Thursday, August 26, 2021

Docs For Covid Ethics

A week or two ago--it's hard to keep track--I summarized Session II of the Doctors for Covid Ethics symposium. That session focused on economic and technocracy issues and featured, among others, Richard Werner and Catherine Austin Fitts. I spent part of this morning watching a major portion of Session I of the Doctors For Covid Ethics Symposium. I found Michael Palmer's presentation on Covid Origins quite powerful. The science that he presented in support of the conclusion that Covid-19 is "indisputably" a lab engineered virus was simply overwhelming. Then I read that our Intel agencies will continue the coverup: Biden’s intelligence agencies bow to Beijing and claim they can’t make a conclusion on COVID. That's not going to go down well with normals smarting under the Covid Regime's jackboot on their necks:

No kidding. China has been covering up from the start of the pandemic that’s killed 4 million worldwide, which is just one of many clues that COVID likely leaked from a Wuhan lab. But Biden’s intel agencies don’t want to go there.

Another presentation I found quite compelling was the one by Denis Rancourt. Rancourt is a retired physicist who has turned his expertise in statistical analysis to the epidemiological data--and then has drilled down to determine exactly what is behind "The False Pandemic." Rancourt began his work by examining "all cause mortality" statistics, and concluded that--with the partial exception of the United States--there was in fact no pandemic.  By drilling down into the data he was able to pinpoint those areas where a type of pandemic could be said to have been instigated by the authorities. He doesn't cavil to term what happened an attack on old people--although he also speaks movingly of young males, especially, reduced to despair. With regard to the elderly he places the blame for the die-off that he has documented on public policies that blatantly violated everything we've learned since WWII about public health: old people isolated in care facilities, sick patients from hospitals inserted among them, treatment--especially antibiotics--withdrawn, panic driven healthcare workers abandoning their posts. The resulting genocide was a foregone conclusion. I highly recommend the presentation.

However, I found among Rancourt's publications a statement: What I believe about COVID. Rancourt, a Canadian, appears not to be a fan of America. Nevertheless, I offer this excerpt:

At this time, I hold the following beliefs about COVID.

In 2020, no respiratory disease virus or viruses (the postulated SARS-CoV-2 included) caused any anomaly (total or incremental) in all-cause mortality.

All-cause mortality by month, week or day has the clear signature of localized mass deaths caused by medical responses (treatment interventions) and government the measures purportedly intended to reduce transmission (response-induced deaths).

The said signature of response-induced deaths, in all-cause mortality, includes: 

i. Global synchronicity of sudden onsets immediately following the 11 March 2020 WHO declaration of a pandemic and recommendation to “prepare your hospitals”. 

ii. Unprecedented lateness in the seasonal cycle of the sudden onsets. 

iii. Extreme granularity of the intensities of the sudden onsets, from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, from zero to very large, down to regional levels.

Unprecedented tight lockdowns of care homes, following transfers from hospitals of sick and infected patients, caused deadly epidemics in care homes.

Deadly epidemics in care homes in themselves are not new, and have been amply documented in the pre-2020 scientific literature.

Many respiratory disease viruses acted concomitantly in 2020, in association with bacterial pneumonias, as is always the case in heightened winter-season transmission and infection.

Assignment of cause of death as being due to SARS-CoV-2 is worthless. It is pure propaganda enabled by captured institutions.

No certified uncontaminated samples of the purported pathogen (SARS-CoV-2) were or are available for scientific study and biotech development. The genetic sequence was concocted in the absence of a purified sample of the presumed pathogen, using indirect methods. 

The RT-PCR test that was devised for COVID-19 has no clinical or epidemiological value whatsoever. It is one of the greatest scandals in public health history.

The USA is a special case because it has a large population that is particularly vulnerable to great harm from large-scale societal measures. Relevant factors include: obesity, poverty, social class oppression, precarious workforce, substandard universal health care, high social tensions, large income disparity, large homeless and working poor underclasses, aggressive Big Pharma capture, high seasonal vaccination rate, high pharma and illegal drug use, high density of atomized or socially isolated individuals, poor nutrition, low physical activity rates, high rate of psychological depression, high rates of built environment air-conditioning without ventilation, and so on.

Transmission of viral respiratory diseases is not by contact. It is overwhelmingly by aerosol particles in air. Surface cleaning and hand washing are virtually useless for slowing transmission.

Masks do not work to reduce transmission, and cause significant harm to school children, and to society.

The magical “one way mask”, which does not protect the wearer but acts as “source control”, is an invention for propaganda. It is contrary to the physics of breathing aerosol particles suspended in the fluid air. It is a ridiculous fantasy.

Vaccine trials funded, run, documented, and reported by Big Pharma are at best untrustworthy. They should not be allowed, and they are probably falsified. 

Vaccines for seasonal viral respiratory diseases are a bad idea. They are dangerous, harmful, and unnecessary. They are driven by profit, not by actual public health.

By far, the main determinants of disease severity for seasonal viral respiratory diseases are: psychological stress, social isolation, individual health status, obesity, and immunological history (including vaccination challenges). 


  1. Mark, things are happening at such a fast and furious pace now that I'm finding it extremely difficult to keep up.

    The narrative is shattered, but the powers-that-be have lost the plot, and are so far behind its not even a joke any more.

    Thanks for doing your best to keep up with the fast moving tidal wave.

    We live in hope.


  2. Somehow the link to Rancourt got doubled.

    Old Frank

  3. So Trump was right again. He said Covid was a hoax.

    I thought he meant the Dem response was a hoax, but actually the whole thing was a hoax, start to finish.

    So sickening.

    Old Frank

  4. Interesting video by phd microbiologist on vaccine history/efficacy and adoption rates within minority communities. h/t Brian Mowrey at Substack.

  5. Interesting article: