Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Updating The Boost Stage

Well, first a brief political update--although, really, it's all politics. And in a very real sense it seems almost pointless. Election 2022 is pointing toward being one of the few most consequential elections in American history, but until that happens most of the real political news is at the grass roots level. As Emerald Robinson recounted recently (How The GOP Committed Suicide Trying to Stop Trump), once Mitch McConnell and the RNC conspired with state GOP organizations to install Zhou in the White House, the stage was set. We're seeing the results of Mitch's perfidy and the only real question is what happens when people get to register their views. The Federalist summarizes the current situation well, and the highly predictable future for the next year: 

Biden’s Presidency Is Already A Total Disaster

The first seven months of Joe Biden’s presidency have been fraught with crises. First it was the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccine rollout. Then it was the border crisis. Then it was the economy.

And now Afghanistan, ...

The administration is stumbling from one disaster to the next, with no end in sight and public opinion plummeting on nearly every major issue. ...


The corporate press, keenly aware that things are not going well for this White House, will soon back away from their critical tone on Afghanistan and resume their usual routine of running cover for Biden. In the coming days we’ll almost certainly see outlandish polls showing that, aside from Afghanistan, Biden is doing pretty well, actually, considering all the crises his young administration has had to face.

But don’t buy this line. Biden has not been overtaken by events, he is not a hapless victim of history or coincidence. Every problem his White House has encountered, it has made worse. Every crisis his administration has faced has been of its own making. And as bad as things have been thus far, they are going to get even worse.

There's plenty more at the link, if you need the reminder. Remarkably, the author leaves out the near collapse of NATO, under the pressure of the Zhou regime's fecklessness. But there are just so many disasters you can cover in one article. 

However, turning to the booster stage of the Covid Regime, there has been an interesting development--or non-development. Zerohedge is reporting (without links)--and here are the relevant quotes excerpted:

CDC Advisory Panel Hints It Won't Back Biden's Booster Jab Plan

"CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) remains circumspect about the need and timing for additional COVID-19 vaccine doses, despite more aggressive messaging from the White House," said SVB Leerink analyst Daina Graybosch.

"We think the ACIP could be leaning toward just a narrow 3rd dose recommendation for high-risk people (healthcare workers, elderly) vs the more blanket recommendation the White House favors."

"Both approaches are being considered, with pros and cons to both strategies,"  Associate Professor Lim Poh Lian, director of the High Level Isolation Unit at the National Center for Infectious Diseases, said.

"We have to look at which is more effective in protecting against the current and future virus strains circulating. We have to look at safety issues and different segments of the population.

"What might be good for older adults might have more side-effects in younger persons, so it may not be a one-size-fits-all recommendation. Those kinds of data just take time to be collected, analysed and reported," said Prof Lim, who is also a member of the Expert Committee on Covid-19 vaccination.

So, now they tell us--they want to collect, analyze, and report "data". They want to "look at safety issues". What a concept! But I thought all that was supposed to come before actually pushing injections on a panicked and unsuspecting public? Shows what I know about science--as it's become.

Perhaps the ACIP has been reading the recent study out of Israel. And maybe they've taken a look at comparative data, as in this graph:

The key to understanding graph is to understand that India has a lowly 10% vax rate, but at the peak of its Dread Delta (formerly The Indian Variant) surge at the beginning of summer the Indian government distributed "copious amounts of Ivermectin". Poof! went the surge. Now, Ivermectin is currently undergoing clinical trials here in the US. In the meantime, highly vaxxed countries--Israel, the UK, the US--are experiencing their own surges, which appear to be disproportionately affecting those who were supposed to be protected--the "fully vaxxed." In addition, we are now getting official confirmation--well, perhaps "admission" would be the proper word--that, as the ACIP notes, there are some very real "safety issues". Unprecedented safety issues.

All of this would explain ACIP getting cold feet, despite heavy political pressure. They want to follow the science. Better late than never.

Karl Denninger, in a lengthy and information dense post this morning, points to some of the issues that ACIP is certainly aware of. We're all aware of the issue of side effects to these gene therapy medications, including the possible disparity between older and younger recipients. That's an obvious issue for ACIP to be considering--as Professor Lim says, "We have to look at safety issues and different segments of the population."

Another issue, of course, is ADE--Antibody Dependent Enhancement. This issue continues to be debated--are the current variants results of ADE, or are they simply products of the natural mutational process that all viruses undergo? What will the future bring? Part of the concern here has to do with whether the current gene therapy injections are effective against these variants--whatever their origin. 

Another issue, which really gets to the heart of the push for a boost injection, is that we now know from the Israeli study that effectiveness of these injections simply wanes over a period of time that--in the world of vaccines--is quite brief: 5-6 months at best, even for those individuals who had a strong response to the original injection. The realization leads to the prospect of getting into a development race with the virus itself, which--given the rapidity of mutation in this virus--the virus is likely to win. Thus the renewed interest even in the medical establishment with "natural immunity", which is broader than the narrowly targeted gene therapies. I have no doubt that all this was well understood by the ACIP.

But there's a further issue that must be giving pause to the ACIP with regard to boosting. The risk involved with these injections may turn out to be cumulative rather than static. In other words, it could be--and there is some evidence of this already--that the more injections you receive the greater your risk of side effects becomes. If the pathogenic spike protein remains in your body, then additional boost injections will increase the amount of accumulated spike protein, thus increasing your risk. The ACIP is certainly concerned about this possibility. It's one thing for an 85 year old to accept such a risk, but what about "different segments of the population"? Young adults? Children?So, with that here are some brief excerpts from KD's post--do yourself a favor and read the original:

There's An Off Ramp - But It Has A Price

But, as Israel has now shown with conclusive data, antibody titers from vaccination wane at 40% a month while those from infection decrease at a much slower rate and in fact broaden in terms of recognition to the virus over time.


The broadening is indicative of B-cell recall, which is utterly crucial for lasting immunity.  Antibodies do not circulate forever in the blood and other tissues; they eventually degrade and are replaced -- if your body's immune system has been trained.  Your B-cells are largely responsible for this, along with T-cells and a whole cadre of other components of the immune system.  This is why monoclonal antibody infusions protect you right now, when infected, but do not provide lasting immunity on their own.  The infection itself does, but not the infusion.  If you give the infusion to a non-infected person you wasted it; they have protection for a short period of time but it goes away.

The evidence from these now-published decay rates is that B-cell training does not happen with any of these vaccines.  ...

You can bet the vaccine makers will all do everything in their power to evade disclosure of what they knew and when in this regard because if in fact they knew that B-cell induction did not happen and deliberately set dosing to produce a result intended to game the EUA process that is quite-arguably intentional misconduct which is the bar that must be cleared to void their legal immunity for all of the adverse events PLUS all those who got infected as the defectively-produced immunity waned.

Consider a 40% per month decay rate for these injections and a natural infection that produces a titer of "100" (units don't matter for this purpose, nor does the actual number -- just the ratio.)

If the jab produces an original titer of 1,000 (10x as much) you get the following titer level on a monthly basis for the jabs:

0: 1,000
1: 600
2: 360
3: 216
4: 129
5: 77 
6: 46

At six months you're probably below the protection threshold.  Note that it takes 12 months, starting from 100 with a 5% monthly decay for natural infection, to reach the same titer.

So why does the titer decay so much slower if you get infected?  Simple: It doesn't actually go away; natural infection trains your B-cells which is a durable response and thus capable of immediately restoring protection if you get challenged with the virus again, which you will.  This is why the Cleveland Clinic, following their employees who got infected, found zero re-infections over more than a year's time among more than 1,000 infected and recovered individuals.  It is also why a recent study found that natural infection and recovery was 13x as protective as the jabs.

This is how every other virus works and with natural infection by this virus most of the titer is to the "N" protein which cannot mutate materially and still be a virus capable of infecting and replicating in humans.  The vaccines do not include any part of the "N" protein and thus cannot produce a response to it.  In other words all of the "escape" and even "enhancement" concerns with the vaccines don't happen if you get naturally infected and beat the bug.

This is, incidentally, why humans and all other animals exist on this rock; our immune system has evolved over millennia to prefer targeting future protection, post-infection and recovery, toward the parts of a virus that don't change very much if at all.  In addition that recall capacity frequently migrates into the marrow where it becomes decades-long if not permanent and we already know that happens with Covid-19 because a small study was done that proved it.  These parts of the immune system and actions by it confer a survival advantage and thus were naturally selected for over the space of hundreds of thousands or even millions of years.  Disbelieving that which is the very reason you survived your first few months after being born, and why humans and all other animals exist, is flat-out stupid.

The vaccines, it appears, fail to produce this B-cell response; that is a very reasonable explanation for why their antibody titers decay so fast.  The manufacturers may have known this, which if true explains why they set the dosing where they did.  Had they set dosing to produce a titer equivalent to natural infection within three months protection, by the Israel data, would have all but disappeared and the EUA-generating trials would have failed as there would have been no statistical difference in infection rates between those who got the actual shot and placebo by the end of the trial.


  1. You have a long empty space at the end of this post.

  2. How long will Biden last?

    The Covid mainstream narrative is crashing.

    Biden is losing so much political capital with all the disasters.

    What are US Enemies going to do next?

    What is going to happen to the GOP party, as Trump has not gone away quietly.

    I have no idea what is next politically, or with Covid.

    So many institutions have destroyed their credibility.

    Interesting post to get a feel of the anger / disgust out there, the author does not like Trump, but wrote this, it’s very raw and powerful:

    1. That's a concept I still have incredible difficulty wrapping my head around: Biden voter.

    2. Yeah, the post's author really gets a lot:
      "If you voted for Joe Biden because you were gullible and you got conned, that’s understandable.
      You had the entire US news media and Big Tech running interference for Joe....
      Don’t make excuses for them. Hold your side accountable.
      And for the love of God, *quit believing* the institutions which continually lie to you."

    3. The author does not “like” Trump? I see no evidence of this in his excellent screed. In fact he clearly indicates he voted for Trump, and I remember him making one of the earliest and most sensible cases that the election was stolen.

  3. Earlier in his post of today, KD has as follows, on 2 major studies:

    < A reminder: The spike protein that is part of Covid-19, and which all the current vaccines instruct your body to produce is, by itself, pathogenic.
    This was first published as a pre-print, it came out before we went on a wild jabbing spree, the original study that set off the alarm bells came in September of 2020, and when the study work was done, it was dismissed by many as being "not peer reviewed" (who remember, endorsed a whole bunch of other bull**** such as masks, denial of early treatments and so on.)

    Well, that *excuse is gone* now. Two articles, both now published, and which I originally discussed as pre-prints before we mass-jabbed people, are now out in public and published form, here and here.
    (Links to , and .)

    Both demonstrate quite-conclusively, that the spike protein alone, absent the rest of Covid-19 "the virus", *is* pathogenic.
    Again... all of the current vaccines deliberately produce that spike protein, which *by itself* causes disease, specifically clotting-related disease, in your body.
    Deliberately causing your body to produce that pathogen (which then *elicits the antibody* response) is how all of them work.
    This means there is *no safe* way to vaccinate against this disease, because introducing the spike into your body, no matter how you do it, inherently runs the risk of serious *clotting-based* disorders.
    You might or might not get nailed, but there is no avoiding the risk.
    That same risk is what kills you, most of the time, if you actually get Covid-19 and die, but the premise that you avoid that risk when taking a jab is a lie.
    You cannot; the risk is inherent in introducing the spike into your circulation, and there is no way around that.... >

    1. Earlier FDA wasn't willing to go along with a real authorization--today, two of their top people resigned. Then ACIP also drags their feet. Are scientists reading the data and getting cold feet? Is the narrative turning? We shall see.

    2. Can you say where you hear, that two of their top people resigned?

    3. Yes. Here, among several:

      Malone: "AS I recall, Dr. Gruber signed the BioNTech vax marketing authorization letter."

    4. This may require some reading between the lines.


    6. Why would they be getting cold feet about pushing more shots? Maybe ...

    7. The link I just posted in response to Mouse’s query has been updated to this:

      White House defends COVID booster plan amid staff upheaval, CDC skepticism

      The White House defended its COVID-19 vaccine booster shot campaign Tuesday after outside advisers complained of limited data on the need for third doses and senior Food and Drug Administration officials abruptly retired amid criticism of President Biden’s decision to trumpet the plan before regulators had signed off on it.
      The booster decision “was made by and announced by the nation’s leading public health officials,” White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients said, rattling off a list that included leaders at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health and acting Food and Drug Commissioner Janet Woodcock.
      Mr. Biden wants to begin giving third doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine to people who received their second dose eight months prior. He said the FDA and the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) must sign off on the plan but he announced a start date of Sept. 20, anyway, leading to charges he preempted experts.

      More here. Looks as though the Washington Times did not change the url.

    8. If you combine that with the quotes from ZH, it sounds like these guys had genuine concerns and decided they'd better distance themselves from the politics to minimize risk to their reps.

    9. Well that would explain why hospitals aren't treating patients. All risk, no reward. Deaths don't seem to matter in the equation.

    10. @anon

      I read at Sundance i think that hospitals are not using ivermectin or other proven treatments because the federal agancy (forget which) has said that any such treatments are not covered by the liability shield law.


  4. Here’s another powerful graphic to complement the one Mark posted above. I was telling people a year ago, watch Africa. HCQ and Ivermectin use there will likely sideline the continent from the pandemic.

    1. Dr. Malone tweeted that out the other day and then threw out a second tweet where his wife had found another graph showing that same basic zone is also where obesity is relatively low. Malone's words:

      "DEATHS/100k in African Countries: Obesity or Ivermectin?
      Science- is all about pattern recognition, then finding more patterns - generating alternative hypothesis.
      This is what good scientists do.
      They "listen" to the data.
      This is what Jill discovered this morning."

      I'd think it's some mix of the two factors - among who knows how many others - but of course that's just amateur speculation.

      Regardless, the tweet and the map I'm referring to are linked here.

    2. Brad, would tbis also apply to India? Their widespread use of ivermectin seems to be having dramatic results against infection and hospitalizations. But i would guess obesity is not a problem there either. Kjj

  5. Finally, two government officials putting personal integrity over politics, even if it took them way too long.

    This explains why 40-50% of CDC, FDA, and NIH employees have declined to get any of the vaccines; or at least that's what all three department heads claimed during testimony before Congress. My guess the numbers who have refused is much higher.

    1. If you read KD's long post, you'll see that he repeatedly raises the question: What did Big Pharma know and when did they know it? That's significant not just for Big Pharma's liability but also because the FDA scientists would have been very well aware of corners being cut. That's what there positioned to prevent. The FDA guys may have decided that boosts etc. are a bridge too far.

    2. Mark, KD just posted a bombshell at 16:38.

      It's interesting as I was having a back and forth argument with someone else regarding the licensed vax not having the immunity that the EUA ones do. I was wrong and they pointed out in the federal register where they granted that, but made it difficult to follow as they reference other parts of the Prep act. Malone this morning pointed it out too that Comirnaty also receives blanket immunity. CICP program:

      then KD discovered that hospitals also get the same immunity, but only if they follow the "approved" protocols. Wow!

    3. Yes, I read earlier the link that Malone provided, which is a bit easier to read than KD's explanation:

  6. Rad State also ran with the FDA story

    One question I have after hearing from many people who “did the right thing” and got the jab. If they now get symptomatic Covid, will the HCQ or Ivermectin using the published protocols, work to limit or reverse the dreaded delta variant? I am seeing these questions from a diverse group of seemingly level headed people who now have some jab remorse. I can’t answer the questions about that or the ADE component that now worries some who previously thought they were through the worst.


  7. Did I misunderstand something? Presumably HCQ and Ivermectin, along with some other things, lighten the load of Covid 19 - keep its damaging symptoms from running amok - but do not “cure” it.

    1. This is a very quick ixquick search using India and ivermectin as search terms. Although these are not studies, they are easily found and speak to India’s recent delta variant surge. Bebe, having been a medic for 40 years, (now retired), I am very careful and cynical with the term cure. Efficacy is a term I am more comfortable with, and given what I have found in literature, the term I can use with Ivermectin and more reservedly HCQ because of the early Ford study.


    2. Thank you. I’ll read those. I am disinclined to think “cure” when treatment that effectively and successfully help our body fight off infection seems more accurate.

      Here is an interesting development:

      Ohio Judge Orders Hospital to Treat Ventilated COVID-19 Patient With Ivermectin

      A Butler County judge in Ohio has ordered a hospital to administer Ivermectin to a ventilated COVID-19 patient, granting an emergency relief filed by the patient’s wife.

      Butler County Common Pleas Judge Gregory Howard ruled last week that West Chester Hospital, part of the University of Cincinnati’s health network UC Health, must “immediately administer Ivermectin” to patient Jeffrey Smith following his doctor’s prescription of 30 mg of Ivermectin for 21 days, the Ohio Capital Journal reported.

      More here:

    3. My understanding is it is critical to do that early. Even if you are unsure you have the virus as a precaution

  8. From what I understand the booster is the same "formula" as the initial 2 shots which begs the question, why with the emerging knowledge that the "Wild type" vaccines are now being or nearly being fully evaded by the virus would you even think of doing this a 3rd time? There's an argument that maybe it confers better protection from "bad outcomes", but with no testing or data, how in the world do you make that conclusion? Toady must be good at poker if he can get up on TV and tell everyone that it makes sense. (see sociopath)

    The most disturbing part is the push to vax everyone, both here and elsewhere such as Australia where the new goalpost is 80% to get back their "freedom". The other day I watched in horror the video on CFP with a father being held down by 2 constables in Sydney while nurses chased down and forcibly vaxed his 12 yo daughter. How this could be ok anywhere? Now Warren Wilhelm is trying to do the same to the kids in NYC. I hope this stops soon and more people seeing through the lies and deception gives me hope that we are starting to see a shift.

    For people I know that did get jabbed, one who got both is now quite unhappy after realizing that by giving in to be able go on a cruise was a bad decision once they heard about the booster. The other is a 74 yo buddy of mine who had an ischemic stroke last year and although lucky he got to of ER in time to not have permanent damage, I can't fathom why his primary care doc would tell him the jab makes sense for him. I found out after jab 1 and he has since realized that it's not such a good idea.

    Lastly, the one thing that KD wrote that was promising was about getting off the booster crazy train and the possibility of your immune system recovering from the molecular insult it received. We don't know yet, but the point he made about no evidence for B-cell immunity from the vaccines may in fact be the way they can stop and avoid the serious risks that accumulate with each successive jab. That's encouraging. Time will tell (if they will stop with the tyranny).

  9. My wife said something to me yesterday that rang pretty true on all of these subjects...

    Good men have great difficulty in combating the types of things our country faces today... Because we are unwilling to accept and outright act upon the level of atrocity required to effectively combat the treats to our freedoms.

    When we can stomach accepting appropriate action... Things will start to turn.

    I found that to be a very astute and brutally honest observation.