Sunday, August 22, 2021

UPDATED: The Rules Just Don't Matter Anymore

Since I can't embed Rumble videos, I'm linking to a number of video segments from Steve Bannon's Warroom. This isn't the full program but a major portion of it. The guests were chosen generally with an eye on the reported full authorization of the Pfizer gene therapy injection come Monday. Bannon had Dr. Robert Malone on as a guest host to help with the med tech stuff. What I've done is I've provided a succinct summary of the main points discussed. I've also provided the total time each segment runs, so you can see how much more each goes beyond my little summary. I found these presentations quite compelling.

The first guest was also featured in the transcript/summary I did recently for the symposium with Richard Werner, Catherine Austin Fitts, and David Skidmore.

1. Patrick Wood

Shocking Report Out About Covid Vaccine Injuries 7:34

Wood presents the numbers for adverse reactions to the Covid injections in the EU based on the EU's Database of Adverse Drug Reactions:

As of July 21st the numbers stood at:

18,928 dead

1.8 million injured (50% seriously) from Covid injections

Malone updates those figures and both Wood and Malone note that the numbers are more rigorous than the voluntary VAERS numbers for the US:

20,525 deaths and 1.9 million injuries as of July 31st

Malone also points out an estimate done for the US by Mathew Crawford in three parts. Here's the latest, third, part

Malone states that the numbers Crawford came up with estimate a range of 72k - 180k deaths in the US. The reason to do such estimates, of course, is because the VAERS database for the US is basically voluntary reporting.

2. Dr. Robert Malone

Dr Reveals Stunning Truth About Covid Vaccine 7:07

This segment focuses on the coming full authorization for Pfizer.

The Pfizer injection only offers about 39% effective against Delta. Full authorization for Pfizer is about politics--it's about enabling mandates in businesses, schools, government agencies--forced injections. Emergency Use Authorization alone should require 50%, and here we have full authorization for a very imperfect product.

Malone concludes:

"It sure seems like the rules just don't matter anymore. ... It just doesn't make sense. There's a whole lotta things here that just don't make sense."

3. Dr. Brian Tyson and Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet

These are two practitioners who have had excellent success treating Covid  patients.

Pharmacies Told Not To Distribute Medications That Combat Covid 6:10

Tyson discusses the role of doctors being usurped by pharmacies.

Tyson has developed multi-drug treatment protocols for his 6,200 Covid patients. He has had excellent success, with no deaths.

When he tried to report his success and the treatments he was banned on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, derided as a quack.

4. Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet

There’s An Alternative And Ethical Strategy To The Jab 8:12

The segment begins with an MSNBC clip ridiculing people who have taken the horse formulation of Ivermectin and wound up in the ER.

Malone notes that he raises horses and strongly recommends against using the horse or cattle formulation. But, he adds, this just shows people are being blocked from early treatment--docs won't prescribe it and if they do the pharmacies won't fill the prescription. But the evidence is clear that Ivermectin is "potent". Not perfect, but when administered early can really mitigate the disease.

5. Dr. Kevin Homer, Pathologist 

No Test, Just Get Vax Card 5:18

Dr. Homer discusses Covid injections from the standpoint of lack of durability and the absurdity of using them as the basis for Covid passports.

Pfizer durability is not very good at all--and that's the one that will receive full authorization.

Homer and his wife were vaxxed in May. He measured his antibodies (CDC says don't do that) and antibodies were present as they should be--spike antibodies. He measured them again "just a couple of weeks ago" -- only 2-3 months after injection his antibodies were undetectable. He has a vaccine card, yet he has no evidence of immunity in his blood.

Bannon: Fauci "freaked out" when asked about testing for antibodies--absolutely not, is Fauci's anti-testing attitude. 

Homer: But that means we're dividing people (vaxxed vs. unvaxxed) based on no scientific criteria, only on whether they have a piece of paper.

Malone cites a Forbes article that the Pfizer efficacy for blocking transmissibility is about 39%. Vaccine cards are simply "non-predictive" for whether you might be spreading the virus.

6. Dr. Kevin Homer, Pathologist 

We Have ‘Leaky Vaccines’  3:29

The argument that we need to be boosted with extra injections because of "breakthroughs" is the wrong conclusion. The real story is that we have leaky vaccines that will never eliminate the virus, and boosting won't do what the original vax couldn't. What we need is a clear, achievable objective. Until then, we'll have chaos.

We need to subordinate vaxxing to the simple goal of keeping people alive. We shouldn't be putting pressure on the virus to mutate in the way that it's mutating now.

UPDATE: One Ring To Rule Them All And In The Darkness Bind Them ...

There are people making one helluva lotta money off our travails.


  1. To me the best explanation is power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It seems very likely they continue to push the vaxxes to destroy the control group and obscure the picture of what the vaxxes are doing. They have to do this, desperately,because PDJT or a combination of factors made them kick off the Great Reset before they were truly prepared to, and they are going to fail. They will vax me over my dead body and I will spend the rest of my earthly hours seeking justice for the crimes these vax pushers have committed. They can't hide no matter how many world or federal agencies they corrupt and they are creating with every ticking minute more and more resistance, more righteously pissed off human beings ready to push back twice as hard. Example, a face to face meeting with my vaxed child's pediatrician, whom I distinctly recall advising spacing out the administration of certain vaccines when my child was younger out of an abundance of caution. He will wish he took some of that caution into his advocacy for these experiments, I can tell you that. It is simply a crime against humanity to force someone to take a medicine they would not otherwise consent to take. All the government officials, bureaucrats, pharma employees, public health establishment figures, advertisers, media company employees, and yes, doctors, ANYONE involved in putting ANY kind of pressure on ANY human being to take the jab, is guilty. Period. Mark A

  2. I have to be fair and ask the same question about Jab Injuries that I asked about the original Scamdemic panic porn: am i seeing actual evidence of widespread death/ injury? Is anyone else?

    If I'm honest I have to say...not yet. Most of the people I know (family, extended family) got the jabs (against my urging) and so far.. no discernible issues. Obviously it's early and I pray that none will arise.

    Is anyone else out there seeing their family friends suffering ill effects from jabs? Until that happens the Jab Express will roll on. If the day comes, however, when each of us knows someone close to us who died or suffered serious harm from the Jab, then God help these people responsible. Jem

    1. re Anon - the grandmother of my cousin died as a result of the jab (his wife's grand.), and there are several people at work post jab suffering really serious injuries, just a slow decline; they are not personally known to me (so I can't go into details or give symptoms), but they work for a person we've known over 30 years (and I trust her 100%) and she reports they are on death watch. Praying they don't get worse, but if they do, will update here.

      has everyone here read this substack by Matthew Crawford, another commenter has pointed us there and highly recommend it - Dr. Malone also is now pointing to him too

      it's part 3 in his series, you'll need to get 1 and 2 - the actual number of fatalities post jab is est'd at "least 72,000 vaccine-induced deaths in the U.S. (my current pin is 140,000, but with a high error bar)"


    2. My wife works as an echocardiography at a private hospital. She reports injuries such as pericarditis, as a result of the Pfizer vaccine, every single day. This is not exaggeration, nor hyperbole.

      I am also personally familiar with an elderly gentleman who suffered a blood clot that put him into a hospital, as a result of the AZ jab.

      With COVID - I know one guy personally who almost died (middle aged fellow), but don't know anyone else who died or even went to a hospital, though I do know friends of friends who died etc.

      Charles Z

  3. I did get the Moderna vaccine dual doses. Second dose gave me a racing heart rate that resolved on its own within 24 hours. Because of that second dose side effect and reports about myocarditis, I see no reason to get another dose of the exact same formulation of a vaccine for little benefit (Moderna seems to be holding up a little bit better than Pfizer on durability). And, if anything, if there is potential for ADE developing later on, I think I'm better off letting my vaccine immune response wane over time and just get hit with the real thing in order to get a "natural" boost of immunity.

  4. Mark - I included lots you already reviewed above, I'm sorry, I went to review comments first and saw the anon call out for personal stories, then went up to read your blog; if you want to delete it but retain only my personal anecdote, that's fine.
    I'm sorry for the duplicate.

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    If you do this a couple of times, you will learn how to do it easily.

    1. Thanks, Mike. I'll try that out. In fact I tried that in the past but when I couldn't see anything in the Compose View I concluded that Blogger only allowed embedded Youtubes.

  6. Housekeeping: Anon at 10:33, would all of you anons at least put a screen name or something at the end of your post to help us all? Thanks.

    Malone posted something this morning which was eye opening regarding the unreported adverse events which are handled by IQVIA.

    Also on the same site:

    If Dr. Malone doesn't have physical protection, he should. I still can believe he's not been shut down by Dorsey and every day his breadcrumbs are making it easier for folks to find the truth that is being ardently suppressed by the Media, social media, TNI, and TPTB. Same goes for Alex Berenson.

    1. Right. In fact, that story's been out there for a while re Moderna, which is why I didn't ref it this morning. Which also means that something similar is probably true re the other pharma companies.

    2. Truly amazing:

  7. My wish list for the FDA action tomorrow is that they remove the EUA from Moderna and J&J because they have either fallen below the required 50% efficacy or have too many adverse events afterwards.

    Then they could change the EUA for the Pfizer to make it available for high risk patients to prevent serious illness or death. It seems to work for that.

    These so-called “vaccines” are not stopping anyone from getting COVID or giving it to someone else—and all these crazy mandates are not recognizing that.

    Besides, the COVID virus itself isn’t the problem. The problem is how each person responds to it. We should be asking what causes one person to have symptoms like a cold and another to have an out-of-control immune response. These “one-size-fits-all“ vaccines are not solving the problem.