Saturday, August 21, 2021

UPDATED: Further Reflections On Chris Wray's Turnaround Re January 6 Event

NOTE: Since publishing this, I've revised it somewhat, adding a third consideration. I'm still digesting Tucker's entire monologue because it covers more than just the January 6 Event--yet most of what is currently going on in DC seems connected.

If I understand what Thomas Lifson is saying that Tucker Carlson is saying, then the motive behind the FBI's change of stance regarding the January 6 Event has to do with concealing federal involvement in that event. Lifson writes:

“If there was organization going on, some of it came from the feds.”


Dropping the allegations of coordinated activity, aka, insurrection from the charges  would allow these unindicated co-conspirators to avoid being called as witnesses by those who otherwise might have been charged with crimes of conspiracy.


But--in bigger picture terms--organization coming from the feds means federal agency involvement in the coup against Trump. I read that as arguing that The January 6 Event, to the extent it was directed by the feds, was an op with the goal of providing a legal basis for removing Trump if push came to shove. An insurance policy of sorts against the unthinkable--Trump staging a comeback by showing election fraud before Zhou could be installed.

Now, why would the FBI be concerned at this point in time to conceal that--the Zhou regime is a fait accompli for now, right? Is there something important about this point in time? At least two reasons come to mind, and they ultimately revolve around the crash and burn of the Zhou regime that is now undeniable.

First, if DoJ pushes ahead with prosecutions, many of those cases would not come up for trial until 2022. Think about that. There's a major election--most likely including a major power shift away from the currently installed regime--that's also coming up in 2022. My working assumption would be that DoJ and the FBI were hoping to get all this behind them through guilty pleas within months, as part of cementing the legitimacy of the Zhou regime in the public mind within the first 6 months. That hasn't happened, and now it increasingly looks as if regime change will be necessary. The Deep State will want the citizenry focusing on that regime change rather than on the origins of the Zhou regime--of which the January 6 Event is a constant reminder. Thus the need to get the January 6 Event behind us, out of public consciousness, rather than the open running sore that Pelosi had hoped to make it--constantly blaming Trump. Game plan changes.

Second, the judiciary as an independent branch of government is clearly not on board with being manipulated in the fashion that DoJ has been attempting. As a result defense attorneys are doubtless emboldened to fight these cases and to seek embarrassing discovery material. This already appears to be happening--cases are being expedited by dropping any serious charges and letting people free on time served. The bottom line here would be, the less information that comes out in the judicial process the less a new conservative majority in the House would have to work with in hearings.

A third consideration offers a bit of hope. It increasingly appears that the whole purpose of the January 6 Event "insurrection" narrative has failed. Trump has NOT been marginalized and forced off the national stage. Whether he will stage a political comeback in the sense of a new campaign for the presidency remains an open question, but he remains a major factor--a figure around whom Americans can rally. To that extent, the "insurrection" narrative is a clear fail and has to be jettisoned in view of coming battles.

Again, the goal of the establishment would be the effort to safeguard whatever regime comes after Zhou--sooner rather than later--against a possibly resurgent Trump. A combination of election fraud revelations with evidence of federal complicity in trying to frame Trump as an insurrectionist would be disastrous for the establishment installed regime, and renegade conservatives in control of the House come 2022 could push that into a major crisis for the establishment.

So it looks like the establishment may be cutting their losses. Clearing the decks for future battles.

I'll listen to Tucker and may update later. I've listened to the first segment, and the first ten minutes are a masterful evocation of the regime/establishment crisis--the January 6 Event segment begins a bit after 32:00:


  1. And with the new shiny object for the MSM to endlessly chase with the capitulation in Afghanistan, what better time than now to straighten the deck chairs to keep SS Establishment afloat but off the radar.


  2. Thought i posted about this yesterday. Sundance has a nice read on it yesterday.

  3. I'm not sure how much anyone in DC fears much of anything when if comes to regiment change in 22. I think it's more important to DC that *we're convinced* the insututions fear it.

    This is part of the normally broadcast show. That's the only way to keep the charade going.

    Otherwise the house changing hands has just about been set in stone with redistricting.

    We gotta keep the other half believing that everything's gonna change here shortly if we just sit on our hands and wait to be saved.

  4. I think your third consideration is most likely, however you fail to mention the possibility that election audits may conclusively prove a stolen election prior to 2022 but certainly before 20224 and a process will be need to resolve that situation such as a process to re-install Trump.

    1. TGP reported on the Trump rally taking place today in Alabama where Newsmax reported 50,000 supporters are expected to show. There's enough blood in the political water for Trump to speak for a couple hours with Biden and his henchmen likely receiving the brunt of the criticism. And with the FBI's recent leak that a conspiracy wasn't behind the January 6th riot, no doubt he'll unload on Wray and Garland as well.


    2. I think the theory of Trump being "re-installed" is very, very absurd, and I wish our side would focus on more rational or practical goals. Even if every state audited and decerted or re-certed the accurate results, it would not happen.

      Our ONLY real opportunity through these audits is to force meaningful election integrity rules into the system at state levels and give the federal takeover efforts the heisman.

      If there was even an inkling of a chance of Trump being put back in, I frankly would nto want it because it would mean total chaos anyway (as opposed to him coming back and absolutely trouncing everyone - legitimacy restored)... plus I truly believe the left would quite literally burn this country to the ground before it happened. And our side has proven far too weak and meek to respond in kind.


    3. So to understand you correctly,your answer to a fake election is to Capitulate To the fraudulent results? With that what is to stop all our elections from being stolen? Leaving it stand as fraudulent is weak and meek in IMHO.

    4. With all respect, I don’t see how President Trump’s being “reinstalled” (whatever that is supposed to mean) could bring more chaos than we have right this minute. I believe even the world leaders who were not great supporters would welcome him back with open arms. They certainly won’t flock to Biden’s side. It’s about strength at the helm. A strong, forceful, savvy leader. Red lines with real force behind them. The only thing bullies understand.

    5. @bebe, I think you dramatically underestimate how much more chaotic things could get. We're all still going to our jobs, eating, paying utility bills, driving around, shopping, living our lives, etc. If you think it could not get any worse, I have to say thats WHY Americans have grown so weak. Good lord.

      @ other Anon, the answer to fake election is in the body of my previous comment: exposure will allow the quick passage of vote integrity laws, after which we can have an election that is transparent and we know the results of. It is either that or we devolve into a hot war. That should be the primary (and perfectly achievable at state level) objective of the audits.

      Honestly, walk me through a viable scenario in this current climate; and the response of the left, the right, and the world, in which a couple states produce big questions about the vote, and it eventually leads to Trump being placed back into the presidency to govern for the remainder of the term.... Who is going to do it?
      the Congress? the SCOTUS? Kamala is gonna step down?
      Are the Joint Chiefs going to escort him onto the grounds of the WH and remove whoever is there? Who is going to gather together in the smoky back room and say "just kidding, let's give it back to the guy." And even if that occurred even remotely peacefully, does anyone think that would somehow mean legitimacy in the eyes of half the country, or that the deep state would just stand down unlike the 4 years of Trump before? He would literally accomplish nothing but fighting off the jackals.

      As opposed to this: election integrity laws are passed all over the place over the next year or so, Trump runs in 2024, and gets a full 4 year term after winning 40 states like he almost certainly did this time. THAT would be an unquestionable legitimacy and mandate to start ACTUALLY shutting down the Leviathan.

    6. No idea which anonymous is patting me on the head - we are awash in anonymous posters who decline to identify themselves in their comments - but you are making a judgment about me and my opinion out of a warehouse of ignorance.

    7. To the anonymous Anonymous, my comment was scaled in terms of things somewhat larger than our daily lives, shopping, etc., etc. Some have no clue of what real chaos could come our way with a weak president like Biden and his leftist handlers in charge. We’ve already had more than one taste - look at our border and read the statistics, look at Kabul airport, the list goes on.

    8. @Bebe - my apologies, if blogspot had a method other than identifying with your blogspot ID, which I co-manage with others who would not want me to be speaking on their behalf, I would use that method. As such, I forget, in the heat of the moment, to post a "-Bee" or ME or whatever, at the end. twas I above. ;)

      No intention of making a judgement, though not sure what it was. I am merely presuming (perhaps that is the judgement you mention) that saying you cannot imagine that this malaise "...could bring more chaos than we have" now is a bit of hyperbole.

      If my literal examples of shopping or working are too simple-minded, fair enough. They are expressions that we are still not nearly as chaotic as it could be. There are any number of things, some of which we are likely to see soon, that would make things far worse. To wit: invasion of Taiwan, militias unilaterally enforce border laws, government stasi begins kicking in doors of "illegal" gun owners as they have designated millions to be by diktat already, checkpoints for vax papers, mass protests that shut down commerce and travel, antifa/blm brownshirts focusing their violence explicitly into the suburbs, states going bankrupt, hyperinflation, ports and highways being forcibly shut down....

      I assure you it could get far, far worse.

      And probably will before we finally decide to put an end to it.

      -your anonymous conversationalist, Bee

    9. Yeah, Bee, "government stasi begins kicking in doors of "illegal" *gun* owners as they have designated millions to be by diktat already, checkpoints for *vax papers*, mass protests that *shut down* commerce and travel, antifa/blm brownshirts focusing their violence explicitly into the *suburbs*, states going bankrupt, *hyperinflation*, ports and *highways* being forcibly shut down....".
      All are possible/ inevitable, unless TPTB make some real effort to start to play fair w/ the Deplorables.
      Alas, Wokeism may be so far advanced into derangement, that TPTB may no longer be able, to control the Woke effort to provoke the Deplorables into desperate acts.

    10. Somehow you misread/misunderstood what I wrote at 12:04. I doubted that a “reinstallation” of Trump could possibly make things worse than they are now and promise to be under Biden.

      Malaise? Hardly.

    11. @anon,

      There is no pathway that Trump gets"reinstalled". It's just not physically possible and I get there are many that want this to be a path but there just isn't one.

      Unfortunately the internet is awash with shady mouth pieces making HUNDEREDS of millions of dollars selling this hopium and intentionally exploiting the masses..

      Take it for what it is.

    12. [This is long, so it’s in two parts.]

      "...walk me through a viable scenario in this current which a couple states produce big questions about the vote, and it eventually leads to Trump being placed back into the presidency to govern for the remainder of the term."

      I'm not betting 5 cents on enough Republicans holding together in AZ-GA-WI-PA-MI-NV to ever get proper audits all the way through any of them, but if I'm wrong about that, then laying out a very plausible scenario for Trump getting put back is not hard at all.

      1) The Rs in at least one of those 6 states prove me wrong and actually carry out a proper audit all the way through - including a thorough physical canvassing. AZ could yet be that one, in my and many others' opinions, so let's say it's AZ.

      2) With the fraud shown crystal clearly in AZ, in numbers well beyond the margin of difference, enough political pressure is put on at least one more of the other 5 states to do a proper audit that the Rs are forced to do just that.

      3) Let’s say that second state is GA and that fraud much worse than in AZ is clearly demonstrated.

      [NOTE: I repeat that I put no money on the above happening, but it very well could, and I believe the rest below is easy to imagine from there.]

      4) Dominoes fall, and Rs in PA, MI and WI are forced to do audits there, also. (Democrat domination in NV makes it a tough nut to crack.)

      5) The results make clear beyond any reasonable doubt that all 5 of the audited states were given to Biden only through massive fraud, and Trump's wins there (in this hypothetical) weren't even close calls. All 5 states, or at least their legislatures, change their election certifications from Biden to Trump.

      6) Some meaningful majority of people (55-65 percent?) are already mad enough in this country, and understand well enough that Biden is in serious mental decline (and lord knows nobody likes his VP) that whatever they may think of Trump, they can't deny the undeniable evidence that Biden "won," and Trump was removed, only through coordinated, massive, democracy-destroying fraud.

      7) Whatever these people's thoughts are on whether Trump should be put back, they're agreed that it goes against everything American and everything they believe in to just say, “Oh well, Biden and Harris are in power now so we should just let them stay there.” (I can’t stress enough how much these voters’ antipathy towards and absence of confidence in the Biden-Harris duo greases the skids that lead to this thinking.)

      [Part 2 follows]

    13. [Part 2]

      8) Now it comes down to, do we, a strong majority of the American electorate, decide we want Biden-Harris out and the Speaker of the House in, or do we want Biden-Harris out and Donald Trump in? Those would be the only two options foreseeable now, and the latter would require either a Supreme Court decision okaying it or that move (which I can’t imagine happening, but it is technically doable) Steve Bannon talks about where Trump wins a Congressional seat, gets elected Speaker and then assumes the presidency upon Biden-Harris being forced out by impeachment-conviction or by the Dem Party apparatus.

      9) Just because a strong majority of the public wanted Biden-Harris out doesn’t mean it would happen, but it’s very easy to see where if they hung tough and wouldn’t leave, then enough Rs could get elected in 2022 to be able to do the impeachment-conviction thing with the help of a few not completely insane Senate Ds. (If Biden-Harris left office while Pelosi was Speaker, I’d think that Pelosi’s becoming Prez would help not hurt that R tsunami in ’22, but I offer no reasoned thought on whether the votes would be there to convict her in the Senate after the House impeached her. That said, my gut feeling is this would be so shady that not even the less-crazy Senate Dems would be able to bless it with a vote against conviction, but who knows?)

      10) The thing about putting in the House Speaker, whether Pelosi or McCarthy or whoever, instead of Trump is that everyone would know the main reason Biden-Harris were being tossed was because Trump was actually the very clear winner. I just don’t see it in the American electorate to then say, “well, yeah, it’s true Trump did win, but democracy will be best served by denying him that 100% legitimately won election and keeping him from assuming the office he rightly and democratically won.” Still, they *could* go that way and then say, “well, we can make this all right by letting the whole electorate decide how to handle it in 2024, and just have the Speaker as Prez until then.” That would be muddled thinking to say the least, but it’s democracy, so really anything could happen.

      11) Either way, the Court would have to decide whether Trump could be put back in, but I’d think Trump’s three SCOTUS RINO’s might be swayed by public opinion if it broke strongly in favor of the painfully simple notion that, “hey, Trump won. How does it make sense in a democracy to keep him out?”

      I know a million holes can be poked in the argument above, but I still think it shows a path where once one state clearly demonstrates that those who claimed massive fraud were in fact right all along, another state could easily be forced to expose its fraud, and then another and another and the next thing you know it’s crystal clear Biden and the Dems only won by fraud (along with maybe some House and Senate seats and who knows what else). And the flip side of this would be that Trump clearly won the election. Once the American people got convinced of those three elemental facts -Biden clearly lost, Trump clearly won, and massive fraud was behind it all- I don’t see why it would be so hard to believe they’d demand the election losers leave office and the election winners take it. Isn’t that how we always do things for every other elective office?

      SCOTUS and the Dems could maybe still conspire to keep a Dem in the presidency, but man would that be tough, and man would that lead to 1) anti-election fraud measures being taken in the states, as Bee rightfully points outs, and with that in hand, then 2) two Democrat bloodbaths in a row: first in ’22 and again in ’24, with Trump probably winning in ’24 anyway, and Democrats out of power -federal, state and local- for eons.

    14. @ BC

      AZ could yet be that one, in my and many others' opinions, so let's say it's AZ.

      Its not going to be Arizona (unfortunately). "The republicans" are playing games.

      It's not democrats that have been in the way of this from day one. You have the party playing both side in this... But we've trained everyone to call Repubs "democrats".

      The Maricopa board is republican
      It was a republican senate that refused to hold the republican board in contempt.
      It was republicans that let the subpoenas expire.
      It was republicans that issued new subpoenas KNOWING they have zero chance of enforcement.
      It's republicans who refuse to close up the voting system loopholes in EVERY state.

      Lastly... Every swing state that needs to be audited is controlled by... Republicans!

      It's not a few RINOs doing this, it's a party coordinated effort of playing both sides of the fence. They need to keep their loyalist baffled with BS and our so-called Alt-MSM simply refuses to be honest about it.

      The auditors in Arizona (from what I see) have the right idea and intent. However they are being intentionally held to data that's going to give a few facts and a lot of inconclusive results. Particularly they have been dead stopped in every aspect that would result in being able to name any *person* or specific group of persons to direct actions.

      Either all of that is pure happenstance and lightning is smacking the same place 300 times in a row.

    15. My fears and doubts are largely based on just what you say, devilman. I'll always bet against Republicans doing the right thing until there should come a day that they don't.

      No sign of that day on the horizon...

    16. Tip-toeing through the two lips here, lest we forget, the outcome of the 2020 election rested entirely in the lap of Donald J. Trump who, had he heeded the advice and initiatives taken so courageously by General Flynn, Sidney Powell, and a few others, would have valiantly acted upon all that which God lined up for him in order like dominoes to "drain the swamp" as he promised us.

      Instead, he put his tail between his legs and caved to the Swamp. Oh, yeah, he took it "like a man" just like Madame Mafia Speaker Jezebel Pelosi advised him to do. And now he's another Mitt Romney.

      Trump is somebody's puppet and the sooner we realize that the better. For four years he gave us a good song and dance and though there are many good things he did, especially his Pro-Life initiatives, in the surprise denouement, he failed us miserably.

      Then we have the exponential fake news that should be sufficient reason for us to question absolutely everything we read in the news, even from once-upon-a-time trusted Reuters that now has their own fake news fact check department that competes with fake Snopes.

      They assassinated Maria Strollo Zach when she presented the signed affidavit confirming Italy's complicity in the election coup which was part and parcel of what Sidney Powell and General Flynn were exposing.

      Why didn't President Trump invoke the Insurrection Act when Antifa was rioting nation-wide? What happened to his Executive Order 2018 after if was obvious they Democrats gave that election a test-run with voter fraud? Do we ever question the connections of his Senior Advisors, the Kushners, with the Democratic party and George Soros, or, Trump's affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein? Something silenced him in spite of all his bravado. We are delusional to persist in casting laurels for Trump when he chose to squander the good will of the Americans so supportive of him, to squander the opportunity to have exceeded George Washington in his heroic fight to defend our Republic. Instead he disgraced us by kowtowing to the Deep State he promised to defeat, allowing the likes of a demented Biden to occupy our White House. The sooner we get over Trump, the better.

      The only way we have any hope of ever getting this rotten mess straightened out is through an Act of God. We are utterly delusional to think that there is anything we can possibly do at this point to reverse the anarchy unleashed worldwide. The only way we will turn things around is to surrender to Jesus Christ to fulfill His design for each of us.

      "Then comes the end, when he delivers the kingdom to God the Father after destroying every rule and every authority and power." - 1 Corinthians 15:24 ESV

  5. goal of providing a legal basis for removing Trump if push came to shove

    Agree - 2nd impeachment vote happened right after this. It was a set up.

    I wonder if this is part of why Trump has had zero support for the “insurrectionists” being abused by the justice system.

    Another strange occurrence - Gop party after a monthlong investigation said Covid was used as an excuse to tweet election rules illegally, and they were establishing a year round election fraud unit. My take via the grassroots voters are livid over voter fraud, it’s showing up in donations, and the Republican Party is in damage control.

  6. I'll bet that "the judiciary as an independent branch if government" was meant to be
    "the judiciary as an independent branch *of* government".

    And, I'm with Bee here, on the theory of Trump being "re-installed".
    Our ONLY real *opportunities* are, to force meaningful election integrity rules, and maybe, to force real probes into the antics of Sil. Valley and the DS, regarding such issues as the murder of Ashley, the persecution of Shroyer etc., the banning of DJT from media, and, with luck, the whole RussiaGate setup.

  7. the events of the last 5 years have emphasized in bold letters how vast has been the theft of American liberty, law, faith and custom -- that realization would of course prompt Americans to rise as one in all out effort to achieve a great restoration - such na restoration requires, of course the destruction of the vile edifice the Left in all its deep state/national security state aspects has constructed in place of America -- and it is the sheer magnitude of our task in this regard is so fantastically great, and the things we actually have to do now ongoing forward are so unprecedented in nature that we appear daunted -- we know full well that what we must do will be so disruptive to the status quo, and will require such great sacrifice in terms of the way we have been living for the last few corrupt decades, that we naturally shrink from it at the brink of action -- I therefore believe that what many interpret as supine acquiescence to that corrupt status quo is actually that dauntedness in the face of the greatest task we have ever known as modern day Americans -- how could things have gotten so awesomely horrible we ask ourselves -- have we really come to the point that voting in elections and maybe, in extremis, carrying hand-painted signs in a protest march, is no longer even remotely sufficient to restore even a semblance of America? Yes, is the true and candid answer

  8. Great Tucker segment - thought provoking.

    Why is CNN turning on Joe Biden?

    Tuckers point is they are top down in their communications message.


    1. CNN is using Biden as a scapegoat to distract from any review of the failures of the military, state, and intel agencies.

    2. All the trust fund babies abandoned in Afghanistan are blaming Biden

    3. Actual truthful reporting, because the failure is to big to ignore, and not reporting it would destroy cnn.

    4. Paving the way for Kamala as President

    5. They know Biden is a safe target to use to vent against, since there is zero chance he will be removed from office during his term, while he is still alive.

    No idea which one is right. I’m pretty sure the truthful reporting one is not.

    1. @Ray, interesting question and thanks for your thoughts, which are always quite perceptive, IMO.

      I think 1,2 and maybe 4. Greenwald was accurate in what he said on Tucker (shocking as it is to us who view the left a certain way): The Dems are now the "give war a chance" party (since Obama) and so this setback is devastating to them. Especially when they and the Deep State as a whole lose a big cash cow.

      Aside from that, CNN has always been the media outlet for the State Dept. - that is where the bulk of their sources are. This one is interesting in that light: So some apologetics going on at DOD, IC, and Biden's expense? But not so stridently as one might expect.

      Re: Kamala, I've only seen two puff pieces on her within the last week. I will expect to see many more if indeed she becomes the anointed one.

    2. @disonant, if they are looking to start floating Kamel, they sure aren't doing a very good job of it. You wold think the narrative engineers would already be having her give lofty speeches or visiting an Afghan refugee camp by now or something. She has looked positively awful in her absence and blank stares the last few days - plus the reports of her not wanting to be associated with this debacle, refusing to give press conferences, etc.


    3. disso, please clarify
      "Greenwald was accurate... (shocking as it is to us who view the left a certain way).
      Of course, the Dems are now the "give war a chance" party, as GG has been hammering at for at least years,
      incl. from when he moved to help Snowden vs. the Dem-run NSA in 2013.

    4. Yep, @Bee. I don't think it will take much to buy her off if they want to get rid of her. That may be a done deal already. She is utterly incapable of being President and she knows it. Maybe she is OK with "Dean of Intersectionality Studies" at UCLA, with a few board positions thrown in? We shall see.

    5. @aNanyMouse - I wasn't commenting on Greenwald's commentary over the years; I was commenting on the traditional popular narrative that the left is pro-peace and the right is pro-war. That has been the narrative put forward by the media for about 50 years now, right? Maybe it is past time to change that perception? I am Glad Greenwald has been contributing to this effort over the last number of years.

    6. Tucker interviewed Greenwald for the segment where Tucker asked what is going on.

      Greenwalds point was CNN was defending the profiteers in Afghanistan, that included both the Intel and Military Sectors. And the withdrawal from Afghanistan is a huge blow against the us global hegemony, that they make a lot of money off if. And that the Democrats and Intel agencies have become one.

  9. I don't like to go into wild speculation, but so much doesn't add up with regards to the Afghan mess. One example, the Brits, French, and Germans are pissed at us, but they are getting there people out, we aren't. Why? Why did they leave 186 Blackhawks @ $1B there when they could've easily been flown out on their own or by C5 and now Russia and China have a few samples coming I'm sure. They could have done this in the Winter as well while the goat herders are hibernating. It's simply not possible to screw up each and every item that could have been done unless it was on purpose. Vikings didn't burn before pillaging and no one would do a bass-ackwards withdrawal like the way they have now done. Name one thing they did right - please, anyone. I fear that they calculated that this disaster was necessary to misdirect from something else. The Winter Covid disaster with breakthroughs? The vaccines don't work? The audits? Taiwan? Other legislation that strips us of our rights? Something else? I don't know, but it doesn't make any sense. My guess is they are planning to go for the whole election enchilada next year with more covid chaos to allow nationwide printed/mailed in ballots or some variation to effect an even bigger steal and cement their dominion on us. I also expect that Antifa will be back from hiatus and more prevalent than ever.

    Lastly, as to reinstalling Trump, I just don't know and with all the corruption with judiciary like Sullied Sullivan and others, it's an uphill that I don't know will happen, but when someone steals from you and gets caught, they don't get to keep the money. So we'll have chaos no matter whether the audits come out or during the elections courtesy of the brownshirts of the DNC. We get our money back either by reinstall (less likely) or at election time and I don't think Trump will let anyone forget what they did whether he gets his ounce of flesh now, 2022, or 2024. Frankly, I'd be happy if they could just call back a fake Dem Senator or 3 which would collapse their house of cards, sans help from the republicrats of course...

    Let's all hope and pray that the Tehran Hostage Crisis doesn't turn out to be junior league compared to what could happen next with the Tallyman. (another distraction)

    1. It's true. The level of ineptitude is such that one does begin to wonder. And there's so much hitting the fan from just about every angle that it's hard to keep track.

    2. The 20 minute video that you recommended on mass psychosis put a bow on it for me and really makes a lot of sense how all the stuff in terrorizing the masses, the lockdowns, threats, and other things in order to get people to comply totally makes sense to me now. Thanks again

    3. Joe’s dementia made him want to make his mark on history by withdrawing before the 20th year 9-11 anniversary. The new neo blog mentioned this hypothesis, and it smells right.

      And Biden being backed by his staff that thought having the US military available in the Gulf was close enough, just in case there were problems. Since in their thinking, it’s obviously the US Military presence that is creating problems in Afghanistan. So an additional combination of naïveté, hubris, and incompetence by the WH, that also holds the US military in contempt.

      I’m leaning away from deliberate, but just like Mark, I’m beginning to wonder.

      Blackhawk is only $5.9 million each. Probably double with needed parts.

      I don’t think the us military tech that Afghans had was that cutting edge. Pakistan already sold many us military samples to China, sigh. And with the amazing cutting stuff China got from hacking us defense contractors and universities with defense contracts, and our allies. Afghan stuff is minor.

    4. @mikey

      Reminiscent of The Godfather. The Pentagon, CIA,DoS crime families are having a war, although it's not clear how all the other families are lining up yet. The planned disaster in Astan sure seems like a decapitation attempt at SPOTUS. The only one ive seen stick up for Sock Puppet is Pelosi but haven't heard anything from her since early in week, so maybe it's in the negotiating phase to mollify the warring families. Arp

    5. @ray - no doubt in my mind that they were looking for an optics "event" on 9/11 and just made that their goal instead of anything pedantic, like say, providing security for people or having a viable path to insert and extract as needed in a difficult part of the world.

      Agreed the tech left behind is not the issue. No one needs to reverse engineer a humvee or an M16, and even the choppers were long-ago figured out and equivalent tech or better already out there. And unless you are a wealthy nation, you won't be flying any of them around for long without very specific expertise and heavy logistics backing. they won't even be able to keep the rifles working without good amount of care and feeding.

      However, I think there is a plausible theory that some similar gear was sold to the Iranians during the Obama regime, and this could be an easy cover - "oh, thats just stuff they got from the Afghans, no need to check the serials."

      Never chalk up to conspiracy what can easily be explained with stupidity. That said, like covid, you might as well use the crisis of the week to cover anything else you want to get going. Up next: federal takeover of elections and Taiwan.

    6. Writing my posts has helped me figure what happened. I think this is the missing piece. My position is Biden ordered the withdrawal, and the nsc micromanaged it to achieve this situation.

      Remember how Ises grew so quickly under Obama in Syria and Iraq? And then Trump came along and quickly wiped them out. The Biden’s Afghanistan disaster reminds me of the Syria / Iraq Obama Snafu.

      Under Obama, the National Security Council changed from an advisory group, to micromanaging the military. Under Trump it changed back to advising, and shrank. It increased in size under Biden. I bet it’s back to micromanaging the military again.

      And it’s head, Jake Sullivan, said the US Military was in the gulf, so it was close enough and everything was going per plan in an interview with Savanna Guthrie of Today.

  10. Good case for disestablishing all the bureaucratic seats of the DS. Disestablish Depts of [In]Justice, Defense[less], Energy[dependence], Education[Indoctrination], Agriculture[Veganism], Veteran's Affairs, and probably a few more.

    Stand up Dept of Army, Navy, Air & Space Force. States in charge of education, agriculture. State Attorneys General appoint the US AG and federal prosecutors as an independent agency specifically tasked with holding the Federal Empire accountable. Have federal justice including Supremes appointed by the Chief Justices of the states (would require Constitutional Amendment).

    The experiment of centalization of power and accountability in the same federal government has largely failed. Articles of Confederation failed. Increasing oversight by the States is a middle ground.