Friday, August 6, 2021

Would Be Bullsh*t Artist, But Not Very Good At It

Good enough for CNN, I guess, but really.  I mean, just listen to this stuff. This guy is an expert at absolutely nothing. Only a liberal could take this seriously:


  1. Anyone who has been in IT since the '80s has known all of this for a long time - not to mention many non-IT people knowing it.

    But for some reason people in this country (the U.S.) have always admired and ascribed expertise and moral authority to those with money; and in direct proportion to the amount of money they have. There is no sane reason for this. Many of the uber-rich are grifters, shysters, and con-artists(for example, Soros). Gates and others like him may yet be the death of this country through this societal flaw.

    The founders certainly recognized the natural tendency of people wanting to have kings - and the associated danger of that - but I wonder if they ever imagined a time when people would be willing to vest ruling authority in people based on their personal wealth.

  2. In a just world Fauxi, Gates, et al would be looking to move to the nearest country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the US.

    My fantasy is seeing all of the characters in the dock, convicted and an appointment on the gibbet.


  3. Gates also though a Kindle type reader was a bad idea for Microsoft. Oops. That really put the company behind the 8-ball for quite some time.