussein Obama? Why isn't that the major story about Obama? Who "selected" him — using the verb that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright insisted was accurate? And for what quid pro quo?  

We still have almost no answers to that critical part of the creation story. 

Even David Mamet, the playwright and scholar of the long con, would have found Obama's meteoric rise implausible. And we're still asking the same questions about him that went unanswered over a decade ago.  The media are still covering for him, and we are still denied the right to know who was shoved into the White House, by whom, at our expense. 

I'm simply suggesting that the Imperial Media Complex that we discussed as behind the "Largest Propaganda Op In History" was probably behind the Obama propaganda op as well. In which regard, recall the email from a Wall St. banker (but a member of the CFR) basically giving Obama a list of approved officials for "his" soon to be administration.


  1. The more I see of Biden, the more I realize that Obama was just a better "actor," or at least an actor with less history.

  2. Yes! Go Jack Cashill! We need to pop that particular balloon right quick! You want to see a wake up in this great nation? We need to all "get real" about BHO. And maybe express ourselves as freely about him as everyone appears to freely express themselves about, oh I don't know, Donald J Trump? It's really not healthy to maintain such delusions. Mark A.