Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Briefly Noted: Setting The Stage For 2022

Slowly but surely the stage is being set for Election 2022. Polling continues to show that crime remains the number one concern of voters, along with immigration and border security. These are negative issues that the Dems totally own.

The news just got worse for the Dems yesterday in, of all places, the US Senate, with two items--both decided on 50-49 votes. The Dems established their ownership--beyond any doubt--of two hot button issues for parents of kids in school, as well as all other concerned citizens who pay for what currently passes as education in America.

The first item was a Republican victory, 50-49, involving an anti-Critical Race Theory (CRT) amendment proposed by Senator Tom Cotton:

In a late night vote on Tuesday, the US Senate passed an amendment that prohibits federal funds from going to pre-K programs and K-12 schools that teach critical race theory. Every single Democrat, except one – West Virginia senator Joe Manchin – voted against the legislation, which passed 50-49.

The result is that the Dems are on the record supporting the wildly unpopular CRT indoctrination going on in government schools across the country. They had no choice but to cater to their Left base.

The second item involved a narrow 50-49 Republican loss on an amendment proposed by Senator Tim Scott that would have mandated keeping schools open for in person teaching. Once again, the Dems are locked into supporting their base--in this case the extreme Left government school teachers and their union chiefs--and embracing the anti-science of lockdowns. This, too, I predict will be a big loser come November, 2022. 

The result should prove disastrous. 

I hasten to add. I'm not suggesting that this will save the country, not per se. However, at this point anything that slows down the Left and that mobilizes normal people across the country is something to cheer for.


  1. What do issues matter if the election is rigged?
    86/46 because he ain’t

    1. If issues don't matter, why are you commenting here?

    2. Even if, in the first instance, voters don't matter, foot soldiers in vote count-rigging might.
      If the issues are such, that the DNC can rely on fewer such soldiers to refrain from squealing on count-rigging, this may affect the DNC ability to rig the counts.

      I'll guess that Manchin was splitting the difference in his 2 votes.
      I'm struck that the DNC would've let him slide on CRT, but not on the opening of schools.

  2. Question: Can that CRT amendment survive when the House votes on it, or can they strip it out of the bill, as they hold a majority vote there?

    1. After doing some research myself, it looks like the House will probably vote that down. Then it will go to conference committee, and will probably not survive there, as Republicans will not want to sacrifice the infrastructure bill over the CRT issue. At least this is my take on it. So, the CRT amendment was to get people on the record for political posturing purposes. I guess it allowed Manchin to look good in his state.

  3. They are behaving as if elections don't matter.

  4. We cannot wait until the 2022 election-- if even it is allowed to happen without massive mail-ins. Civil disobedience must start soon.

  5. Replies
    1. wow - very persuasive video. What shocked me is, he seems to be saying every state is hacked, not just the few battleground states we knew about.

      Amazing that he was able to figure out the system they used.


    2. Seems like Douglas Frank has identified a chink in the criminal cartel's armor. They cheated everywhere. A county controlled (corrupted) by the criminal cartel will fight an audit, but any county not so controlled will more than likely welcome an audit. Which seems to be what Dr. Frank is going around the country lining up already. When, 2 or 3 or 10 audits come in confirming the digital fraud, and the criminal cartel can't call it racism or Jim Crow, then maybe Dominion gets raided and we get some heat on these fraudsters. Mark A.

    3. Yes, the Frank video is devastating, both for the massive yet subtle fraud it reveals as well as the implications for all future elections.

      Just consider the new light Frank sheds on one aspect: prior to this most of us following news of the Great Steal believed (hoped?) that the corruption was more or less limited to those 6 states that seemed key to Trump's defeat. Afterall, as many argue, why would the Syndicate allow so many Republicans to defeat Democrats in the many contested Congressional races? Franks briefly touches on this in his video but the implication is that the voter roll manipulation and rigged vote counts was pervasive in virtually *every* county in America and that the decision was made, in advance of the election, as to what algorithm to use to tip the scales for a candidate. In other words, the Syndicate decided to either allow or even promote some Republicans to win. It's possible of course that their algorithm couldn't overcome the tidal wave turnout for the down ballot races so they focused on Presidential race and in that scenario their preferred candidate lost. There's some evidence that they manufactured mass ballots with only Zhou selected for this very reason-- no time to select more.

      In any case, this Frank video is a powerful argument that the Regime now installed has no intention of allowing 2022 to oust them in any significant way. If these forensic audits do not trigger a massive reform (ie to paper only voting w verified ID), 2022 may be a foregone conclusion. And in light of yet another massive betrayal by Republican Senators on the spending bill, who are we electing exactly anyway? We the People Convention has called on Trump to abandon the GOP.

    4. I would suggest that President Trump employed the world's best spies to gather evidence on election night, snd knows a good deal more. At an appropriate time those who in Molly Ball's words got together to 'fortify' the election to achieve a proper result, as well as most government agencies who conspired to prevent any meaningful investigation into credible allegations challenging the election results will have a lot of 'splaining to do.

  6. I wish…

    I would suggest that President Trump employed the world's best spies to gather evidence on election night, snd knows a good deal more.

    My take is Trump got outplayed. He expected an over whelming margin of winning to beyond the margin of fraud.

    Unfortunately there was no way he could win.

    He did not expect the massive aiding and abetting of the fraud by:
    - GOPe
    - DOJ
    - military leadership
    - FBI
    - court systems
    - Republican Party - Mitt’s niece is in charge
    - elected state GOP such as GA
    - Censorship by Internet giants
    - Jan 6 set up
    - Executive branch betrayals

    It makes me very sad to write this. Hunter Biden’s latest porn video that just came out, just highlights to me how corrupt things are.

    A positive is the cheating was so blatant and over the top, that it’s slowly coming out what happened. And this is red pilling a lot of people.

    1. President Trump delights in being underestimated by his opponents. He likes challenges, and stated in his 'most important' speech of December 5 that correcting this will be his greatest achievement. Since then he has said "We got 'em. We got 'em all." He has also stated that if this goes on too long it will permanently damage the Country. He implied action before the midterms. It must be kept in mind that he is not talking about reclaiming the Presidency but correcting the corrupt system, and this is a massive undertaking. Within the next 12-14 months we will see what happens. If nothing, then most of the Country will be red-pilled, as you say, and when President Trump said we will not have a Country, it means we will not recognize our government as being legitimate. We will learn to comply with legalities, and not even to protest peaceably. If we don't have a country, these 'winners' will not have the people that make up a country. We will do fine. Those who count on the government will not, except at the top echelons of the ruling class. They will have razor blades and caviar. We proles may be missing the caviar, but under the radar we will survive quite nicely, and even prosper.

  7. I think with the lackluster or meager response and poor drafting of election "integrity" bills we've seen so far says most states are happy to keep the current flaws in place.

    "By design" is a term often used for bad software implementation and that applies in most of this. The plausible exploits I've seen are localized issues they just don't want to see and especially don't want to address.

    The most common failure of DSS / ERP is humans, a EMS is no different.

    The Arizona router fight by example, I think the Lindell / Frank theories will fail, they are simply to convenient. If they can get the router in hand I think what we'll see is something much more simplistic. Over votes (more votes than registered voters) being transferred out of the Maricopa county EMS into other counties with more voter head space.

    Antrum Michigan showed us how, they just couldn't get traction on more discovery... They simply don't want it.

    Those "features" shouldn't exist in election software applications just like MSQL shouldn't exist either... But we now know they certainly do.

    I still hold my line on voting not particularly mattering too much. We (as a population) simply don't have any interest in electing individuals that will do what needs to be done. For the most part we want to keep believing something can be incrementally changed in what we currently have and that's just not possible. The two party closed primary system is killing us.

    Trump kinda proved that with his words, people want change. His actions however fell short of what's required. You need to be willing to absolutely slaughter the administrative agencies and not care about the fall out of doing it. No one seems willing to pull that Ford Halloween massacre on large scale.

    Systemically broken requires systemic solution else you fail.

    Eventually we'll get there when it hurts enough, until then the faster the train moves the better.

    1. That's my belief, too--that the explanation is likely simpler than these theories being presented.

    2. "we'll get there when it hurts enough" if Donald J. Trump is still interested. He has pulled off miracles and revealed the problem with our government which goes back to FDR, if not Wilson. In return he has been subject to witch-hunt after witch-hunt, and all his so-called supporters tell us how he messed up. If only he had done this or that! On January 6 he told his supporters to go home. Instead they listened to Pelosi and the Capitol police and allowed her to stage her phony insurrection at a critical hour. They worked against Trump, but he will bail them out nontheless if given the chance. You are all so super-smart. I am dumb enough to acknowledge that these things are above my pay grade. True, "reality will assert itself sooner or later", but it won't make a bit of difference if there is nobody clever enough to pull off a decisive move to dislodge all these very powerful people in one fell swoop. Trump is the man.

  8. @devilman, @mark, I think you glossed over or must have missed the part of Dr. Franks presentation where he discusses going around the country talking to election officials in different counties, showing the fraud that was perpetrated in ThEIR county WITHOUT them being aware. After which these election officials themselves are calling for an audit of their county. The fraud WAS very simple, before the election use the 2010 census to quickly in bulk pad every county's voter rolls with plausible demographic data now you have a bunch of extra registered voters to assign Phony ballots to. ( what Dr Frank actually shows the county election officials is how their registered voter roll equals the population of the county with an age break down that matches exactly with the 2010 Census rolled forward 10 years). Then on election night no need to hastily add registered voters or risk stuffing ballots with no voter to match it back to in a recount or audit or comparison. The only reason anyone noticed anything is because Trump did so well and the only satisfaction I get from this is thinking about how badly their plan sent to shit election night and they had to "stop counting" in those swing counties to adjust the fraud a little extra bit upward to overcome Trumps surge. I imagine some fraudster asshole going "oh shit, we need more ballots!" He did win in a landslide, there's really little doubt, and the selfish children who don't want to see the truth will get a rude awakening eventually, because reality will assert itself sooner or later. Mark A.

    1. @ Mark A

      I'm not missing it, if you look back in November I think I nailed the data issues on the head of how / what was happening. Antrum county later showed it exactly.

      Something that needs to be said about both Frank and Lindell is they are grandstanding and making HUNDEREDS of millions off of this subject. You should check out Lindell's and My Pillows financials in this. Selling hopium on election fraud is WAY more profitable than pillow stuffing ever was.

      They are both doing as much damage as they are good by over hyping and pushing theories that can't be proven OR disproven. Lindell's $5 million dollar unicorn hunt is a great example of it. He is saying unicorns exist, now prove me wrong and I'll pay you $5M... Forgive me but why are people falling for THAT of all things?

      Its a new low for mankind IMHO.

      The damage is caused by the fact that their leading many individuals on goose chases and away from the reality of where we need to focus. On republican Senates in every swing state! Seems to be so much more fun to keep blaming Dems vs dealing with the reality it's republicans shooting us in the face right now!

      Also, statical data proves diddly squat, great theory but it's not gonna get us anywhere besides word wars and feeds the nay sayers and trolls heaps of ammo.

      We need to focus on ACTUAL auditing processes and drop the distracted fishing expeditions!

      Sorry to sound blunt... There is just a lot of "ugh" in those twos actions from my point of view.

  9. 3 options:

    1. Lindell is using the fraud allegations to sell more products.

    2. Lindell willingly, or as a dupe, is being used to discredit the fraud allegations through crazy over the top claims.

    3. Lindell is sincere and his efforts are actually helping by bringing up and investigating lots of different hypotheses on the election fraud.

    My guess / hope is in 3. Lindell's Efforts I actually see as helpful.

    Right or wrong in his beliefs, he is creating more attention on the issue of election fraud.

    And with the amount of vitriol being heaped on him, by the usual suspects, it makes me feel he is on the right track.

    With the viciousness and scorched earth tactics of the Left, most people, especially business owners, would not touch the election fraud allegations. Too much to lose.

    Some examples. That meme maker that is in Federal Court. The way they arrested Trumps CFO. How the Jan 6 protesters are being jailed. How Flynn was treated by the Justice Sullivan. How Trump got deplatformed / censored.

    1. Ray I think all 3 can be true...

      Issue 1. Lindell hypes everything, way beyond reality. The big "raid" story on the "whistle blower" yesterday wasn't a raid... It was a "notice".

      Issue 2. There has already need a good bit of information that was suddenly dropped for this reason. Lyn Wood is another one that went gaga for hype and got duped.

      Issue 3. Lindell probably is trying to draw attention to fraud but his means and over the top crying poor me is just dishonest.

      There's both truth and harm in what he is doing. I just question the motives of why. If your crying about all of your hard earned money being spent on this plight of good when in fact your making money 10 fold... Your off in Jerry Farewells world.

      We see the same thing going on all over right now. Writers on substack over playing bad narratives for clicks. Podcasts with outlandish claims of "every thing is a felony"...

      Hype for dollars!!!

      IMHO they are taking advantage of people's ignorance and creating false narratives to do it.

      I can't support that!!

    2. That's a rather elaborate marketing campaign, and a little pathologic. Wouldn't it be simpler, given everything we have experienced over the last 5 years or so to take critics of government action at face value? Makes more sense to me to trust someone who's unafraid to call themselves a patriot when almost everyone else who feels pretty much the same way is afraid to do so. And I don't think attempts to shut down his business and shut down his life and shut down his happiness and sue him and slander him in the press is all made up, do you? What do you expect him to do for nine months he has been stonewalled by so-called government officials and judges and media. He wasn't taking in millions by standing by Donald Trump, he could have easily stood back as so many others have done and support him from a distance. Creating a false narrative? You are going to have to be more precise than that. Or is it simply the case that because you don't "trust the motives" then you have to discount the message? The left has taught you well, all they need to do is smear the messenger and the message is lost. Mark A