Tuesday, August 10, 2021

One Weird Fact


Wow! That's a real brain twister. Hmmmm. I give up. What is it?



  1. It's surprising that WalMart and Disney aren't part of the list. Mandate all employees be vaccinated and join the club.

    Defending The Republic, the organization spearheaded by Attorney Sidney Powell, says this about that:

    Join the movement to walk out and protest your place of employment and your school at noon your time zone on Wednesday, August 11. No one should be forced, coerced, or pressured to inject the COVID shots.

    For more information, visit:

  2. Is this what they meant by diversity with the recent Zhou executive order?

  3. O/T

    This is something well worth a few minutes:


  4. @0311 that was beautiful, thanks. Spells out our current moment pretty well from the psychological perspective. Resonates deeply. Very much on topic. Mark A

  5. As history is the "engine" of the future, this small Powerpoint, from the 1959 HUAC Document notes the "Happy Camp" of the Mao group and the correct situation in the U.S. :