Thursday, August 19, 2021

Cat, Bag ... Out! Plus, Who Lost ... Sweden?

Dr. Robert Malone's twitter feed has become a bit of a go to morning check for Covid commentary and news. There are others, of course, but he retweets lots of good information.

This morning there seems to be almost a theme to most of it--cats getting out the bags they had been kept in. And we all know how hard it is to get cats back into their bags, so that's a good thing.

For example, in his understated way--which requires some reflection--Malone shares a revelation from Dr. Rochelle, who seems to me to not entirely understand what the program is. Otherwise, why would she open this bag full of cats?

Why do I say that items like this require some reflection? Well, ask yourself: Fine, ADE; just because the virus finds a workaround (mutation/variant) for the vax, why should that lead to increased risk of serious illness? Serious illness could lead to death, right?

Now consider this. It appears that in the UK among the unvaxxed there's next to no risk associated with the Dread Delta, so why would there be an increased risk among the vaxxed In Israel--and, presumably, elsewhere among the vaxxed? Obviously there's something else going on besides mutations in the virus, and that something else may have to do with changes in the immune system induced by the vax itself.

For reference:

Please note--this doesn't even get into the issue of whether those 48 had co-morbidities or were otherwise immuno-compromised.

Here's another consideration. Dr. Rochelle, as I say, appears a bit clueless. Why would she appear to be surprised at this development when--of all unlikely people--Zhou himself implicitly claims not to have been surprised:

Which leads to the question: When did they know they'd need a boost? Did they know that there could be other vax issues beside waning effectiveness, issues like with reaction of the human immune system? Is that part of the significance of the Japanese regulatory study on the Pfizer injection--the cat that Dr. Byram Bridle (very deliberately) let out of its bag?

Lotta questions, and there should be people reflecting on them. We know people with PhDs have been reflecting on these questions really hard, because they're the ones who are the most vax hesitant.

Now, while all this has been going on, people have been obsessed with the inevitable question: Who lost Afghanistan. But how about this one: Who lost India? Afghanistan is a remote location that could easily be misplaced, but how about an entire subcontinent? To lose an entire subcontinent seems well beyond careless, and yet here's India--birthplace of the Dread Delta--and it's been weeks since we've heard news from there. Not since, well, not since some major Indian states began mass medicating with Ivermectin. Oh, and did you know that India, birthplace of the Dread Delta, was also the location of a vax trial? Just sayin'. It's probably one of those weird coincidences.

But that brings us to Sweden. Who lost Sweden? Because we're not hearing much about Sweden--which notoriously went its own way and shunned the Covid Panic. There actually is news from Sweden, accompanied by a  nice picture:

Finally, this article is kinda darkly humorous:

U.S. officials’ decision on Covid-19 booster shots baffles — and upsets — some scientists

Of course the really disturbing thing is that only "some" scientists are baffled and upset, which suggests that they still haven't noticed all those cats on the loose. What world have they been living in?

Many flat-out challenged the need for booster doses at this time. Others questioned the morality of administering third shots to Americans when most people on the planet haven’t received one. And some worried that a decision had been made before the Food and Drug Administration had ruled on the need for a booster or a key vaccine advisory committee had evaluated the data — typically the way vaccine policy is set.

We're in the new normal where rules and procedures are promulgated and dropped on an ad hoc basis. As a form of governmental, ruling elite, performance art. Data? That's all handled on a need to know basis--and you don't need to know!


  1. This is going to be my go to response to all to Branch Covidian Cultists in my life: SWEDEN.

  2. They will just quote garbage data about Norway and Finland and call you an idiot. Trust me: been there, done that.

    1. Well, unless the Norway and Finland deaths are a small fraction of the Swedish deaths, the idea that the Swedes' non-lockdowns were "idiotic" is, at best, laughable.

    2. And, had the Swed numbers come close to dwarfing the Norway/ Finland numbers, our eardrums would've been bleeding, from the decibel level of the MSM's celebration of such numbers.

  3. So these comparative statements by the CDC of risk are always sloppy--primarily because the CDC leadership appear not to actually understand how to speak precisely based on data.

    "Increased risk" compared to what? Compared to unvaccinated? Compared to vaccinated more recently? An "increase" is a comparison. I suspect the increase is relative to those who had their vaccines in the 1-6 month range, but we will never know for sure because the director of the CDC is a scientifically illiterate fool.

    For some actual, clear data points. My state of Wisconsin has finally published data over time about cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities for the vacccinated vs the unvaccinated. Assuming its accuracy, what is clear is that in the past couple months, the advantage of vaccination with respect to case rate has declined with covid, but is still about a 3:1 advantage. The advantage of vaccination vs unvaccinated for hospitalizations and mortality appears to be stable.

    If we could just get more data in this form, we could see more clearly what is going on. I think the point about ADE is that if it were to develop, the risk for that would be at this point due to a relatively low rate of protection against infection. Actual ADE should show a higher risk of cases/hospitalization/mortality over the unvaccinated, and at least in my state we do not see that yet. But the trend is in the wrong direction, and I think we should be watching for ADE.

    1. Same commenter here...I would also point out that according to the states in my state, the recent fatality rate for unvaccinated is approximately what the fatality rate was for vaccinated people at the beginning of the year--only about 1:100,000. So does this mean we can declare the pandemic/emergency is over? Delta may be causing more cases, but this data also very clearly shows that case fatality rates are declining across the board (vaccinated and unvaccinated)

    2. @anon, Name please? Or, you're new here aren't you. Anybody using the term "case rate" with a straight face, or is that for the purposes of obfuscation? And you might want to consider a little opsec , you don't want the Delta discovering an opportunity to attack Wisconsin... Mark A. I'd point you to but...

  4. Hi Mark, I read the study on the Federalist since it had Dr. Harcy Risch on it and he seems to be a reasonable proponent of natural immunity. I won't go into all the details about the article, but went to a supporting pre-print study from the CDC.

    Why Forcing Unvaccinated Students To Wear Cloth Masks Is Anti-Science

    Here's what caught my eye:

    "For example, this recent Centers for Disease Control study of a gamma variant outbreak among miners showed the attack rate was 60 percent among fully vaccinated miners and 75 percent among unvaccinated miners without a history of infection. By contrast, there were ZERO cases in those who were previously infected with COVID."

    Upon reading the supporting pre-print study from the CDC on 44 miners was quite a word salad of numbers that was difficult to figure out what was really going on. After the word salad, their conclusion was that Gamma is not controlled by Pfizer as well and you still need to social distance/mask. Like in forever if they got their way.

    Breakthrough Infections of SARS-CoV-2 Gamma Variant in Fully Vaccinated Gold Miners, French Guiana, 2021

    "In conclusion, we describe a VOC Gamma COVID-19 outbreak with a strikingly high attack rate among persons fully vaccinated with BNT162b2 vaccine. Our observation suggested that BNT162b2 protected from severe COVID-19. However, this single unexpected outbreak in a small and isolated vaccinated population requires further real-life studies on BNT162b2 vaccine effectiveness against the VOC Gamma. Masking and social distancing —even among those fully vaccinated— may be necessary among persons with frequent exposure in Gamma variant–endemic zones."

    I think they are also implying Pfizer is not as effective, therefore we need boosters.

    "We describe a COVID-19 Gamma variant cluster with a high attack rate even in fully vaccinated persons. The Gamma variant is the predominant variant in French Guiana which, as of July 2021, caused a third epidemic wave, threatening to overwhelm the hospital capacity..."

    They also imply some benefit in that no one died from Gamma since "No clinically severe COVID-19 (1) was observed, and no patient was hospitalized. "

    What they totally gloss over is that all 6 miners with previous NI and antibodies did NOT get sick which I'm betting Dr. Risch was keen to notice. You have to look at the supporting data table that is much more clear than the muddled (possibly misleading) verbiage.

    History of COVID-19, vaccinated 1 dose Not sick 3 (6.8%)
    History of COVID-19, not vaccinated Not sick 3 (6.8%)
    (reformatted to work in your editor)

    table with data:

    It's just, we'll say unfortunate that all those names attached to this report went with the non-obvious narrative of "Gamma - panic" rather than pointing out the obvious which those miners that didn't get sick were fully immune despite half (3 of 6) getting a single vax and like the Cleveland Clinic study show that there is no benefit (perhaps risk though) to get the vax if you've already recovered.

    I still think it more than just the money unless all these knuckleheads are also in for a cut of the pie, but if more people "wake up" and think it's about the money, at least that'll be good enough to start turning the ship away from the oncoming iceberg of perpetual covid + possible ADE.

    1. It seems the lesson for any country as a whole is: allow infection but treat it early and aggressively. You'll come out ahead in the long run.

  5. I was getting worried that my last post was a bit over the top. I'll try to focus more on facts, less speculation.

    Mark wrote: "Which leads to the question: When did they know they'd need a boost? Did they know that there could be other vax issues beside waning effectiveness, issues like with reaction of the human immune system?"

    I'm guess they knew based on the video below from a US doc in the UK, 6/4/21. Earlier? Who knows???

    "Looking at vaccines, what have you found? - So they key message from our finding Pfizer, those who have had 2 doses, have 5-6 fold lower of the neutralising antibodies. Block virus from getting into cells in first place. 1 dose less likely to have See older you are, lower levels likely to be Time since 2nd jab, lower likely to be Shows need to prioritise boosters for older. Q: How long did this take? - One of things Crick can do well, bring people from lots of disciplines. Virologist, immunologists, with statisticians and data programmers. Able to get virus from NHS lab, via Imperial College. Once virus in house, virus to data in 3-5 days"

    I just said I would stop on the speculation, but the doctor seems to be quite upset as the video begins.

    Could be nothing related, but he definitely does say yes to boosters and we can whip 'em out "real fast now".

    I would ht the someone who sent me the link, but can't find it on that site now. Was still in my history.

  6. ZeroHedge published an article this morning about a new study about vaccination results:

    “Landmark Study Proves COVID Vaccines Much Less Effective Than Advertised

    The article links to the study

    I have ‘attempted’ to find the link meaningful and the results that Zerohedge posted of comparative effectiveness of the three vaccines.

    Operative concept ‘attempted’.

    However, I did find the questionare that the participates in the study filled out.

    Specifically, it asks questions regarding Covid ‘experiences’ (symtomes).
    And it ask if the person was ever vaccinated.

    Thus, the study of a very large sample could provide a correlation between those who had been vaccinated and those not and the respective symptom history.

    That to my mind is the only meaningful statistic about vaccine effectiveness.

    If anyone has read the study (not news bullets like Zerohedge) I would be interested in your take on it.

  7. In the W.H. presser today, Walensky today conceded that the “science” indicates the effectiveness of the vaccine diminishes over time, and brings an “increased risk of *severe* illness amid those who were *vaccinated* early.”
    Has the Great Retreat begun?

  8. From , on vaxes and virus spread:

    < Scientists at the University of Oxford found levels of the virus could be just as high in people who get COVID, despite having both jabs, as in those who *haven't been* vaccinated....

    Professor Sarah Walker, Chief Investigator for the Survey, said: "We don't yet know, how much transmission can happen from people who get COVID-19 *after* being vaccinated - for example, they may have high levels of virus for shorter periods of time.
    "But the fact that they can have high levels of virus suggests that people who aren't yet vaccinated may not be as protected from the Delta variant as we hoped." >