Friday, August 13, 2021

UPDATED: Turley: Time For More Ice Cream?

How low can Left America go? Well, we could have some guy living in the White House who was business partners with his son--smartest guy he'd ever met--trading influence for money from major foreign powers. Which would make them both subject to blackmail or pressure of one sort or another.

And yet ...

As Professor Jonathan Turley notes--and I'd really like to know who he voted for--

The media blackout on Hunter Biden’s laptop remains in force this week despite a major new development with the release of a videotape that purportedly shows Biden claiming that one of his laptops was stolen by Russians for blackmail purposes. ... However, like the coverage in most major news outlets, there are only the familiar sound of crickets.


As usual, most Americans have not seen the story which is running largely on foreign media. This is likely to result in yet another run of President Baidan to the nearest ice cream store.

Before the election, the national media and social media companies imposed a virtual blackout on the Hunter Biden story.  ...

Social media companies like Twitter responded by barring the original New York Post story before the election. The media (which exhaustively investigated any story involving the Trump children) simply ignored the growing evidence that Zhou Baiden lied repeatedly for months in claiming to have had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings. ...


The new emails contain additional information directly contradicting Zhou Baidan. ....

It would be easy to dismiss these stories as the record of a hopeless addict. However, ...

If this videotape is real, it is a breathtaking admission that directly impacts the President of the United States in relations with a major hostile power. If it is fake, it is proof of a concerted conspiracy to frame Hunter Biden and spread misinformation. It is a major story either way, right? Not in the age of advocacy journalism.

Still, one thing we learn is that maybe Hunter isn't as dumb as we thought:

“[d]rinking a quart of vodka a day by yourself in a room is absolutely, completely debilitating” as well as “smoking crack around the clock.”

He's learned something in life! And maybe he shared his wisdom with dear old dad: Stick to sniffing little girls' hair. Lay off crack.

Turley does point out that, while the US media is silent on this latest tale of degradation, it's playing largely around the world. America's degradation continues apace.

UPDATE: Margot Cleveland makes the point succinctly:


  1. The FBI has had Hunter’s laptop for a very long time, why no referral for prosecution?

  2. It’s just further discrediting the us media.

  3. I saw this article in the Daily Mail. My first thought was, "how does he know they did?" Seems like only one way he would have found out for sure that the Russians took it for blackmail purposes....haha Wonder how much of the Chinese slush fund has been transferred to Russia so far??

  4. Our politicians in DC most states flip us the bird everyday and claim it is business as usual. When does the country stop complying with their dictates? On the local front - yesterday I learned that Kaiser (large HMO) sent a relative notice saying "do not come to their offices if they have not been vaccinated".
    This ties right in the blather from the head of Kaiser Family Foundation recently stating ~ we need all of the unvaccinated to get the jab to reach herd immunity. Readers here know there is ample evidence this is not true. A niece is being forced to get the vaccine for her work. She is devastated by the lose-lose situation. She told her dad that if she gets the jab "she will lose her identity". Isn't that what the junta want ultimately.
    The propaganda is rapidly moving into more active intrusions into our lives. Friends and neighbors have been getting increasingly strident about "the unvaccinated". They generally only know what they have been told by the propagandists. I see a rapidly growing group that will demand unvaccinated Americans be segregated into camps. Japanese internment camps happened with FDR, so why not now with Baiden. The mob will try to rule by force soon.
    None of this is possible without the panic porn of Covid and the lawlessness of the ruling junta. I've followed politics closely for decades and at 60 am not naive about the human animal. However, I never saw the depth of the sickness in the USA until Covid. Trump was the great unmasking force that show our rulers for who they really are. I pray we can get ourselves out of this but grow more certain every day that this will not end well for America. Keep the faith and live free.

    1. I am taking a more...sanguine view of Americans these days. We have to consider that, as you say, Trump was the Great Reveal. Until 2016, the vast majority of Americans were largely hypnotized and asleep with all the layers of fake news, propaganda, dezinformatsya. We are only now, really waking up. Really. Even as late as 2020, most Americans still bought the Wuflu deception, or large parts. Four years of Trump wasn't enough to fully snap us out of it and awaken us to the breadth and depth of the deception and rottenness. We needed the stolen election and the Wuflu lies revealed and the clumsy Zhou Regime to do the rest.

      But does seem that many many (most?) Americans are awake now. They aren't buying the Regime's lies any longer. We've learned to automatically discount, disbelieve, and scorn pretty much everything fed out by the Regime and its collaborators. That is the first step. Only the first step, but a very important and necessary one.

      So what is next? Americans aren't sure yet. It's not enough to know that our government is a rotten authoritarian tyrant. We don't yet know just how far they will go, especially now that they increasingly see that their old propaganda and hypnosis isn't working on us anymore. I'm not sure if the Regime even knows how far they will or can go. But they are driven by fear and compelled to carry it through. No going back for them.

      I imagine this as a boxing match where the Regime and the People are circling, circling...waiting for the other one to make a move. The Regime is trying and will try to force the People into some kind of violence so they can persuade the military that force is justified.

      I also imagine this like the phony war of 1939-40. The allies knew the next blow was coming but where? When? So things seemed on pause until May 1940. The People are waiting for the Regime to make that move. Maybe it will be mandatory nationwide injections. Maybe an attempt at gun confiscations. Maybe a cancellation of 2022 elections due to some fauxmergency. We don't know what but we know it's coming, it's building.

      And the key question: what will the military do? They are the trump card. If the military takes sides, its Spain 1934. If they don't take sides or acquiesce to the Regime, it's Russia 1920s. If they fully side with the People it is the fall of the Iron Curtain and a glorious rebirth like we've never seen since 1783.

      God help us. May we live up to the standards of our forebears.


  5. Dunno what y'all are sweating about, but I say Rocky Road.


  6. Biden can't be blackmailed. He controls the election machinery. No matter what, he can't lose his next election.

    1. Biden doesn't even control his own bladder. If there is one thing we have discovered since Trump turned the spotlights on this pitch-black room full of cockroaches on the beltway, is that the beltway - almost in it's entirety - is controlled by corporatists, globalists (including foreign players) and just about any entity with a bank account large enough to buy $10K a plate dinners...

      Does anyone really think it's a coincidence that Xiden's handlers have eviscerated the US energy sector in 6 months, and at the same time have ensured oil from Russia, Ukraine and OPEC oil interests are safe?

      And at the same time, Biden is 10-0 in Senate and Presidential elections, yet he's portrayed as some kind of village idiot... he's no idiot: he's a hopelessly corrupt politician who has sold out his country for the past 40+ years.