Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Against Every Scientific Principle--But Is Money A Scientific Principle?

Dr. Byram Bridle, a vaccinologist at Guelph University in Ontario, has featured in a number of posts here. Lately he's best known for drawing attention to the Japanese regulatory study that exposed Pfizer's knowledge of the serious nature of possible side effects to its gene therapy injection. Just the other day Laura Ingraham brought Bridle on to respond to the "echo chamber" narrative that "we're experiencing a pandemic of the unvaxxed." Bridle's response was refreshingly forthright. Is bottom line was that this narrative is:

Against Every Scientific Principle That We Understand

That's a remarkable statement given that virtually the entire scientific establishment has coalesced around this latest pro-vax narrative. Well, so have they coalesced around every other narrative that has come from on high, meaning, from Tony Fauci--Mr. Science himself.

The Ingraham interview with Bridle is only 5 minutes long and well worth your time:

Speaking about science, Israel is offering up some interesting data for anyone interested in actual, you know, science. I'm not gonna vouch for all the statements in this article, but it is Science Mag, which is very main stream science. And they're not trying to gloss over anything. First and last paragraphs:

“Now is a critical time,” Israeli Minister of Health Nitzan Horowitz said as the 56-year-old got a COVID-19 booster shot on 13 August, the day his country became the first nation to offer a third dose of vaccine to people as young as age 50. “We’re in a race against the pandemic.”

His message was meant for his fellow Israelis, but it is a warning to the world. Israel has among the world’s highest levels of vaccination for COVID-19, with 78% of those 12 and older fully vaccinated, the vast majority with the Pfizer vaccine. Yet the country is now logging one of the world’s highest infection rates, with nearly 650 new cases daily per million people. More than half are in fully vaccinated people, ...


Yet boosters are unlikely to tame a Delta surge on their own, says Dvir Aran, a biomedical data scientist at Technion. In Israel, the current surge is so steep that “even if you get two-thirds of those 60-plus [boosted], it’s just gonna give us another week, maybe 2 weeks until our hospitals are flooded.” He says it’s also critical to vaccinate those who still haven’t received their first or second doses, and to return to the masking and social distancing Israel thought it had left behind—but has begun to reinstate.

Aran’s message for the United States and other wealthier nations considering boosters is stark: “Do not think that the boosters are the solution.”

Wait a minute--this guy is seriously recommending what didn't work the first time, and what likely put Israel behind the 8-ball to begin with, as the solution? And why is Science talking to a biomedical data guy instead of, say, an immunologist?

Obviously, the Israeli data is powerful confirmation of what Bridle and others are saying. But just as obviously, what Bridle and others (Bhakdi, Yeadon, Vanden Bossche, etc.) are saying now is exactly what they've been saying for months. It's all basic scientific principles that every scientist in the field was familiar with. What's going on?


Dr. Robert Malone is recommending an article that presents the answer to that question in the starkest of terms. Not to put to fine a point on it, and this is me:

"Follow the science" turns out to mean: Follow the money.

Here's the link to the article:

Ignoble Lies & Inconvenient Truths: Scientific collusion on COVID-19 comes from the top

Or, how Dr. Fauci & leading journals learned to stop worrying and embrace censorship

Don't be put off when you start reading and find out that the article is about old news: Covid origins and the coverup of the China Connection that Fauci orchestrated and that was pushed by the media and the science establishment for over a year. Yes, we covered that here very early on, but here's the point:

... every scientist whose emails have been released has been shown to have concerns about COVID-19 coming from a lab, even though they were writing peer-reviewed articles that claimed the opposite.

They all knew--and they lied. What Malone calls the "noble lie" was done for the money. Not really so noble. And scientists who weren't receiving grant money from Fauci--rock star Nobel winning virologists like David Baltimore--stated the truth publicly. But it turns out that the mainstream media isn't interested in the real news, after all. They're just pushing a political narrative.

Which leads to the point of this post: If they all knowingly lied about Covid origins, why be surprised that they're lying about "every scientific principle" in immunology? Follow the money--there's nothing noble about these lies.


I’m thinking of offering a bounty to any natural-origin proponent who can provide evidence of NOT holding a different position in private. If you’re keeping score, that’s 100% of natural-origin proponents [in emails released thus far] who’ve lied repeatedly to the world about what they believe is the provenance of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Here in the US, that includes Dr. Fauci - the public face of vaccines, masks, lock-downs and mandates - which doesn’t bode well for the future of “Trust the Science” once everyone understands that he was the conductor of the scientific censorship train. Fauci even literally stated that attacks on him were attacks on science; if that’s the case, it looks like the forecast for science has taken a turn for the worst.


Doubling Down

By now, an intrepid reader might be asking themselves why a significant percentage of the world’s leading virologists & microbiologists would have been so flippant in rejecting an obvious possibility so early on in the pandemic [in fact, they began crafting the narrative six weeks before the WHO officially declared that COVID-19 had become a pandemic]. Or, perhaps others would ask the question the way I did: “Why did so few scientists speak out about the obvious possibility,” one that even my most junior Marines would’ve considered first?

The piece de resistance isn’t going to surprise anyone, because it’s money.

How much money? The answer may not sound that imposing: $3.1 billion a year in grants. However, in 2013/14 [the most recent year with solid global numbers-& only because someone published a paper about it] $3.1 billion represented 7.15% of All biomedical grants awarded by 41 of the largest public or non-profit organizations in the world. Fauci’s slice just at NIAID was just slightly below the entire European Union [27 countries at that time], good enough for a clear third place. 1st place belongs to the NIH as a whole, although the remaining $23 billion was split between 40 other Institutes:


After being in his position for 37 years, Fauci can advocate beyond his fiefdom, and that doesn’t take into account that the NIAID’s budget has been much closer to $4 billion in the last b3 years.


It’s amazing that we've even made it this far - but don’t worry, we have still have some time before the ivory tower falls. Just 3 weeks ago, Dr. Peter Hotez’s Mounting Anti-Science Aggression in the United States openly called for hate crime legislation from Congress to combat those who question scientists. He even ended with a comparison to 1930’s Nazi Germany, which seems odd for someone whose favored political party is in control and already suppressing free speech. What a perfect microcosm of pandemic-era science -- a scientist who already has Big Tech smothering the truth on his behalf, writing in a peer-reviewed journal, arguing that questioning the merits of vaccines or masks or natural origins should be punished with a felony. If Dr. Hotez can’t see which side is currently ‘burning books,’ then he’ll be really surprised when his fellow scientists are testifying under oath before Congress about their cover-up activities.


  1. Not sure I totally agree, but to some it does seem to be all about money and what I gather is Toady Fauxi used his immense purse strings for power/influence with these chaps and who know what other leverage he might have had to ensure they tow his and only his line.

    What really disturbs me most about all of this is the coordinated efforts, not only withing the medical establishment to read the same fraudulent sheet of music, but other additional "coincidences" that help to perpetuate this on the world. Just at the 10,000 ft level we see not only almost no or barely minimal effort to ensure the safety of these vaccines, but hints that some of the negative data which would have halted progress was ignored, "lost", or destroyed. Example: Pfizer letting the control group get vaccinated. I don't like to quote NPR since they're been a disappointment lately:

    Also, things like not doing any evaluation of fertility risks beyond a 2 week study on rats. This one is brought up by Dr. Bhakdi's study here:

    I you read the Moderna consent form for the recipient as well as the provider, nothing about risks are mentioned other than talk to your doctor.

    The one that shocked me the most was the St. Jude study of 2 groups to compare Natural Immunity + Vaccinated to Vaccinated only showing changes in T-Cell immunity for the group that added the vaccine to their already robust immunity. I question why they didn't have a 3rd group of Natural Immunity with no vax to see if these changes in Nucleocapsid T-Cell declines are unique to the Vax+NI group or not they happen to NI as well since we can't tell what happens long term to one's immunity with a study that only lasts 30-60 days. In this case I don't fault the study authors, but I wonder if those who have robust immunity from recovery are wrecking it by adding the vax that we know will run out of gas in 6 months and potentially leave them at risk too? Rather that stop and analyze this more and maybe pause that segment, they continue to beat them drum that resistance is futile and you will get the jab. (I can almost hear that in an Aussie accent).

    I could go on, but sure, there's quite a bit of money to be made, but if you're a good poker player and saw that Bill Gates grin when asked if people should lose gov. benefits, their job, etc. if they don't take the jab, it certainly makes you wonder if there's more to this than money???

    p.s. Also, they had to know there's potential to create more mutant/variants with these leaky vaccines and adding the NI folks is just more fuel for the fire???

    pps. Alex Berenson is again having a field day saying "Told Ya". Let's hope his message and others including Dr. Malone's get out soon or we are looking at this to continue to grind on and hurt people.

    1. I wasn't saying the vax project was totally about money. I was saying that scientists talking out of the back of their heads was mostly about money.

    2. Ok, I agree with that. One other thing that is really distressing is the doctors being in fear of losing their license if they say anything negative about the vaccine. I was in for a checkup last month and was chatting with my doc about having some palpitations in early June that just went away and if I should do anything right now. The first thing he said was he's having them right now and I looked at him wide eyed and he tells me that he had a full heart cath two weeks prior and is currently wearing a monitor. Then he tells me he had the vax about a month ago. I've worked with lots of docs in eye care and I just can't imagine them sharing something like that even when you are being chummy with the patient. I wonder after leaving if he was trying to hint since he knew I already recovered last fall from Covid and he's under pressure to conform???

      Or maybe my mind is playing tricks on me since we've been in crazy world for the past 18 months???

    3. And I'll bet he's not the only one.

    4. @Mikey you really should watch the 4 video symposia on all the regulars are there plus some doctors you haven't seen before, the emininant physicians and scientists on the video will confirm your suspicions, your doctor is absolutely under pressure. Pardon me if I don't give a whit about his justifications, but deceiving someone into participating in a medical experiment is depriving them of informed consent. It is ethically reprehensible, there is nothing noble about it. It should be a crime. If we don't hold our doctors accountable how do we expect to stop anything they might try to do to us in the name of social welfare? Is that not what the laws concerning Malpractice are for? I gave my patients the jab of this experimental gene therapy because I was pressured to conform. As Dr. Frank would say, "that ain't right, buddy"

      Mark A

    5. Not just denying informed consent, but preventing you from even seeking it out. Even going so far as to declare truth as dangerous misinformation.
      Things to remember forever.

  2. I hear there is a surge in Ivermectin demand driven by Delta. Doctor's office sent a graph showing peaks at Jan2021 levels. The office is seriously busy now.
    Not sure how they are getting this data though. Is there a test for delta? Have you seen where the Delta data comes from?
    I expect many radical variants, but am hoping the become less deadly. No one ever talks about that much.


      ALso, in this document I noticed this statement.

      " Some states are directing residents to the CDC for data, but CDC data on COVID-19 variants is updated irregularly, and there is often a lag in their release of case data due to bureaucratic obstacles. States need to seriously reconsider their dashboard efforts as we try to combat the Delta variant together as a nation."