Friday, August 6, 2021

This Is Pretty Wild

1. File under "Life in a Banana Republic"

Alex Berenson reports regarding:

Some actual news

About Moderna adverse event reports

Covid vaccine maker Moderna received 300,000 reports of side effects after vaccinations over a three-month period following the launch of its shot, according to an internal report from a company that helps Moderna manage the reports.

That figure is far higher than the number of side effect reports about Moderna’s vaccine publicly available in the federal system that tracks such adverse events.

Later in the reporting Berenson uses the word "dwarfs" to describe the discrepancy between Moderna's numbers and what was appearing at VAERS during the relevant time period. In fact, those numbers probably "dwarf" not only the Moderna reporting in VAERS but all reporting in VAERS for that time period.

Vaccine manufacturers like Moderna are legally required to forward all side effect reports they receive to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, where they are made public each week.


The reason for the gap is not clear. Moderna may simply still be processing the reports, though the number of reports about Moderna’s vaccine in VAERS from the first half of 2021 remained almost flat this week.

Moderna and IQVIA, the company that works with Moderna to handle the reports, did not return emails for comment.


VAERS is usually characterized as a voluntary system. But physicians and healthcare providers are required to report certain serious post-vaccine side effects, including deaths. However, the CDC and FDA have no real way to check if they are doing so.

I guess, as a matter of first impression, death would qualify as a serious side effect. But no doubt there are bureaucratic quibbles over the meaning of the words "serious" and "death."


Healthcare providers do have discretion over whether they report less serious side effects. Many have decided not to do so for the Covid vaccines, because the volume of reports is already so high.

However, vaccine manufacturers must forward ALL reports they receive, as the VAERS Website makes clear. It distinguishes between healthcare providers, who are “strongly encouraged” to report various events, and manufacturers like Moderna, who “are required [emphasis added] to report to VAERS all adverse events that come to their attention.”

Test Question: Who thinks Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson have been more diligent in their reporting?

Extra Credit: Describe what this news suggests regarding the actual scope of vax injuries--as opposed to what has been publicly reported.

2. Fauci dials it up to 11:

Fauci Predicts Up to 200,000 New COVID Cases Per Day By Fall

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci is predicting that by the fall, there will be up to 200,000 new daily COVID-19 cases in the U.S. driven by the Delta variant.

"Remember, just a couple of months ago, we were having about 10,000 cases a day," Fauci told McClatchy's DC Bureau on Wednesday. "I think you're likely going to wind up somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 cases."

My first reaction was that this was more BS to scare people into vaxxing. Then I thought, Maybe he knows something. After all, Walensky over at CDC is openly saying that the injections don't stop Dread Delta. Of course Fauci is maintaining that all those cases will be among the unvaxxed, but--as I say--maybe he knows something about the injections.


  1. Delta? That’s old news.

    Lambda! Is the new Dread One!

    1. It'll be Lambda Lambda Lambda... and then Omega Mu. OK it seemed like a little bit of levity was called for... but maybe not. I don't suppose all are old enough to get the joke.

  2. psh, I wanna know what comes past OMEGAAAAAHHH.


  3. Soylent Green. ( 1973 movie starring Charlton Heston ). A "B " movie which always stuck with me.

  4. Well, then it is settled, right? If we do get 200K cases/day, this is conclusive proof the vaccines don't work.

  5. Now that I know, blatant propaganda doesn't drive me as nuts as it was until recently thanks to folks like Mark and others providing information backed up with real vs. fake data. Look at this ludicrous and unbelievable lie out on

    "Unvaccinated individuals twice as likely to face COVID-19 reinfection: CDC study / The CDC stressed the COVID-19 vaccines remain the best way to prevent infection"

    "The study, published as part of the agency's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), examined hundreds of residents, finding that the unvaccinated individuals had 2.34 times greater odds of reinfection compared with fully vaccinated individuals."

    I'm going to spend some more time pouring over the cited CDC report, but we know based on many other studies such as the Cleveland Clinic that this claim they make is completely at odds with reality.

    If you want to see a very in depth analysis of natural immunity, there an excellent (and very long) piece by Brian Mowrey over on substack available(free)where he goes through the data of several cases in minute detail showing how NI is superior to these "leaky" vaccines.

    I will warn you that it's a very deep dive and his writing style is unique (thought maybe it was Yoda writing this), but you'll see that these charlatan bureaucrats are one again lying to us which I'm sure is further evidence of their goal to cajole everyone until we achieve 100% vaxing.

    I guess what makes me so upset is this is just another part of the psyop narrative trying to justify everyone get the shot so they can bring out their "vax ausweis" (your papers please).

  6. I have yet to find the scientific purpose of the mask.

    The only benefit I see is it mentally protects the weak minded from PTSD.

    These are the same deranged people who believed they knew what Trump is thinking. The same liars, like Adam Schiff and Don Lemon and Andrew Cuomo. These mask wearing, vax taking scared people who drive on the Interstate wearing a mask alone in their car are telling me I need to wear one? I'm not the stupid one here. Think I am? Show me the scientific evidence that it has any physical value and I'll show you 10 that says its a lie.
    I'll never wear a mask again and if you don't want to do business with me then fine. No service? I'm fine with that. They can withhold food, and I'll just take what I want without remorse. Medical treatment? Doesn't bother me. The only way they will get me to wear a mask again is to chain my arms.

    I wish they would all just shut their dirty mouths, but if nothing else just leave me alone.

    I do not want responsibility for your life, and I am not giving away responsibility for my own. If you want it come fight for it.

  7. They need a new boogie man...

    Covid is here, it's not going away, it was never that big of a deal and what we SHOULD be learning is that manufacturing viruses is not a good idea.

    Its gonna be a long summer... This is reminding me of the post 9/11 news play that never ended.

  8. Seems like it's becoming more and more apparent to the general population the CDC has no idea what they are doing.

    And the HUGE elephant in the Rule is the increasing cases, using the current measuring tests. That will miraculously go down end of this year, 4 months away, with tests that can differentiate Covid and the regular flu.

    And now the Vaccine is seen as useless, and has a huge amount of side effects. And booster shots are needed.

    So somehow they have to get through the next 4 months. And act like they are doing something, anything.

    And the Biden Administration OWNS COVID Now.

    And everyday Biden's approval ratings are dropping.

    And usually August is a Dead News Month.

    I wonder if China is trapped by their own rhetoric, where their narrative is their harsh measures were victorious over Covid. And now Covid is back. Which means if China is shutting down, since it worked before, there will be a huge economic impact.

    And many Red States are ignoring the CDC and Biden Covid Diktats.

    I wonder where this is going?

    1. There are, I think, some converging developments that are pushing the regime into increasing disarray. The growing infections of the vaxxed is one major factor. Right now people are saying, What's the point? The time may come soon enough when they realize that the vaccines left them more vulnerable than before.

    2. The fear of Covid in the wild is still greater than the fear of the vaccine, for a certain amount of people. One reason that is the case we can surmise is because it has been the focus of the media to portray one as much much more dangerous than the other. But, but, if/ when fear of the vaccines overtakes fear of the virus for a majority of people, that will be what they like to call a tipping point, bay I would say even a preference cascade. say what you will about him, desantis appears in the best position to ride that wave. Mark A

    3. Ray, do any if us really trust the Regime to come out with a test that actually distinguishes between flu and Rona? Why would they do that? It hurts their control mechanism. We should all be looking instead at what this new test will *really* be doing. The safe bet is that it will reinforce and amplify their info war efforts and control mechanisms.

      And on that note, generally, i fear we all fall into the psychological temptation to interpret news positively -- that things are unraveling for the bad guys and truth getting out and tide turning etc.. We want so badly to believe that surely this madness is finally ending and truth will out. I rather suspect just the opposite, that we are in the 1920s with the Bolsheviks steadily eliminating opposition and showing their teeth. If we don't start national strikes and boycotts to unify opposition and force their hand we may be in for a long, dark authoritarian world.

  9. @anon, I share your assessment of the Regime. It is not looking out for us, whatever it is doing. From there, I think it is a question of how well these Bolsheviks, in 2021, are able to control the situation to ensure things turn out the way they prefer. I, for one, taking the tragic view of history, believe they will not be able to control the situation very well. I think we are seeing signs of that already. As Mark points out. Though we tend to focus on the crisis at hand there are many instances of their lawlessness in the past few years, many instances of their destruction of what are generally viewed as "guardrails" of the society. I submit, no one knows what such destruction will bring, and no one can hope to control all of the ramifications. You dispense with the rule of law, capitalism, the fighting spirit of the US military, the nuclear family and organized religion - to name a few of their apparent goals - and I don't think the Soviet Model is going to do to put a cap on the ramifications. Mark A.

  10. Denninger today, in "Let's Talk Delta":
    < we know that, during the four weeks between the first jab and immunity building, you're *more* likely to get infected. We've seen this repeatedly all over the world.
    Into the maw of a spike getting vaccinated is dangerous, because it temporarily *suppresses* immune response. It probably doesn't increase the risk of bad outcomes, but it *definitely* increases the risk of infection itself.

    The very difficult question for people now is, whether that risk is worth the nebulous claims of "preventing severe disease and death."
    UK's data, along with Israel's, strongly suggests that might be a bad bet. The majority of their *admissions* into the hospitals are now vaccinated. So much for "prevents severe disease" eh?
    That will be coming here, and in parts of the country it already is, irrespective of what crazy Rochelle is saying.
    I know people on the front line -- *EMTs* and similar -- and in many areas, but not all, the transports are already *majority* fully vaccinated.
    Within weeks, it'll be everywhere in the United States, and Rochelle's last pillar of lies will collapse on her. >

    1. I've been reading that this morning. A lot of what he says--and there are some very good sections I hope to quote later--reflect content that Malone puts out. The problem with Malone is, as I've said, his tweets tend to be "cryptic" for non-specialists--which he has acknowledged. What that means is that specialists understand the implications of some of the things he points, which most of us won't see.

      That comes out very strongly in a video of Dr. Ryan Cole that I hope to link along with KD. Cole takes some of the things Malone points to and spells out the implications--which are potentially horrific.

      So, back to KD. What he's talking about is what Cole (in the video) calls the "dysregulation" effect on our immune system that the injections have--that's what makes vaxxed folks MORE susceptible to Delta (which, fortunately for them, is less severe). Other docs have pointed to this as well, but Cole suggests that we consider potential long term effects, some of which we may already be seeing.

    2. As a father of a teenage daughter, I think the scariest of possible long term side effect was the comment Denninger made that fertility testing of these vaccines was bypassed. I'm sure that's not the only corners they cut on a rush to market. I'm going to have to do some hunting since it's been a while that I read about it, but I recall there was anecdotal info on miscarriages post vaccination.

      Would not be surprised at all if they (CDD/WH) were not collecting that information at all. Of course if it were, Wacky Psaki would be asking us why in the world we would need that. If there were, and it was good, I'm sure we would have heard all about it by now...

  11. Why can't we name these covids like we do hurricanes....Bob, Betty, Eddie, much easier to remember...."how did Bob treat you"...!!!

  12. Responding to criticism for his position in his vid, Dr. Cole wrote:

    “I am concerned about the lack of *long term* safety data, because this vaccine is simply too new. We have *never tried* an mRNA vaccine in humans before.
    I am concerned about the implications of injection of foreign, synthetic mRNA, and the *antibody* reaction which cannot be reversed. It concerns me that large numbers of individuals are being essentially enrolled, in a long term phase III clinical trial for the vaccine, without being fully informed of this, with no ability for recompense if injured or in case of death.
    I am concerned by the number of adverse event and deaths, that have been reported in correlation with this vaccine administration.”

    From .

  13. I just got this paper and am still reading it. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, MD is one of the authors. What I've read so far is pretty shocking, especially if you are female (the ones without a pp) and are planning on having children sometime in the future. There are numerous examples of tests that were either not performed or never presented that make one wonder how in the world did any of this stuff get EUA approval and even worse that the FDA is expected to give full soon.

    Page 16:

    "4 Summary
    Pfizer’s animal data clearly presaged the following risks and dangers:
    blood clotting shortly after vaccination, potentially leading to heart attacks, stroke, and venous thrombosis
    grave harm to female fertility
    grave harm to breastfed infants
    cumulative toxicity after multiple injections"

    signed, not chicken little...