Thursday, August 26, 2021

UPDATED: Who Wrote The List?

There's not much point in discussing the utter shame that the political and Deep State establishment has brought America to. They think we deserve this. So be it. It's up to us to react and prove that we don't. I doubt anyone actually cares what Zhou said--I know I don't, and I can't imagine any serious person caring. The interesting question is: Who wrote the list? Ron Klain or someone else? Miss-Information? 

The great thing would have been if Kelly O'Donnell had asked: Uh, who wrote that list?

Sadly, that's not the most shameful list we heard about today. That would be the list of Americans and Afghan friends that we reportedly turned over to the Taliban.

UPDATE 1: As usual, ER is on to something--it's not just Zhou's credibility (did he ever have any?) that's swirling downward ...

UPDATE 2: Don't forget the elephant in the room--because it connects to everything else:

America's intelligence community gave a classified report to President Biden on Tuesday that was "inconclusive about the origins of the novel coronavirus."

Do you know what that means? It means that pro-China elements are in charge of America's intelligence community. 
Did you think the intelligence community was going to confirm that COVID came from the Wuhan lab in China?

Because 6 months ago DNI Ratcliffe told you China interfered in the 2020 election & "CIA Management" actively suppressed that information,
according to the IC itself. 
We also know that US intel agencies met on Feb 3, 2020 to discuss COVID origins. Which virus experts did the IC consult? Dr. Fauci, Peter Daszak & Ralph Baric! The same people who created & funded COVID were picked to tell US intel that COVID was NOT man-made! 
There's also very solid evidence that China did research on COVID vaccines PRIOR to the virus being "leaked" from Wuhan. That would indicate the "leak" was intentional and thus an act of war. China filed vaccine patents much too early for the leak to be an accident. 
The people who own Zhou and own the Afghan debacle also own Covid.


  1. It’s a very telling admission on several levels. Judging from my lib friends and families, they don’t care.

  2. The real shame of it is, no one knows who or what is running the U.S. (including its own citizens and the other countries of the world). That alone puts the lie to our whole supposed system of government, doesn't it? Shining city on a hill? Who's the mayor? What are the governing principles and constraints?

    People talk about importance of trust for the coherence of any society and of the social contract. Who do we trust? Who have we contracted with? Are there any institutions left we can depend on? Who is accountable? Really accountable? Is there anything left of our Constitution that we can depend on? Are there any moral standards? Is there anything left to even begin to salvage? Where did God go? Who sent Him there?

    1. We don't have names or faces yet (officially, anyway), but we know that "they" favor China. If you were in charge of promoting China as the pre-eminent power in the world, your #1 task is to get the USA out of the way. How would you do that:

      1. Eliminate energy independence, make USA dependent on foreign energy.
      2. De-value citizenship/undermine loyalty to American first principles by dissolving borders and flooding the country with illegals.
      3. Humiliate our military and undermine confidence in it, domestically and overseas. In the process,
      4. scare off our allies in the West by bugging out on mutual enterprises (Afghanistan).
      5. Hobble our economy with on-going pandemic panic porn.

      Anyone who has been around libs in the last 20 years in their unguarded moments has heard how they lionize the Chinese and their "wonderfully efficient" form of government. Just like they lauded Mussolini and even Hitler in the 1930's.

      That is what this is all about. Keep your eyes on the prize.


    2. Thanks for your reply, Bartleby. What you say (while to a degree speculative) makes perfect sense, especially given the Bidens' "financial" connection to China. One wonders how many others in Congress and the administration have such "ties" to China (in addition to Swalwell). A great number I suspect . Whether the things they are doing are directly at China's behest or not, the results are very much to China's benefit.

  3. Obviously, O'Donnell isn't going to ask such a question since to get put on the list she had to give them the question before the presser.

    1. And even with that advantage our dear leader struggled to find the prepared answer on the cue cards.

  4. Listening to the press conference, the shallow thinking and excuses that Biden uttered filled me with anger. When he mentioned the list of Americans and American supporters that he had given to the Taliban; well, it was too much to absorb.

    Why haven't Occupant Biden, SECDEF Austin, CJCS Milley and COMCENT McKenzie been replaced?


    1. "Why haven't Occupant Biden, SECDEF Austin, CJCS Milley and COMCENT McKenzie been replaced?"

      No competent replacements available at this point--not with the regime totally up in the air. Meanwhile, some need to remain in case it goes 25th--replacements could not be confirmed while the crisis in the regime continues. And that could be indefinite. It's a complete mess. This is what TDS leads to.

    2. Replaced? My question is why they haven't simply taken control? Some of them are most certainly part of the cabal pulling Biden's strings. Are they ready to take the chance they get canned and lose their pension if/when Obama decides to make the switcheroo? They might have a better chance looking the part of a hero by simply going rogue and telling the troops to run missions against the "CinC" orders.

      Coup, schmoup, at this point, what difference does it make?

    3. No that’s what happens when a fraudulent election is accepted and tolerated. The “Press” has been actively involved even before the first vote was cast.

  5. Your updates regarding China's influence in our deep state is on target. All the comparisons with Saigon/Afghanistan now need another look.

    It's actually, a comparison to Dein Bein Phu in 1954 where the French placed their troops in a valley surrounded by Viet Minh forces is much more apt.

    Is this China's influence in our military as well?


  6. I agree 100% on the establishment Trump nightmare scenario.

    They tried to kill the king, and he survived, and wants revenge…

    The ad Trump just released is one of the best political ad I have seen.

    The establishment gop is in a hard place. They are muttering something about the Afghan withdrawal was a mistake.

    How tone deaf!

    While Trump is carpet bombing Biden, and Trumps position agrees with the American Zeitgeist.

    Emerald Robinsons recent sub stack on Never Trumpers is a must read.

    And the article that launched her career is enlightening.

  7. Stolen elections have consequences. All those who helped cover up the steal and even now will talk of all possibilities except the return of President Trump, the rightful winner, bear responsibility. Without Trump this will get worse. We have no foreign policy, we risk an imminent terrorist attack and Pelosi will make sure the economy tanks. We have put professional politicians in charge, and politics is the only reality for them. They really don't know how to run a shoe store, let alone a country.

  8. When we see a list of who are the Biden 13 dead along with your pictures, I think that will be the end of Xioe and his corrupt cabal, otherwise this mess will keep going on and ruining and destroying us as a nation until something finally gives. Where are the audit results?

    1. You think they're going to permit you to see that?

  9. My first impression after reading news this Fri. morning was this was about the "kill list" that the US State Dept gave the Taliban, with all the names, addresses, and biometric info of the US citizens in Afghanistan and our allies who we wanted to get out. Gotta hand it to the Taliban, they know how to fleece the dumb ones! Who could even imagine giving out sensitive info like this to anyone?? Did they get any permission from the easy to be located now-targets?

    It would be nice to know who did both lists- and who was dumb enough to share the 'kill list' with the enemy.

    Any over/under peg on how much this costs US to get hostages back? Is Obama's Iran cash payment the floor? Taliban want to do them one better, I'm sure.

    I sure hope all this leads to some return to reality and sanity!

  10. Xi's investment in Biden (financial, cyber/electoral, etc) is paying off quite handsomely. Best deal in centuries.

  11. It’s how easily and cheaply they can be bought which is sad. Willing to sell out their country for chump change. Though I guess we are the real chumps.